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Last Updated on October 20, 2021

I started working on Usertesting as a Beer money site (small payments on the side). But over time, it has become a substantial source of income for me. The best part is that the tests hardly take 15-20 mins usually, and the payments are quick. In April I received a total of 10 payments from Usertesting, amounting to 100$ from Usertesting alone.

Note that it is the payments I received from Usertesting, not the amount I earned. There is a gap of 1 week between the payments of Usertesting. Check out my payment proofs for April below:

multiple payments from Usertesting
Usertesting Payment Proofs for April 2020

So, I made a total of 100$ in Usertesting payments in the month of April, and it hardly took me 5 hours to make it. I will be writing a detailed guide about Usertesting in the future for all those who are interested in learning, till then you can check out my article on Usertesting here.

The detailed guide is here. Click the link here to read the full guide.

Check out some of my latest payment proofs/earning reports below:

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