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Neevo: Get paid to provide data for AI training

Earning Potential

Neevo looks promising at first, but there is never any work to do. Disappointing for now, might pick up in the future.

Payment Method

AI and machine learning are one of the top buzzwords in the technology industry today. Not only have they made their way into every major industry, but have also proved their mettle by increasing the efficiency and ROI of almost any project that an AI is implemented on. With so many benefits, almost every company is looking to integrate AI into its products.

But any AI or machine learning algorithm requires a lot of data for training purposes. In fact, the more data available to the algorithm, the more finely tuned and sophisticated it becomes. This is the core reason why Google products outperform its competitors in every possible way. As other companies do not come close to the amount of user data that Google has available for training its algorithm.

What is Neevo?

Neevo is a provider for high-quality AI training data to several organizations. In other words, It provides human intelligence that helps companies gather data to train their AI models and algorithms. It is a platform owned by The Defined Crowd, a company that focusses solely on AI and machine learning. It was formed in 2015, and their Neevo platform was launched two years later in 2017.

3 steps to earn using Neevo
Simple 3 steps to earn using Neevo

Neevo allows people to register on the platform, and provide some basic information about them. If their profile matches any of the jobs available, then you can work on those jobs and get paid via Paypal. Sounds simple?

What type of jobs are available in Neevo?

The jobs in Neevo are pretty fun and interesting. Since most of them are for training AI, you might see a wide variety of jobs such as:

  • Recording videos of several actions.
  • Taking certain pictures using your smartphone.
  • Annotation (labelling) of images
  • Recording several phrases to train voice assistants.

The jobs are pretty fun to participate in, and you are paid for them via Paypal. So it’s a pretty win-win situation for all. I have noticed an increasing amount of similar jobs in both Appen and Clickworker, which means that there is a huge demand for such data. Even though I don’t see a lot of such tasks available in Neevo, it might change in the future.

My Experience with Neevo

I was very impressed by the overall interface and usability of Neevo. It had a very modern design, compared to Clickworker and Appen. However, I regularly checked for work but was not able to find any. Every time I logged into my dashboard, I was greeted with the following message:

Neevo dashboard - no jobs available
Neevo dashboard

In the one month that I was a member of Neevo, I only discovered one task that paid 0.8$ for submitting videos of sports activities. It paid 0.8$ per video. I could not participate in it, and it was withdrawn after a day or two.

Should I sign up for Neevo?

So there is not much work for people in India, I guess. But going by the reviews and discussions on several forums on Reddit, it is a legit paying site and people have made good money off it. Maybe once they grow a little bit or acquire new clients, some work might be available.

It would be a good idea to just sign up for it and keep checking for work once or twice in a week. Though I cannot guarantee anything, I think there might be more work since it has partnered with several big AI tech companies like Amazon Alexa.

The signup process is pretty simple and there is nothing to write about. You simply provide your email address, verify it and BAM! you are a member. You can then add your Paypal email address for payments.

How will I get paid?

The payments for Indian citizens will be handled by Paypal. They will pay within 28 days of task approval, and by the discussions on reddit, I can assure you that it is a legit paying site. The only problem so far is that there are not many tasks available.

I will definitely upload the payment proof for Neevo as soon as I get paid. If you have any more questions regarding Neevo, then you can check out their official FAQs by clicking the button below:

Neevo also has a very smart support system, powered by a chatbot that can help you raise support issues and tickets. So they are definitely investing a lot in AI, I guess. Do signup for this site and let me know your experience in the comments section below.

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