About Us

So, what is this website about?

This website is actually an attempt to break from the chains of the regular office cubicle. If you are interested in leaving your desk job and earning a living by working on the Internet, then read on. It’s a little bit long but it is worth it, believe me.

Will you be stuck in an office cubicle for the rest of your life?

We should consider ourselves one of the luckiest human beings alive, as we are living in one of the best eras of human history. Today, we are connected with the whole world from the comfort of our homes, and this has some amazing potential for what we can do with our lives.

We live in a time where we don’t need to bow to the status quo, and we can literally learn anything we want, do anything we want, and be anything we want, without the fear of being judged.

We can do all of this either anonymously, under the disguise of an avatar, or using our real identities. In simpler times, your life had a very pre-defined direction. And most people thought that it was best to abide by it. 

You were born. You learned in schools and colleges, or you developed some skills. Then you got a job and lived the prime years of your life doing a job, climbing the corporate ladder, and starting your family. There were not many options, and there were not a lot of people around you who were doing anything different. 

But today, we live in an era where you can work from anywhere. Everything is connected. There are people who have started a blog and are earning way more than people with regular jobs, by investing only a tiny proportion of their time. (Do note that setting up such a blog or website takes much more effort in the start, but is an easy-peasy task when you just need to post content later on).

So, the point that I am trying to make is that we live in a time where you should not worry about whether working in X company or Y company would be better for you. You have so many options to earn money or start your own business, and the internet makes it all the more easy to do so. With the billions of people that you connect with, some few thousands are bound to share or appreciate your passion. A few hundred might become your customers. 

I cannot give you a step-by-step blueprint to fulfill your dreams, but the Internet is already full of it. There are thousands of tutorials for all sorts of your ideas that are just a google search away. And as your start pogosticking from one result to another, you will automatically start to figure out the pieces of the puzzle. 

Obviously, the number one thing you would require is the determination. It is tough, it might take some time, but one thing that I am 100% sure about is that everything you are going to need is already available (most of them for free). Everything that you would need to learn, everything that you would need to create (logos, branding, posts, content ideas), everything that you would require (freelance employees, consultants, cheap hosting, etc) is also available. 

It is an amazing adventure. And it can all start right from your desk, or from your bedroom. It is like entering into a different realm, where you can earn your living doing something that genuinely interests you. And no problem if your interests change after an year. Maybe you liked writing about fitness and nutrition today, and an year later, you want to teach guitar to people through YouTube, or make your own music. You can simply create new digital properties and continue working on your new passions. The amount of flexibility and freedom that such a hustle can give you has no boundaries.

I personally find the routine life to be very boring. I do find it comfortable, and for the first 3-4 months I am really happy as everything is happening almost on auto-mode. I can go about my day without making much decisions, and time seems to pass by kind of quickly. But after a set period of time, I start becoming frustrated. I start feeling trapped. This happened in both regular IT jobs that I did in the last 2 years. And I thought it would be nice to try something new for a change. A kind of life that does not demand a routine. Where you can be your own boss and decide the following things for yourselves:

  • When you will work
  • Where you will work from
  • When you will be on leave or go for vacation (No need to take permission from your superiors)
  • What you will work on 

All this can be very hard to achieve, but I think that it is definitely worth a shot. Because if you make it, then the rest of your life will open up like a door, and inside there will be infinite possibilities for what you wish to do with your time, energy and money.

I will write more of such articles on this blog, but most of the articles will be focussed on earning a little extra side income.

These are just random trips to my psyche and what drove me to create this blog in the first place.

I will soon add subscription options in the form of email and notifications so you can be updated when a new post is up.