Neevo Payment Updates (AND BANS)

Last Updated on December 28, 2021

Neevo (by the Defined Crowd) was under a lot of heat in the past few months. There were reports from all over the world by people claiming that Neevo rejected the bulk of their tasks and didn’t pay them fairly.

October was a different story however, as lots of people reported being paid, without rejection of their tasks. There were payment proofs as large as 250$. It is a good move by Neevo to polish their image a bit, especially with competition heating up in the crowdsourcing space.

With newer entries like Oneforma and Remotasks, and UHRS tasks and opportunities increasing day by day, it is hard for Neevo to retain their users with such bad practises.

I have uploaded some of the payment proofs on the Neevo Payment wall, and let’s hope Neevo continues with their good work.

Neevo Bans Update

Not everything was rainbows and sunshine in the Neevo camp. A week after clearing payments, a lot of accounts faced Ban from the platform. Most of the bans were related to people operating multiple accounts or changing their language too frequently.

I do advise people to change their language in their Neevo profile to get access to more jobs, however, I recommend it as a one-time thing. This is because a lot of people ignore their profile settings while creating their account, and later complain about having no tasks available.

I have regularly warned people against changing their profile languages too frequently (sources say that changing your language for the 20th time gets you banned).

And operating multiple accounts is outright unethical. So there is nothing that needs to be said regarding that.

Neevo is a very promising platform, especially now that they are paying again. Do not cheat and look out for their data collection and voice recording projects, as they pay fairly well.

2 thoughts on “Neevo Payment Updates (AND BANS)”

  1. Bancy

    I just have one account. Ive not changed anything on my profile like languages since am us native speaker only, but ive never gotten a single task since i opened neevo account. What could be the problem

    1. have you cleared the language proficiency tests (listening and writing)? You need to clear them before you will get task invites.

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