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What is UHRS and how does it work?

Last Updated on September 27, 2020

UHRS means “Universal Human Relevance System”. It’s a partner website that can be accessed over and where you can process additional jobs. It normally deals with categorization of internet data and web pages. However, there are some more particular tasks, such as comparison of voice recordings or checking texts for specific contents.

UHRS has partnered with several platforms. Apart from Clickworker, I have also seen UHRS based tasks on iSoftstone (now called You need to clear a “UHRS assessment” on clickworker to get access on the platform, after which you can start working on it.

HitApps Terms and Terminologies (in UHRS)

In UHRS, jobs are available in the form of “HitApps”. Think of HitApps as a particular tasks, which is made of a number of Hits. For example, if a task is about categorizing a webpage, then each webpage will be present in the form of Hits.

Each HitApps has several features, such as:

  • HitApp Name: This is the Name of the HitApp.
  • HitApp Description: A small description explaining what the job requires you to do.
  • Time required: This is the expected time required per Hit (or judgement).
  • Payment: This is the amount you will be credited per valid judgement.
  • Approx Available Hits: This is the number of available Hits. They are usually updated every 15 minutes and are only approximate as multiple people are working on a HitApp at a particular time.

How do I start working on a HitApp?

You cannot start working on a HitApp right away. UHRS requires you to pass a small qualification exam for each HitApp that is available. Once passed, you can work on the HitApp for as long as it is available and whenever it become available in the future.

When a new HitApp is available, you may see several links beneath it, namely:

  • Guideline: Clicking on it will download a document/pdf explaining the HitApp and how to judge it. I advise you to thoroughly read and understand the guidelines before giving the qualification exam.
  • Preview and/or Training: These are a set of practice hits. You can see whether your judgement was correct or not in every hit (along with an explanation). They can help you understand the HitApp before giving the qualification exam. You are not paid for working on these hits.
  • Qualification: This is the qualification exam. You are usually given 2 or 3 attempts at the qualification test.
  • Start Judging: This link is unavailable until you pass your qualification exam. Once passed, you can simply click it and start judging hits.

It is advised to thoroughly read and understand the guidelines before you take your qualification exam. I personally find the qualification exams to be very easy, and can pass them in the first attempt. Though I never use the preview/training mode before the exam, you can use them to get a gist of the overall HitApp.

HitApps are not visible all the time and you might need to login several times a day to see if any HitApps are available. Check out this article to see how you can find more available HitApps in UHRS.

Working on a HitApp in UHRS

When working on a HitApp, you are required to judge each hit. You will earn the amount specified in the Hitapp, for each valid judgement. Please work on your hits mindfully, and make sure not to rush through them in order to earn more money.

This is because they sneak in several “Spam Hits”. These spam hits check if you are actually giving the correct judgement. Wrong answers to these spam hits will reduce your judgement score. If your judgement score falls below a certain level (0.7 usually), you will be disqualified from the HitApp.

Sometimes, you will be revoked from working on the Hitapp for just one day, while consistent poor performance may lead to permanently getting banned from that HitApp.

Hence it is best advised to properly and carefully work on your HitApps.

My Report section in UHRS

Their is a section called “My Reports” in UHRS. This section allows you to check:

  • Your total earnings
  • Your earnings by HitApps
  • The total time you have worked on the platform
  • The total time you have worked on each HitApp
  • Your spam score for each HitApp (Correct Judgements/Total Judgements). Spam score below 0.7 can get you disqualified from a HitApp.

The reports section is updated every 20 minutes. So the work you just did might take a little time to update in the My Reports section. It shows you your weekly stats by default, but can be manually set to show stats of any time period.

How much can I earn through UHRS?

The payment for each HitApp varies, depending on several factors such as complexity, time, etc. But in my personal experience, I can say that you can easily earn a minimum of 10$ per hour if you work properly. Some HitApps have allowed me to earn upto 20$ per hour. This is a much better pay rate than other sites such as Appen, which pay around 3$ per hour to Indian workers.

Every week, your UHRS earnings will automatically be transferred to your Clickworker account. Clickworker will keep your earnings on hold for a month, and will pay you after that. It is their payment policy to keep your earnings for 30 days, just in case of any ambiguity or error. Payments are made via Paypal.

14 replies on “What is UHRS and how does it work?”

Mansi Shreshthasays:

Hii Eveyone,
I started working for sourcing) from 13 sept on Uhrs. I have a query regarding the payment and app. Will I receive the amount which is shown on My Report in UHRS ( If yes then how? Will I have to submit any invoice or they will send me the email. And they have sent me the mail regarding the qualification on UHRS but on my dashboard of it shows under process. Plzz help me,

Your UHRS amount will be added to’s dashboard after some time (1 week).
The payment will then be handled by Teemwork according to their policy (Whatever payment method you choose, within 1 month).

Since you did the work on 13 Sep. Expect Money in your account after 5-8 weeks.

Can I work on Appen, Clickworker(SEE or Uhrs) and together? Is there any conflict issue?

I don’t see any conflict happening. Do note that you need to have a different account for Clickworker, Teemwork and Appen’s UHRS projects (they allow multiple accounts). But always remember to mention this whenever asked in any form on the site.

For eg, Appen will ask you during the qualification process of several sites if you work as a Search Engine Evaluator or something for other site. Be Honest and you are good to go.

They will internally reject your application if there’s a problem (for eg. Appen and Lionbridge are very fierce compeititors. LB will reject your application if they find such a thing.)

Hi! Thanks for your article. It’s quite useful. I have a question: once I start judging, Can I take breaks? Or should I focus on it until I finish totally

Hi Carlo,
You can take breaks as often as you like. You are paid for each “hit” that you do, and you can exit the hitapp anytime you like. Then start working again once you are ready.


please how to register uhrs and taken work

How to start working on hitapp?
Please guide me the process like how to start. I don’t have any knowledge about handling these tasks.
Please write steps from starting to final
Thank You!

The steps are simple. Download and read the guidelines. Clear the qualification test (only needed once per Hitapp), and start working.

Shruti Bayensays:

I started working on clickworker and I got a small amount of earnings after working on a hitapp. But after a day the report showed that the earning for that particular hitapp was zero. Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to save my work or something? I don’t know how.

Don’t worry Shruti, your earnings are safe. The My Reports section updates every week. You can change the date range manually to check out your earnings for that particular Hitapp.

I am currently working on UHRS through happen, and I have earned few money. but there is no “my invoice” tab on my appen dashboard. and I don’t really know how I could get the money.

There is a section for “My Invoices” in the dashboard. Check again.

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