How to get support from Online Earning Websites (Megalist of Support Emails)

Last Updated on June 5, 2022

Hello All,

I have been receiving a lot of comments from people asking for help regarding various platforms (mostly Quadrant Resource and Datamime, the newbies). I try to include all possible information and queries people might have within my posts. But a lot of these queries are regarding issues that simply cannot be solved by me.

In fact, most of the questions I receive in comments are best resolved by the official support staff of that particular platform. 

Below is a list of the support emails of all the platforms mentioned frequently on this site. To raise a query with their support:

  1. Copy the email address of your platform from below.
  2. Open your email account. Make sure it is the same email with which you are registered on the website.
  3. Send them an email. You can mention your user id along with your query for better support. 
  4. A ticket will be created for you. Wait for 48-72 hours for a response.

Thanks to The Dollar Hacks for compiling this list. Do let me know if there are additional support emails that you know about, or if any of them is not working for you.

Crowd Testing Platform Support Portals:




[email protected]


Support chat (Intercom)


UHRS Contractor Support Emails:

Clickworker Support

[email protected]

Teemwork Support

[email protected]

Teemwork Payment Support

[email protected]

One Forma UHRS Support

[email protected]

Datamime Support

[email protected]

Quadrant Resources Support

[email protected]

Crowdsourcing Website Support Portals:


Homeworker support portal


[email protected]


Contact PM of the project


Testable Minds

[email protected]



[email protected]

Payment Gateway Help and Support:



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