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Test IO: Another Crowd Testing Site (with lots of work)

Crowd Testing Websites are a great option for part-time online work. They are much more interesting to work on, unlike say an Internet Judging task. Plus, they have a very active community feature, and it feels much more interactive to work on their tasks.

What is Test IO and how does it work?

Test IO is a functional testing website (similar to uTest and Testlio). It is a platform that pays you to perform various types of testing work for companies. You do not need to be a professional tester or have any kind of testing experience of any sort. You just need to be a little computer savvy.

what is test IO and how to work

Test IO allows you to work according to your schedule, and on the projects that you are interested in. You enroll to test out an application, website, or app, after which you are paid according to the bugs you find (ranging from 0.5$ to 50$ depending on how critical it is).

From time to time, you can also earn a guaranteed pay by reviewing apps or performing scripted test cases. The best part about Test IO is that they try to quickly onboard new testers onto a project, which allows you to get paid work ASAP (Unlike uTest, where it can take forever to get rated).

How Do I Signup and Begin Working at Test IO?

Just like any other testing site, you need to complete several quizzes before you will be able to work on paid projects.

  1. Go to their Tester Signup page and fill in your details.
  2. Confirm your email address and fill in your basic profile information and your devices (this is important).
  3. In your dashboard, you will see an onboarding checklist, with links to a quiz, a test and a bug reproduction course. Complete them first.
  4. After you clear your onboarding, you can begin working on paid projects.
test io onboarding process

How much can I earn from Test IO and how do they pay?

As with any crowd testing website, your earnings are heavily dependent on the amount of work you get; which is in turn dependent on how many devices you have.

The more devices you have, the more tests you can participate in and hence the more you can earn. But apart from that, they pay 0.5$ to 50$ for each bug that you report, and there are paid cycle and App review opportunities from time to time.

People report earning 5$ to 20$ for every test they participate in (on an average).

If you are looking for a website that pays you by the hour, instead of by bugs, check out Testlio.

They pay via Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, and Bank Transfer. So you have plenty of options to choose your preferred payment method.

Test IO Payment Proof

Here is a Paypal Payment Proof of Test IO for my skeptical readers.

test IO payment proof

4 replies on “Test IO: Another Crowd Testing Site (with lots of work)”

Please give me any tips to pass the onboarding test..I got reject in my first onboarding test

Well, you should know what type of bugs you can report. Try going through all pages of the website and checking whether the filters/sorting/search functionality works properly (most bugs are found here). You can also report 403 error pages, etc.
It can take some time.

I saw that they fix the 3 bug that i submitted in my second onboarding test, But they request me to edit all the 3 bug reports that i submitted.

Bro, Your search bar and navigation bar is not working. Please fix that 😬😬

Hi Akhil,
They might probably be asking you to enable mouse-click detection in screen recording. Download BandiCam to do that. It is the only free screen recording software that has this feature. Make sure to enable that. Read what issue they are describing.

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