Some Internet Judging Websites (other than UHRS)

Last Updated on September 19, 2022

UHRS seems to be an instant favorite for people getting into online money-making. There are several reasons for this, such as:

  1. Easy Signup and you can Quickly start working.
  2. Simple Interface. Just start working on whatever is available.
  3. Timely payments. UHRS offloads your earnings to the contractors every week without fail (Though your contractor might want to hold on to your payment for some time).

If you, too, like the idea of an Internet Judging website where you just log in and begin working on any task that’s available, then you might be interested in these sites below.

Neevo by Defined Crowd

Neevo is the best Internet Judging platform after UHRS. There is a consistent amount of work available every month, plus the interface looks very modern and appealing.

It works flawlessly on a mobile device as well, and you can easily judge tasks with your smartphone (at the same speed you would do on a desktop). Their pay rate is slightly better than UHRS, but they are also notorious for rejecting several tasks.

Another great thing about Neevo is that they have no payment thresholds. They will pay you for every job, even if you earned just a few cents. I have received payments as low as 0.03$ from them for tasks that I tried and quit later on.

If you signup and see no tasks available for a week or more, then try the tips given in this article. They might help.


Remotasks launched just a few years back but has built a massive crowd force within a short span of time. It has a beautiful interface on the website, and it makes working on their tasks even better.

Their training sessions (before you can begin a particular task) are more rigorous than others. This might be great for inexperienced raters, but can be a bit frustrating for the experienced ones.

Once you clear the training, it is as easy as it gets. Just log in and begin working. They pay every week via Paypal (5$ minimum). To earn a higher amount, try working on their LiDAR tasks.

Fun Fact: It is the only company I found that is working on self-driving car tech. A lot of tasks you do here might help in the evolution of Self-driving cars.

Yandex Toloka

Toloka by Yandex (a Russian search engine company) is another internet judging platform. Just like UHRS helps improve search engines like Google and Bing, Toloka is meant to do the same for Yandex.

The flow is very similar to UHRS as well. You get guidelines for a task. Then you are required to pass an exam and after that you can begin working on it.

The only problem is that the earnings are very slow in the beginning. The earning potential of this site is among the lowest of all, sometimes as low as 1$/hour (For some countries). But there are some tips mentioned in the guide that can help you earn more from it.

Other websites that can get you rating work

There are some more websites that can get you this kind of rating work, but they are not as integrated as the sites listed above.

So it might not be as easy as logging in, reading the guidelines, and begin working. These sites have a client that requires such kind of work, and they will directly connect you to that client.

Though more complicated, this method can get you access to better-paying work and more work availability (since only a selected few are able to work). Sites that can get you these jobs are:

Amazon mTurk

One of the biggest Internet Judging websites (apart from UHRS) and backed by a multi-billion dollar company. There are large communities for mTurk and (HITs worth Turking For).

It is because it is a great way to earn in countries where it is available. There’s plenty of work available and some madlads even earn a full-time income from it.

The only reason I mentioned it in the list of other sites is that it is not available everywhere. But if it allows signing up in your country, you should definitely give it a try.


Appen has a tonne of long-term projects from social media and search engine giants. These projects require you to log in to their dedicated tool and work your rating/judging tasks on them.

Look out for projects that mention social media evaluation or search engine evaluation on your available projects. Check out the guide for tips on how to qualify for more projects in Appen.


Lionbridge also has a lot of rating/judging tasks from time to time. They are in the form of “Map Quality Analyst“, or “Online Task Contributor“, or similar.

To find out such jobs in Lionbridge, check out their Job portal and search for jobs in your country. There are new listings from time to time, so remember to have a look every month or so.

What is an Internet Judging Website and What do I do there?

A Web Judging site is a site that consists of rating tasks. The worker is supposed to judge/rate a set of data (kind of like a Multiple Choice Question) on the basis of a set of guidelines.

The rater is paid for every judgment they make. The money can be cashed out once you reach a certain limit.

Rating tasks have an easy-to-use interface, and the guidelines are not too complicated. They can be easily learned.

They do not require you to talk or interact with anyone, in any way whatsoever. This is why Web Judging Jobs are extremely introvert-friendly.

You just need to rate the datasets with high accuracy. It is a very easy job that pays a decent amount of money.

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20 thoughts on “Some Internet Judging Websites (other than UHRS)”

  1. dramxnc

    Could you provide proof of double-checking with Clickworker about working on UHRS from different platforms? After quick research under Clickworker’s FAQ I’ve found out that they forbid users from participating in UHRS’s work from different platforms.

    1. Clickworker updated their FAQ sometime in February 2021 stating you can no longer work with other contractors. On the other hand, Oneforma states in their FAQ that you are free to work with other contractors as you please. So I suggest you skip Clickworker and work on other platforms to avoid violating their guidelines.

      1. dramxnc

        I am only interested in the hit apps that aren’t available on CW, and have only been doing a comparative analysis. So far CW seems to have the most jobs though I have to gain ‘full’ access on other platforms (except on OneForma, that’s where I’ve started a month ago *participated in an awkwardly simple project not related to UHRS that paid a lot which got me hooked towards starting to focus on online work more and more). From what I’ve been reading on Reddit there is kind of a consensus as to why CW is prohibiting users from accessing UHRS from other platform and that is abusing the hit apps they’ve been disabled from. It’s kinda ambiguous since some users claim they have a very high spam accuracy and are still getting disabled (so there’s more work for other workers maybe). I don’t use VPN though I am going through different browsers when accessing UHRS from other platforms and am planning to try and work on all of them for the next few days *w/o working on the ones I’m disabled on since to me that seems to be the only reason the UHRS would disable me – condition: there being different hit apps. I will run a few other tests if that turns out to work aswell.

        Long story short: Thanks for the reply!

        1. Whoa! That’s a lot of information right there. Your speculation as to why CW does not want people accessing multiple contractors might be true, as it will mess up the accuracy of the spam hits. I never did such a thorough analysis, mostly because a lot of Hitapps are not available on all the platforms.

          1. dramxnc

            I have got accepted on two more platforms and am working towards getting enabled to work on one more while averaging at least 1-2$ on each of them (around one hour of time dedicated in total). So far so good. Though one could argue no one can be absolutely sure how sustainable it is, or how long can one last before getting disabled since UHRS does have access to our IP or even MAC addresses and we’re all using our real names on platforms through which we get access in order to get paid. Seems like a lot of trouble, still there might exist an automated system that disables users that abuse the same hit apps (ex: one may get the same hits or work until getting disabled multiple times). I’ll continue on testing and will share my experience here once since your articles have helped me a lot (all the results and eventual consequences won’t stem from me abusing the Hitapps, but just working on UHRS using different platforms).

            P.S. Comment: As far as the other non-UHRS work, some of the platforms may require you to provide them with legal documents proving that you are paying your taxes regularly.

            Good luck to all of you.

          2. Well UHRS is an amazing opportunity for a lot of people who cannot be bothered with lengthy and confusing processes of crowdsourcing websites. The least we can do is use it responsibly and not abuse it. I see several people creating multiple accounts on the site after getting banned from a Hitapp, and I literally cringe at this.

  2. dramxnc

    Well, I see no point in creating multiple accounts for a platform as it’s strictly prohibited and could result in a IP – wide ban.

    That being said, I’ve just got a greenlight to share some easy to do – image collection projects, so if you’re interested you can contact me.

    1. Agree with you. Do tell me about the image collection projects.

      1. Woohoo! Click on the signup link of the website you are interested in, and follow the instructions there.

      1. The sites are listed on this page itself, no need to mail them to you.

    2. abfulgafar

      Which one Is image collection data

      1. Appen, Lionbridge, Neevo, Oneforma and Transperfect have image collection projects from time to time.

  3. Dino

    Is there any prohibition on the usage of these sites similar to the one which applies to UHRS? Or you can open accounts on as many sites as you want?

    1. You can open accounts in as many sites as you wish. They don’t have any problem since they all have different clients.

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