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How-To Register to become an Appen Independent Contractor [Step by Step Guide]

If you do not know what an Appen independent contractor is, then please read my previous post where I explain how it can benefit you.

Initial Signup Process (First Step)

  1. 1. To submit your application to become an Appen agent, you need to follow the link above. Then, you will be greeted with a page from Appen, explaining the opportunities available with them, and asking your country of residence.
appen signup step by step guide

2. On the next page, you will be asked to select your language and dialect. You can also add additional languages to have more projects available to you. Click on Next.

appen signup step by step guide

3. On the next page, you will need to provide your general information like Name, email, contact information, etc. This is all basic information, and make sure you provide the correct email address, as most of the communication is done via email.

appen signup step by step guide

Also, you will be required to submit your Resume/CV. Don’t worry, you can submit any basic CV of yours, even if you don’t have a real job (eg, college student).

Your CV just needs to mention your education and the fact that you are comfortable with using the Internet, Google Chrome, etc. No application in my knowledge has ever been rejected because of the CV. So, just submit any CV. As a precaution, make sure both your CV and appen application have the same information.

appen connect signup step by step guide

After filling this form, click “Submit Application”.

Upon submitting the application, you will be required to verify your email address through a verification code.

appen email verification

Additional Information and Government ID (Step 2)

After signing up and verifying your email, we will move to step 2 of the application process. Please keep some clear and sharp photos of your government ID ready for this step, as we need to upload them. Since this is a legit employment website, they need to see your government verified IDs to verify your credibility. The ID proofs that are valid for Indian users are the following:

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License

You need to have a valid document to continue with your application, as this is a legit opportunity.

Now, after verifying your email, you will be asked if you own a smartphone. You can choose to link it to Appen or not. But note that linking your smartphone with Appen unlocks additional opportunities, such as smartphone specific projects.

appen signup process guide

Then, you will be asked some questions that will help them understand your preferences regarding the projects. You can answer them according to your own and click the “Submit” button. Here are some of the questions:

After this, you will be asked for your document ID proof. You need to select your desired ID for verification, and your ID number and the name that appears on it.

Then, you need to upload a photograph of that ID proof.

Once completed, your application will be submitted for review. Now usually it takes anywhere between one week to a month for their application to get reviewed (And approved).

Once that is complete, we can move on to Step 3.

Document signing and Payment Setup (Step 3)

After completion of the above step, keep checking your inbox regularly to see for any communication from Appen. Also check your Spam folder, just in case.

After some time, you will receive a mail from them for them document signing. The mail looks like this:

When you receive this mail, simple go to and login with your email id and password (that you created while signing up in step 1). When you login, you will be presented with some terms and conditions, stating that Appen is hiring you as an independent contractor for 6 months (they review you after 6 months and usually extend your contract on a regular basis.

Your IP Address will be recorded as well. So make sure you do not create multiple accounts using different credentials. Infact, Appen terms and conditions state that only one account per household (that is, IP Address) is allowed.

Final Step: Setting up Payments

Immediately after signing up your documents, you will receive an email from Appen, asking you to set up your payment method. Appen uses Payoneer as their payment partner.

To receive payments from Appen in India, you need to create a Payoneer account.

After you have set up your payment method, you can begin to qualify for your first project and begin working on them.

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