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Mystery Shopping: Most Fun Way to Earn Online

Recently, I was selected for a Mystery Shopping Project in Appen. I have completed two months of the projects and would like to share my experience working on it. It is one of the most fun and lucrative Appen project I have worked on so far.

What is a Mystery Shopper and How can I become one?

A Mystery Shopper is someone who buys products from a store/online and then reports his/her experience to the employer. You are hired by organizations that are looking to improve their in-store/online experience, or maybe someone looking to scout their competitors.

Your job is to buy some specified products, and then review and report the overall experience such as the delivery, product quality, staff behaviour (in-store), etc. This helps your employer to improve their products, listings or in-store experience accordingly.

Lionbridge Mystery Shopping projects

Unfortunately, most of the in-store Mystery Shopping projects dried up as an aftermath of COVID-19, but recently there were a lot of openings for online Mystery Shopping projects in Appen and Lionbridge.

Though there are a lot of sites that offer Mystery Shopper projects, Appen and Lionbridge has the best ones out there. They are projects from a large social media giant looking to improve the selection of products being sold at it’s platform.

I applied for this project in Appen about 1.5 years ago and had forgotten about it. Then it reappeared around 4 months ago and I applied again. Luckily, there were openings in December and I got selected.

I learnt that openings for such projects are universal, as I was invited by Lionbridge for the same project at the same time. I informed them regarding my project with Appen and they declined my offer (Obviously, as you cannot work on the same project from 2 different platforms).

What is it like working as a Mystery Shopper and How is the pay?

Working as a Mystery Shopper is super fun. You just need to purchase the products specified, and note down several points regarding the seller, such as:

  • Their shipment and return policy
  • Their delivery estimate
  • Are the products they selling look high quality?
  • How is the overall purchase experience and the products that arrive

You need to click some photos when you receive the product and fill in a short survey about your experience. Now comes the best part:

You will be fully reimbursed for all the purchases you make, and you also get to keep the products for yourself. Plus, you get some added bonus for your work, which means you end up getting more money than you spent!

how to work as a mystery shopper

Though you do not get to choose exactly what you want, but you do find several things that might be of use to you. The rest you can gift to someone, or maybe return to the website.

I’ve heard that the pay for Lionbridge is even better for the same project, and they also arrange a credit card for you to purchase the products. But having worked with Appen for over 2 years, I did have a level of trust regarding the reimbursement.

How to earn more as a Mystery Shopper (a neat little trick)

There is one little trick I did to increase my earnings as a Mystery Shopper. Appen/Lionbridge just need your product purchasing and delivery experience, and give you full liberty to do anything with the product once you have received it and filled out their survey.

Some sellers allow you to return the product within a specified period to claim a refund. I would end up returning some of the products after purchasing and reviewing them, which would get me both a reimbursement and a refund for the said product.

I ended up earning much more than I spent, along with the added refunds that I got for several products. You can even go a step further and sell the other products at a discount.

Appen Payment Proof for Mystery Shopping

A lot of people were skeptical regarding the reimbursement when I told them about this opportunity. I, on the other hand, had full trust in Appen due to my past experiences with them. Finally, I received the full reimbursement for my purchases along with the billable hours that were spent purchasing and reviewing the products. Here is the payment proof for the same:

appen payment proof for mystery shopping
Payment for Mystery Shopping Project from Appen

So go ahead and apply for Mystery Shopping positions. It’s a great way to earn and get some free gifts on behalf of Appen or Lionbridge.

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