Gridspace Full Guide: Voice-based Earning (Mixer Sessions Explained)

Last Updated on January 10, 2022

There have been a plethora of voice-based earning opportunities since the last couple of years.

We are seeing more and more apps/websites coming into this space such as Robson, AudioBee, Appen, and even Neevo (from time to time).

Update: Robson and AudioBee haven’t had any new jobs in a while. Even Gridspace has been a little dry since the past few months.

Now there’s another platform working on AI speech synthesis and automation application, that goes by the name of Gridspace.

What is Gridspace and How Does it Work?

Gridspace is a company that makes software for speech analytics and automation.

They run role-play tasks which will be available during ‘Mixer Live Sessions’ with no limits on the number of tasks you can complete.

Gridspace is a platform that is currently working on 3 types of applications:

  • Speechbots (Bots with natural voice),
  • Call center roleplay (those high-paying Robson tasks we saw a while back)
  • Transcription (labeling emotion data in phone calls).

There are various types of tasks you can do, but the most popular being Call center roleplay tasks. It’s data collection for training AI.

You basically participate in call center-like conversations with random people, and they analyze this speech data to train their AI systems.

How to Signup and How Will I get Paid?

Signing up is super simple. Just go to their site and you will instantly be greeted with their signup form.

Confirm your email address and fill up a quick survey regarding your demographics (so they can properly categorize your speech data).

You will get paid via Paypal on the email address that you used to register. So make sure your Paypal can receive payments using that email address.

Pro Tip: You can add multiple email addresses to your Paypal account, and receive payments from all of them.

They pay around 20$/hour of speech data, which is exactly what Appen used to offer for their similar projects. Payments are made every two weeks.

How Much Can I Earn Through Gridspace? How much do these Mixer Sessions Pay?

Pay is between $20-$40 per mixer session. There is no limit to the number of tasks you can do during a mixer session.

They automatically process payments to the same email that you enter upon registration, so the email you use to register on the website must be linked to your PayPal account.

Don’t worry if it isn’t the case with you. You can always add a new email to your Paypal account.

Payments are on Fridays once every two weeks.

Gridspace Payment Proof

Here’s a payment proof submitted by one of our readers, which means that the site is legit.

mixer gridspace payment proof paypal
Gridspace Payment Proof

Update: Since this article was written, there have been multiple Gridspace Payment Proofs available. You can check them out in one of our earning reports.

When is there work available in Gridspace?

As of now, I see that there are no projects on the website to work on. This type of inconsistency is natural for voice-based projects, as we have seen in Robson as well.

There were several runs for the call-center project a few months ago (that paid 20$/hour). There are still new jobs available from time to time, but it might be very inconsistent.

There are new mixer sessions available every week, and you will receive an email from them whenever there’s an upcoming session available for you.

Simply log in to the website at the specified time and participate in it.

work available in Gridspace Mixer.

You never know when a new project becomes available, so it is best to signup for this in advance. Since it’s a new site, slots might be limited. Let me know your thoughts regarding this in the comments.

Some Tips and Info about Mixer Sessions in Gridspace

What is a mixer session like?

A general example is, imagine that you’re pretending to be a bank customer service in one session. You’ll be assigned an Agent or Customer role.

If you’re the agent you’ll do what the customer asks of you and if you’re the customer you’ll ask for help or some info from the agent.

All tasks are with prompts, they’re given to you before the call.

Good communication in English is a must. I’ve seen people who call in and do not complete tasks because of language barriers.

Make as many calls as you can during the session to earn the maximum.

You need to call an International Number

Yes, you’ll be making an international call to a US number during the session so make sure you have International Calling enabled and a relevant tariff plan for your network.

I personally use Skype for doing these tasks as they are much economical. Plus, I can use AI noise cancellation on my PC.

Can I expect consistent mixer sessions?

No. Mixer sessions are completely random. Some months there are very regular sessions, whereas some months are dry as a desert.

Thankfully, they inform you 24 hours beforehand so you can be ready whenever a new session is coming up.

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