Lazy Earnings Report #8 (A.K.A. the websites that paid me)

Last Updated on September 19, 2022

The time has come, yet again. I got paid by enough sites to warrant another one of these lazy-ass reports. There are several new sites this time, due to which I decided to update my earnings journal once again.

I’ve been trying to post more consistently, as regular readers of this site must have noticed. It’s kinda hard, but I’m trying to incorporate writing into my routine as much as I can. The thing is, there is so much more to fix with this website, that writing usually takes the backseat. Thanks to the Writing Program, I’ve been able to maintain a bit of traction with it.

Without further ado, here’s what you came for:

Playbook UX

Playbook UX is a new site that I discovered very recently. It’s exactly the same as Usertesting, with a few extra types of tests available. I can go as far as to say that it’s a Usertesting clone.

Only problem, not enough jobs available. But since Usertesting has closed registrations in some countries, it’s worth a try.

playbook ux payment proof


I have been vocal about how I usually hate survey sites. But Surveytime seemed kinda interesting. I signed up on it just to write a review/guide on it, but ended up doing a survey. 

The interface is very minimal and focussed, and the best part is that they pay 1$ for every survey. Simple and rounded.

I got paid 1$ in the next cycle. Next month, I did 4 surveys randomly while getting bored and got paid 4$ in the next cycle as well.

You won’t earn much, but it’s a cool source for beermoney.

Test IO

Honestly speaking, I prefer Test IO over uTest (for bug-bounty testing). I get accepted to a lot more test cycles on Test IO than I get for uTest. uTest does have a lot more projects, but in my case, Test IO has given me more work.

If you like functional testing, then you should definitely give it a try. For test-case based testing, go with Testlio.


Ezoic is an ad network (just like Google Adsense) that I use to serve ads on this website. The earnings depend on several factors like the amount of traffic I get, where it is coming from and even the topic my website is about.But if you are a website owner, and cannot get into Mediavine or Adthrive (yet), then Ezoic is a lifesaver. I earn about 100$ a month on average currently, let’s see where it goes.


I’ve had a long relationship with Clickworker. I started with them several years ago, and did data collection projects and UHRS through them. They pay very fairly, plus are one of the most trusted UHRS contractors.

Clickworker has the most amount of Hitapps out of all the contractors and they are never late with their payments. Plus, there are raffles, contests and various data collection projects from time to time to boost your earnings.

They pay every week (after a month’s cycle), so I ended up getting 5 payments from them within the last 2 months.


Serpclix makes it into the list everytime. Even though it is a beer money site, I end up earning enough to request payout every 2-3 months. Their extension helps a lot by notifying when jobs are available. 

I have it running while doing my work, and get some orders if I’m lucky. People from all the countries might not have as much success. But I’ve seen that middle-eastern countries get a lot of orders and pay a good amount.

Try it over a week and see how much you can earn with it.

Serpclix Payment Proof


ySense has improved a lot since I joined it 2 years ago. They have even released an app and an extension to get more surveys. But what I usually use ySense for is their offers. I got a 1 year VPN for free (effectively) from them, and the payment reflected here is a part of its cashout.

You can make some decent beermoney from their surveys as well, but they can get frustrating after quite some time.

Payment from ySense


I don’t get accepted into uTest cycles very often. But every now and then I get a small project from them. And interestingly enough, most of the time the payment is 10.8$.

This is because I don’t participate in their bug bounty cycles (which have a higher earning potential) and only do their test-case based cycles.

Test case cycles pay by the hour (kind-of, not explicitly), which comes down to 10.8$ everytime. Kind of like Testlio’s 10$/hour.

Payment from uTest


I am Usertesting’s biggest fan. This site has paid me every month since I joined it. They have lots of work, and every month I make 100-150$ for something that comes very naturally to me.

The only problem is that it has closed registrations for several countries, to maintain a healthy ratio between the jobs and the workers. But I sincerely advise you to keep checking every month and sign up whenever you get a chance.

This is it for now, folks. I have tried to keep it short this time. Hopefully things will be better the next time I create this report.

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  1. I tried taking the qualification test on playbook Ux and the desktop recorder has a probleming getting it to launch and record

    1. I guess there’s a problem giving your mic or screen sharing permission to the recorder. Are you using a Mac? Or maybe you or some app is blocking your mic’s access.
      Try it on another device.

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