Oneforma: A New Crowd-working Platform (data-collection, UHRS and text-based jobs)

Last Updated on December 22, 2021

Oneforma is a fairly new crowd-working site when compared to OGs like Appen, Lionbridge/TELUS or Clickworker.

But it has shown consistent work availability since the past 2 years that I have been it’s member. 

Oneforma has new data collection projects every month, Text-based jobs (transcription/translation) from time to time and also offers UHRS access.

The best part, it’s data collection rates are one of the best I’ve seen (as of now). I exclusively participate in only their data-collection projects for now.

But you can get a lot more jobs over there. The earning potential is high with this one.

earn money with laptop

What is Oneforma by Pactera EDGE?

Turns out the likes of Appen and Lionbridge have some competition. The business of data collection and AI algorithm training is picking up steadily even since the pandemic, and we have a very promising candidate here.

Oneforma is a crowdsourcing platform launched very recently in 2019. It is owned by Pactera EDGE, a very well-established company that mainly did Global Localization projects (think of them as mass-scale translation and transcription services). With Oneforma, they are trying to get into AI Data Collection and algorithm training as well.

They offer a wide variety of jobs/tasks that you can do. There is always something new on the horizon. And most of their tasks are available for a global workforce, with the exception of a few countries.

The best part about them, they are a new company and hence pay well. They have enough tasks available as of now, and all of them pay a very decent amount for the amount of work required.

Work is approved easily and they even have a monthly newsletter that informs you of any new opportunities available on their platform.

work from anywhere

Signing up and working on Oneforma

  1. Click here to go to their signup page.
  2. Fill their signup form. Name, Email, Location, Language…you know, the usual stuff.
  3. Verify your email address and you are done.
Oneforma signup guide
Oneforma Signup page

Upon your first login to Oneforma, you are supposed to clear an NDA Certification. This is extremely easy, and anyone with some common sense can clear it. There’s no need to be scared of it.

It is just a way for Oneforma to inform you that everything you work on is highly confidential and should not be discussed or leaked in any way.

I would also advise you to upload your resume and add a payment method for Oneforma. This can be updated from the “My Profile” section. Oneforma offers 2 payment methods: Paypal and Payoneer.

Once you clear the certification, you will see the Oneforma Dashboard. Click on the “Jobs” tab and you will be presented with a list of jobs available in your area. Select anyone you are interested in and sign up for it.

oneforma jobs
Work Opportunities in Oneforma

Some jobs require you to clear certain certifications (for language, skill, etc.). You will automatically be redirected to that particular certification in case a job you selected requires it. They also tell you the number of slots remaining for a particular job (though the data is not real-time).

Once you apply for a job, your application goes for processing. You receive a mail. Wait for 1-2 days and you get approved for the job and you can start working. (Very much like Appen, but application processing doesn’t take forever).

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The different types of work you can do on Oneforma

Oneforma is similar to other crowdsourcing platforms like Appen and Lionbridge. So the type of work available on it is similar as well.

oneforma crowdsourcing tasks
Crowdsourcing Tasks
  • Data Collection Projects: Submit specified images and videos to earn money. These are exciting and fun projects in my opinion.
  • Translation/Transcription Projects: Get paid per word or per hour in helping with language-related jobs. There are lots of languages available, which means this is a globally relevant job.
  • Internet Judging: This is UHRS work. You help large corporations in improving their algorithms by rating and judging Internet data.
  • Testing: Test various websites/apps for usability and functionality. Crowdtesting has been on the rise nowadays with sites like Testbirds and uTest.

Since this article was written, Oneforma has added a lot of new job categories on it’s website. These include Testing Opportunities, Part-time and Full-time jobs amongst many others.

new jobs available at oneforma update 2022
Some New Job Categories at Oneforma

Though there aren’t any opportunities available there as of now. But we can get a gist of the direction Oneforma is taking.

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But can it pay my bills? (Earning Potential at Oneforma)

This is the best part. Oneforma is offering very sensible amounts of money for the tasks you do, unlike Appen which is treating us like slaves.

Data collection projects in Oneforma pay reasonably well. I earned 50$ by submitting my camera photos, and about 70$ in one of their video collection project.

They also have various language jobs (translation/transcription). Infact, there are so many languages listed (probably because it is the primary work of Pactera EDGE, their parent company) that I’m sure people from any country can find a language-related job for them.

They pay 0.03$-0.05$ per word (For some languages). For other popular languages, they pay 3$/hour of work. It’s not much, but it’s alright. Especially considering the amount of work available on the platform.

Recently they have also started enrolling people for Internet Judging projects. This is basically UHRS work (similar to Clickworker UHRS). That can be another lucrative way to earn using Oneforma.

Note: You need to submit a W8-BEN form in order to be eligible to receive payments. If you encounter any issues, refer to this article.

Oneforma Payment Proofs

I have been paid twice by Oneforma so far, and it is a legit working opportunity. Payments are made monthly via Paypal. Here’s a payment proof from Oneforma for my apprehensive audience.

payment from oneforma pactera edge
Oneforma Payment Proof

Update: Over time, I have received many more payments from Oneforma. Check out the Oneforma Payment Wall or one of my latest earning report for more payment proofs from Oneforma.

16 thoughts on “Oneforma: A New Crowd-working Platform (data-collection, UHRS and text-based jobs)”

  1. Kiki

    If I have job at Appen & Lionbridge, can I still work here?
    If I work here, can I use my Paypal account with different email address? Or I should use same email at Oneforma?


    1. Yes. You can work simultaneously in Appen, Lionbridge and Oneforma. You can even signup using the same email address, no problem.

  2. Moses Ibrahim

    Sir how many times do oneforma pay per month based on their payouts,is it monthly or weekly?

    1. Oneforma pays out monthly.
      You get paid for your work till 25th by the next month.

  3. Ini

    Hi, I already apply for internet judging on oneforma a month ago but still no further process. What should i do?

    1. Oneforma will contact you when they have openings. Meanwhile, try creating an account with Datamime and Clickworker, as they are the fastest way to get access to UHRS.

  4. Stella

    Hey…can one work on the jobs from kenya

    1. Yes, they accept workers from Kenya and you can work on their jobs.

  5. Hello, I started working on the 27th of July 2021, when and how will I receive my first paycheck kindly? I joined UHRS via OneForma, please assist.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Given that Oneforma’s payment cycle runs from 25th-25th, you will receive your first payment somewhere around 10-15 September.

  6. Noki71

    Thank you for all,old boy Serbia

  7. Philips

    This is wonderful. I hope to thank you later for your information. pls, i want to know, how do i work on Fiverr?

    1. You are welcome, Philips.
      Fiverr is a bit more complicated than Oneforma. First of all, you need to define a service.
      Create 5 gigs in your area of service and bid for projects. You need to complete some gigs to boost your profile enough for Fiverr to show you to more Buyers.
      A trick here is to have one of your friend/client buy your service through Fiverr. You can even use their affiliate program to get a cut on that.
      Once you have completed 2-3 paid gigs through Fiverr, your profile gets boosted and you will have more gigs than you can handle.
      I will be writing a full fledged guide on Fiverr soon. So stay tuned for that.

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