How To Avoid Getting Rejected By Neevo (and why it happens, a lot)

Last Updated on December 21, 2021

One of the most frustrating parts about Neevo is when you have worked your ass off on a task for hours, only to have them rejected during validation. Moreover, they will kick you out of the task sometimes, meaning you won’t get paid for that task at all (or will only receive a partial payment).

I have seen this complaint a lot of times, especially from people on Reddit. One person complained about how he did tasks worth ~500$, but was only paid 200$, as his work was “rejected”.

neevo job closed work history
The question mark in Work History means you were kicked from the job

I experienced it myself, during a particular job where I worked worth 50$ in several tasks, only to have them rejected. Moreover, they closed the task for me, meaning I won’t be paid a single penny for that task.

This kind of behavior does make people feel cheated. And why wouldn’t they? I, for one, knew that almost all of the tasks I submitted were accurate and valid (as per their guidelines).

Here is why this happens and what can be done about it,

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Why is Neevo a rejection machine?

There is actually a very logical reason behind this. In any type of data collection project (images, voice, text, video) you need to validate the data before you submit it to the client.

Companies like Appen and Lionbridge (now known as TELUS International) have a very streamlined process for this. They have dedicated internal teams that validate this data before it is submitted to the client.

Think of it as a part of their Quality Control process. This is also the reason why it takes months to generate invoices for these projects (usually AMR projects in Appen).

They have to manually (or at least semi-automatically) go through the thousands of GBs of data and validate it.

But Neevo has a different approach towards this. They crowd-source their data validation tasks as well. I noticed it when I was validating the same type of data that I was asked to submit about a week ago.

One week you have a task where you need to submit photos. The next week you have a task where you validate similar photos submitted by others.

They probably use it to fast-track their project delivery or to compensate for the lack of dedicated staff.

But whatever the reason, your tasks are validated by people who are getting paid per “click”, and might not be interested in reading through the guidelines or rules. It all boils down to the luck factor, whether your submissions will be approved or rejected.

neevo tasks rejected
Validation Jobs have less chances of getting rejected

This is probably the reason a lot of people have their tasks rejected without any proper explanation. The Neevo Support staff is not very helpful as well, since justifying this is out of their domain.

I am sure you would have noticed this pattern if you worked on Neevo for a month or more. And this is the only logical explanation I can think of.

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How to get your tasks accepted on Neevo?

Most people give up on Neevo due to this very reason, and it seems justified. But Neevo is a platform that has a lot of tasks, and some people are still able to earn good on this platform.

So what can you do to maximize your earning on Neevo, without wasting too much of your time? Here is what I found:

  • Do not submit too many tasks in one go (for text and audio jobs). Try doing only 50-100 tasks, so if you get kicked or rejected, you haven’t wasted much of your time.
  • Participate more in Image and Video collection jobs, they pay better and are less risky. Image collections tasks usually pay half a dollar per image, so even if a couple are rejected, you still make good bank without wasting much time.
  • Work on validation tasks instead of submission ones. They don’t get rejected as much.

So there’s always an element of risk and disappointment that you will have when working with Neevo. They aren’t necessarily cheating, but using the easy way out of their validation process. Limit the time you give and the tasks you do on it. You will still face rejection from time to time, but isn’t that what life is all about.

  • Lots of people reported being paid, without rejection of their tasks. There were payment proofs as large as 250$. It is a good move by Neevo to polish their image.

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  • Neevo Payment Wall

    Neevo Payment Proofs. Neevo is a hit-or-miss. They reject a lot of jobs, but pay even in cents if you get approved.

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  • How To Avoid Getting Rejected By Neevo (and why it happens, a lot)

    One of the most frustrating parts about Neevo is when you have worked your ass off on a task for hours, only to have them rejected during validation.

    Check it out

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