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Oneforma UHRS: Working on Internet Judging jobs

What is Oneforma UHRS and how to join?

UHRS is an independent platform, and you can gain access to it using multiple contractors (Crowdsourcing sites). Infact, you can legitimately work using multiple accounts on UHRS, as different websites (contractors) have a different set of Hitapps.

Oneforma allows you to access UHRS through it’s “Internet Judging” jobs. Click here to read our Complete Oneforma Guide if you are not a member yet.

  • Log into your Oneforma account:
  • Go to “My Jobs”, then select “Internet Judging” and apply for all the Jobs available to you.
  • The availability of jobs changes with time. You will be contacted via email if your are selected.

Earning Potential and Starting

You will be given access to the UHRS platform on the Live ID (Outlook/Hotmail/Live) that you provided. Log in and start working. (UHRS Login Link)

Work on Hitapps available to you. The current payrate in UHRS hovers around 5$/hour. If you work efficiently, you can hit upto 10$/hour.

Read our UHRS guide if you are confused.

How to check Oneforma UHRS earnings and getting paid?

You can check your UHRS earnings anytime by going in the “My Reports” section. Select the date range and you will be able to see the amount you earned during that time.

Your earned amount will be paid by Oneforma as per their payment cycle.

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