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The Lionbridge Guidebook

What is Lionbridge?

🌎 It’s a Global Crowdsourcing Community.

💵 It pays better than it’s competitors

What kind of jobs do I get

Mostly Internet-based rating and judging work 🌈

Time to time you get data collection projects as well

Opportunities vary from country to country, but there’s something for everyone. 🍕

The Signup Process

🤪 The Signup Process is a bit of a stretch, not gonna lie.

❌ But apply diligently, as their rejection rate is high

💡 Read this step-by-step guide if you need any help.

3 ways to apply

Their main job listings. This is the best way. 1️⃣

Smartcrowd Platform by Lionbridge. 2️⃣

Workmarket. A 3rd party platform where Lionbridge posts jobs. 3️⃣

Earning Potential and Payments

💰 LB’s pay is much better than Appen

📆 Payments are made directly to your bank account, every month

💵 To learn more about payments, read this.

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