Lazy Earnings Report #9 (Sites that paid me in the last 3 months)

It’s been a while since I published my last report, and it’s time to publish another one. I have got 33 payment proofs to share with you this time.

We can also call it the quarterly earnings report, due to my laziness. But I keep collecting payment proofs till they are substantial (and new) enough to share with you guys.

Here are some new (and old) sites that paid me in the past few months.


Beginning with everyone’s favorite UHRS platform, Clickworker always pays on-time. So much that I don’t even bother logging into it anymore. I don’t do UHRS personally, but these referral payments are proof that more and more people are still benefiting from it.

I get paid 5$ when someone I referred earns their first 20$, so it definitely works. But remember that UHRS is very seasonal. You need to be available when the Hitapps get loaded to make money out of it. Checkout my Full UHRS Guide to know how to maximize your earnings from UHRS.

Test IO

Test IO is like the underdog of testing sites. It’s based in the UK, which automatically makes it very trustworthy. I’ve experienced that UK-Based companies are always punctual with their payments and never cheat you.

It’s a little hard to get into, thanks to their 3 practice cycles where it’s almost impossible to find bugs. But once you get in (use this guide for help), there are a lot of projects you can get your hands on. I suggest supplementing it with other functional testing sites to maximize your earnings.


Dscout is a hit-or-miss thing for most people. There are very few openings, and the application takes a bit more effort than other sites. But the compensation makes up for it whenever you get selected. 

I get selected once every few months, but this payment I got for doing a few diary entries and a live interview sponsored a quick get-away for me.


Serpclix is a low effort paid-to-click sort of site. It’s different (and way less irritating) than survey sites, and pays almost the same. But the opportunities vary from country to country, depending on its internet traffic value. So there are a lot of opps for people from the middle-eastern countries.


I like survey time because it’s the simplest survey site of all. You get flat 1$ for every survey you complete. You are taken to a survey directly after you login, and there isn’t anything else for you to do.

You are still bound by the restriction of getting disqualified halfway through a survey, but it simplifies all the other aspects. And did I tell you: No Minimum Payout Threshold! 


I don’t want to sound repetitive but Usertesting is the most consistently paying site for me throughout my journey. I was considering skipping this one, since they had halted new registrations for quite some time.

But guess what fam, they are again recruiting new users for their panel. Head over there quickly and give it a shot. Who knows if they close registrations again. 

While most of the opportunities there are suitable for working professionals, you also get some opportunities for students and regular users/consumers

Testable Minds

If you are looking to earn some beer money without wasting too much time or getting into survey sites, then Testable Minds is a good choice. They have new tests every few weeks, and the only problem is getting into them. 

If you are proactive enough to get into tests as soon as you get notified, then you can make quite a decent payout out of it. Plus, the tests are interesting and fun.


I stopped working for Appen after they reduced their pay to slave rates, but I still do a mystery shopping project for them from time to time. The pay is really low, but the free gifts I get kind of make up for it.

The same project from TELUS International pays much better and more fairly.

Appen also has a few data collection projects and simple surveys from time to time that pay anywhere from 50 cents to 6$. May or may not be worth the effort.


Feedbackity actually pays you to watch and review short films. But it is a matter of chance. I get an invitation from them on the most random days, and it’s always a fun way to earn a few bucks.

I only get an invite around once or twice a year, so I cannot really recommend it. But if you are feeling lucky, and like to watch and critique movies, then you should sign up for it.


Krisp is a noise-cancellation software that helps you record clear and noise-free audio using your microphone. They had an affiliate program which I was a part of. Unfortunately, they ended their affiliate program and I was not able to reach the minimum threshold; but they were kind enough to clear my paltry balance of 26$.

With Apple and Windows using integrated solutions for AI Noise cancellation, I think Krisp is struggling to place its product. But if you use Discord, you would be glad to know that they integrate Krisp’s AI-powered noise-cancellation in their voice calls. So they are still in the market, just with a different strategy.


Respondent is like Usertesting or Dscout at its core, but is more oriented towards industry professionals. You need to clear a screener and take part in an interview, but I have never managed to do it.

But they offer another way to earn money, their referral program. You can refer people you know for particular studies, and if they get selected you get a good cut out of it. I happen to have a lot of industry professionals in my network, and one of them finally made it.

You can give it a shot but remember that it’s not easy.


ySense is primarily a survey site, and has new surveys for you daily. But I am not much of a survey person. I usually do some of their free offers, or buy product trials I would have bought anyway (like VPN and Canva). This way, I get a kind of “cashback” in the form of ySense payments.

There are some free offers which involve you playing some games and reaching a certain level. There are quite a lot of ways to make some beermoney on this.


Testbirds is another lesser-known functional testing site based in the UK. It has new projects from time to time, albeit not as frequently as uTest or Test IO. They also give you 5 Euros for clearing their initial test.

Add it to your list, to have more opportunities coming in every week.

Note: This payment proof was submitted by one of the reader.


I was honestly not expecting this payment. Grapedata is a market research platform, where you fill surveys, participate in live interviews or conduct telephonic surveys for other people. I just did a preliminary survey on it for 1$, and quit it.

The payment threshold was supposed to be 10$ so I had no expectation of getting paid. 

But I just got this payment from them yesterday, which really increases my trust over them.  There are various types of jobs on this platform, but most of them are very industry-specific. Give it a go a and see if something sticks.


 I honestly don’t know where this came from. I randomly logged into Workmarket to apply for a project, and saw that I had 15$ lying in my balance. I have no idea where it came from, maybe some kind of compensation/bonus for an earlier project.

I straightaway requested it and got it the next day. Call it Luck, Call it Chance, Call it God.


oPrimes is a functional testing site, by default. But they had this data collection project where they were giving a referral commission. I was too lazy to do it myself, but referred a few people and got paid around 13$ in my bank account for it. 

I did not get any kind of notification from them regarding this payment, and only found out about it when I was randomly checking my bank statement.


Ezoic is an irrelevant platform for most of you reading this, but it is a very consistent source of income for me. It is the platform that serves ads on this website, and I make around 100$ from it every month, much more than what I used to make from Adsense.

If you also have a website/blog or thinking about starting one, give Ezoic a shot. They don’t have any eligibility criteria (unlike Mediavine/Adthrive) and have a bunch of useful tools to improve your website’s SEO and Content.

Stay tuned for a full-fledged guide on functional testing websites that I’m working on. Till next time.

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