A Guide to Payments in Lionbridge/TELUS International

Last Updated on October 23, 2021

I know many of you are confused and wanted to know more about the payments process in Lionbridge. Don’t worry. I will simplify the things for you.

I’ll discuss the most common queries related to Lionbridge payments such as

Let’s dive in and elucidate one by one.

How and when do I get paid through Lionbridge/TELUS?

All payments are issued via Wire Transfer from their bank account to ours. Lionbridge pays to our bank account directly. There is no option for wallet transactions like PayPal or Payoneer.

Note: Many platforms associated with Lionbridge, such as Workmarket or Lionbridge AI, however allow payment through Paypal, Payoneer and more.
The above information is limited to projects done directly through Lionbridge (the OG).

They also don’t allow Paytm or UPI for payments since they don’t support International Payments.

As mentioned in the earlier post, the payment is cyclic. Usually, we will be paid on the 15th of every month.

Lionbridge payment cycles explained
When will I get paid?

For example, The work we did in January will be paid in March. Let’s be specific, the work which is done in January will be approved by the Project Manager by the first week of February, and invoices for the same will be generated by the 15th of February. Invoices are paid 30 business days from the day they generated. So, January invoices will be paid in mid-March.

Reminding you again, this process is for Lionbridge only, and does not apply to it’s associated and future platforms.

Once Lionbridge processes your payment, they will send you an official remittance advice mail. It takes 3 – 5 working days after the email for the transfer to reach your account.

Billing DatePayment Dates
November Invoices 201910th January 2020
December Invoices 2019​11th February 2020
January Invoices 2020​13th March 2020
February Invoices 2020​10th April 2020
March Invoices 2020​12th May 2020
April Invoices 202011th June 2020
May Invoices 2020​10th July 2020
June Invoices 202011​​th August 2020
July Invoices 202011th September 2020
August Invoices 2020​12th October 2020
September Invoices 2020​11th November 2020
October Invoices 202011th December 2020
November Invoices 202011th January 2021
December Invoices 202011th February 2021
An estimate of payment cycles in Lionbridge

Banks and Payments Guide for Lionbridge

Will I incur bank charges? Are there any hidden taxes? What are routing banks?

For the International vendors, Lionbridge bank with AIB (Allied Irish Bank). Lionbridge makes the payment for the full amount of the invoice. They incur the fee for making the payment; however, they do not cover the cost of receiving the payment. If our bank does not have a relationship with their bank, then a Routing Bank is needed to transfer the funds. A Routing Bank charges a fee that we must pay. If you contact your bank, they will be able to advise you on how much money the Routing Bank charges you, and they will be able to advise you if they apply a charge also. Charges will vary from bank to bank. On average, 10$ may be charged.

No, there are no hidden charges. Lionbridge pays the total amount.

Where should I provide my bank details? Can I change or update my bank account details?

Lionbridge uses different portals. The Supplier portal will maintain finance and Timesheets. On the Supplier portal’s homepage, we can see “update bank details option” Select your country and proceed with filling your bank credentials.

If I don’t have my bank account, can I use someone else’s bank details?

No. It is not allowed to route payments to someone else’s bank account. To receive payment for tasks completed, you must have a bank account held in your name. This is a requirement of the program which was set out in the terms and conditions. Bank details uploaded in another person’s name will be deleted automatically by them. They may also ask to confirm your tax details during your first transfer.

For more questions, contact support.

How do you contact their support staff?

The Homeworker Support Portal is where you should contact Lionbridge if you have any queries. On the homepage, you can find the “Ask A Question” tab, select that option and ask them your query. The typical response period is 24 working hours; however, it may sometimes take up to 72 working hours.

Check out this article regarding the support emails and contacts of several online-earning platforms.

Lionbridge support issues
Contact Lionbridge Support for any issues

What should I do if I encounter a problem during the process, who do I contact?

Never email them directly. Only use the Homeworker Support Portal for the queries you have. First, visit the portal and then classify your query, for example, classify the query based on which category it belongs to: like payments, quality, community, timesheets, etc.

Then enter your query, attach screenshots to explain the issue more fluently, and click on Submit. ​If you experience difficulty finding your bank on the Supplier Portal, even then contact them through the Homeworker Support Portal.

How much time does it take to earn 500$? How much can I earn?

A month. Yes, you heard it right. I made 500$ just in a month. Lionbridge is one of the legit ways to make money online. I started working with Lionbridge in the last week of April 2020. In that week alone I made 72$ and then In May I made 500$.

This is because Lionbridge has one of the best payment rates in the industry. I have signed up at several other sites but have always found the rates of Lionbridge to be the highest.

Some points to keep in mind

  • Lionbridge/TELUS International is NOT a passive income source. You are only paid for the work you do.
  • You are working as an independent contractor. You are not their employee (in legal terms). So the company will provide no additional benefits or perks it might give to it’s regular employees. This is kind of how Uber drivers and Zomato delivery guys work. They are contractors. (Search Google for “Gig economy” if you want to learn more about it.)
  • You can only work for 20 hours a week until and unless they ask you to work for extra hours. So, you can earn up to the number of tasks you get completed in 80 hours per month (20 hours per week).
  • All the communication with Lionbridge needs to be in English, so make sure you are familiar with it.
  • You can temporarily work from another location as long as it’s just for a short time. It shouldn’t be an issue, and as long as you are using a secure network. Moreover, you must work only from the country you were hired.

53 thoughts on “A Guide to Payments in Lionbridge/TELUS International”

  1. Amit Kumar

    Whats Use of Invoice. should i submit it? I dont get payment according to billing cycle on 12 Oct 2020

    1. Yes the invoice should be submitted for each payment cycle. Maybe you weren’t paid because you did not submit your invoice. Contact support and explain them your situation.

    1. An invoice is an itemized bill of your services. It contains the projects you worked on, and the payment you are expected to receive for each of them.

  2. Nakshatra Rao

    hello can you please upload a link to the homeworker support portal for the queries.
    or is it the same as the supplier portal, i have been sending mails to their team regarding a query but there has been absolutely no response from their side.
    i am starting to get worried if i’m even gonna get paid for my work so far.

    1. Hi Nakshatra,
      I don’t have a link for their Homeworker portal. Try finding the support email on the portal itself, or reply to any of the emails you might have received from them. But Lionbridge is a very reputed company and I am sure they won’t default on their payments.

  3. mafs

    Hi, How can I submit my invoice to them?

    1. You don’t need to actually “submit” your invoice. Just fill in your timesheet (work hours) and they will take care of the rest.

  4. what do i do if my invoice payment is low than my total earnings on the UHRS portal, its my first month the UHRS shows 84 USD and my invoice is only for 46 USD

    1. Nakshatra Rao

      Also, you’re articles are really helpful thanks for replying to my last comment

    2. Your UHRS Report shows the earnings till date, whereas the earnings in your invoice are the earnings received by your contractor. There can be a lag of 1 week to 1 month in these earnings depending upon your contractor.
      For example, if you earned 46$ in March, and the rest in April, UHRS will show your total earnings as 84$. But your contractor, who is paying you by Month, will show 46$ in your march invoice. The rest of the amount will be paid in the next invoice, don’t worry.

      1. Nakshatra Rao

        Ohh that makes sense ,
        Thank you so much for clearing that out.
        Appreciate your immediate help

    1. I don’t think you need to do that manually for Lionbridge. Your invoice will be updated automatically on their end.

  5. How do I make an entry in the timesheet?
    how will my invoices be generated?
    when is the invoices generated?

    1. Hi Prabhat,
      You do not need to make any entry in your timesheet. It will automatically be generated every month.

    2. I think I read some where in FAQs that you don’t need to submit invoice they do it for us, I have another query I didn’t get exact swift code for my branch so according to the guiding I just attached my branch code to my bank account and provided nearest branch swift code. Can anyone help out

      1. Yes you don’t need to submit invoice in Lionbridge. But LB is going through several changes (it has been acquired by TELUS International), and thus this guide can be outdated regarding that information.
        As far as the SWIFT Code is concerned, you should be good.

      2. Suraj

        How did you attach branch code to your bank account in supplier portal?

  6. LB

    I starter working on May, does that mean that I should just wait on June for my invoice to be processed and get paid on July? No need to upload anything on my time sheet?

  7. jay

    I set my vendors name as my nick name but my bank account holder name is set by my gov id name so can I change my vendors name.

    1. Yes, change that information. It can be problematic for your payments.

  8. Khansab

    Sir,I have applied for uhrs in lionbridge and started working,but in supplier portal in bank details option,when I try to fill my details in bank details.Its not showing my City option.what should I do,can you help me out

    1. I think the folks over at Lionbridge would be able to help you better. Go to their Homeworker support portal and raise a ticket.

  9. olamide

    What are the details required for receiving payments from Lionbridge?

    Routing number??

    Can i use the bank details provided by payoneer ( Not the payoneer email ) , to receive payment from them?

    1. You need a Paypal account to receive payments from Lionbridge.
      Routing number is a unique number, specific to banks. You can check your bank’s routing number on Google.
      I don’t know the answer to that Payoneer query. Try hitting it up with their support.

  10. Prateek Tiwari

    Is the lionbridge uhrs payment system is same as above. If yes, then I is there any form we have to submit for payments purpose.

  11. Prateek Tiwari

    So, this means they will transfer my total earnings of uhrs directly on my bank account?

  12. Ashu

    I’m getting payment every month..but this month its too late..today is 22 sep..so can u plzz guide me?what to do?

    1. Sometimes payment can be delayed due to various reasons such as Bank holidays and stuff. Wait till the end of the month, and then contact Lionbridge support

  13. Suraj

    How to chech invoice and submit it ? I did’nt see any invoice option in UHRS

    1. For UHRS you don’t need to submit invoice. It will automatically transfer your earnings to your contrator. There are different methods your contractor pays you. For eg: Clickworker pays you automatically, but for Appen/Lionbridge you will need to submit the auto-generated invoice.

  14. Eunice

    Hi! What if I can’t give my tax detailsr immediately? Will my account be banned? Thank you for answering.

    1. I don’t think they will ban you for that. You can communicate this issue to their support, and they will revert with a solution.

  15. i didnt get registration link to supplier portal and i have already started where can i find registration link?

    1. The Supplier Portal is only used for specific projects. Depending on what project you get, you will get access to the relevant portal (Workmarket, Supplier Portal, SRT, etc.)

  16. Amir Karim

    I received a client for translator and proofread through fiverr whose name is Harry Scott manager of Telus international. firstly he told me to make an account in houbi for payment purpose then asked me to share login of my houbi account. Please guide me this is a real or fake client.

  17. Yogesh

    I have applied fo personalized internet ads accessor in telus Ai. For the next step in the selection process they asked me to upload screenshot of my name as in my bank account but they didn’t provide any link nor said where to upload it. Can u help me in this and also please say what to upload (any eg images)

    1. You need to find which platform that project is managed through. It might be through workmarket, or their official TELUS portal. Did the earlier email asked you to join any “Labor Cloud”? If yes, then you need to do it via Workmarket. For screenshot, you can give them your bank statement (pdf), or click a photo of your passbook or chequebook that mentions your name.

  18. Yogesh

    They didn’t mention any platform.

    Thank you for your application, please note to process your application to the next stage we will require you to provide us with a screenshot of your full name as it appears on your bank account.

    Please do not include any bank account numbers or details in
    this screenshot, we only require your full name
    This is the content I have received through the mail. Do have I have to wait until I receive further instructions?!!
    Or am I missing anything here

    1. You are most likely supposed to upload it on the TELUS website. Do you remember from which link you applied to the job. Was it the Lionbridge jobs portal or the TELUS jobs portal?

  19. Yogesh

    I applied through telus jobs portal

  20. Priti

    They are making fool to the people. I did lot of tasks every day and completed total 110 hours in two months which was Jan and Feb 2023. But they count total 4 hours for both month which is not possible. I filled everyday timesheet and completed side by side task but they want only work without giving any payment . So please don’t waste your time to this fraud company Telus and so called task.

    1. If it were any other company I would have believed you, but TELUS has a very good record for always paying on time (and has the best payrates compared to other contractors). Did you contact support and try to sort this issue with them?

  21. JoshuaVeil

    Hi. Is it required to pay the fee first before receiving the payment?

    1. There is no fee involved at any point of time, as far as I know.

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