More payment proofs from Usertesting

Last Updated on September 15, 2021

I have blogged previously about how usertesting is the most reliable “beer money” site as far as available jobs are concerned. I have also posted payment proofs and really like how payments for your work are credited within a week.

I was qualified for 4 more tests by Usertesting recently, and have been paid for three of them. Thus, here I am sharing these payment proofs from my Paypal activity screen. Check them out:

3 more payments from usertesting
Usertesting payment proofs over the last week

How much money can I earn from Usertesting every month?

Usertesting is turning out to be a really reliable site to earn money over time, especially if you can get qualified for 2-3 tests each week. There are lots of tests coming over every week, and it’s kind of hard to get qualified. But every once in a while, you get pretty simple tests that are easy to qualify and can earn you some quick bucks.

Check out my post on by clicking here.

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