DataMime: Get Instant UHRS Access with this Contractor (Payment Proof Inside)

Last Updated on June 2, 2022

DataMime is a new crowd-sourcing website developed by Zen3/TechMahindra. There is not much information available about this website, but it’s a great way of getting instant UHRS access (even faster than Clickworker).

It’s a fairly new project, and they only offer UHRS jobs for now. But they plan to expand their offerings by providing various jobs (such as annotation, validation, categorization, etc.) in the future.

The website is available globally and payments are handled by Paypal and Bank Transfers (only in some countries).

Signing Up And Working On UHRS through DataMime (Step-by-Step Guide)

Datamime is one of the fastest ways to access UHRS jobs right now. The whole process from signing up for Datamime to logging into UHRS will take just 5 minutes.

Here is the step-by-step guide for doing this:

  1. Go to Datamime’s signup page. Enter and verify your email address.
  2. Fill the signup form and provide your Outlook Email address (for UHRS access). Create one here in case you don’t have one.
    datamime signup page
  3. Then you will be logged into the dashboard. See if you have been assigned any apps. It will be 0 in the beginning, but refresh the page after some time and it will say 1 Apps assigned.
    datamime dashboard
  4. Then go to “My Apps”. You will see the UHRS access link. Click and log into UHRS using your outlook email address.

This is it. You get access to UHRS within a matter of minutes.

Enabling Payments and Updating Payment Information ( How to Get Paid)

Datamime requires you to enable 2-factor Authentication before you provide your payment details.

To enable it, you need to download the Google Authenticator App on your smartphone.

  1. Click on “Settings” and go to the “Payments” section.
  2. You will be asked to scan a QR Code using the Google Authenticator App. Scan it and enter the code given by the app.
  3. Now you can update your payment details. International payments are handled through Paypal, while they offer direct bank transfer for some countries. Enter whichever option is available to you.

Datamime will pay you whatever amount you earn in UHRS (See “My Reports” in UHRS) on a monthly basis. Transfers might take up to 10 days to reach your bank account.

For example, the amount earned in the month of January will be paid to you within the first 10 days of February. So expect a 40-day window between your work and payment (maximum).

When exactly will Datamime Pay me? (Payment Cycle and how to raise payments)

I have received numerous complaints regarding Datamime, saying they haven’t paid them (especially Europeans). Turns out to actually understand when Datamime will pay you, you need to understand their Payment cycle.

It’s similar to how you submit an invoice in Appen before the 5th of a new month, to get paid on time.

But their payment cycle is a little different.

You will get paid approximately 55 days after you raise your invoice. This is the simple answer.

To understand why it happens, let’s understand their payment cycle.

One has to raise a payout on or before 5 of the month, post which they take 20 days to credit it to one’s bank account. If you miss doing so the payment will be credited the next month by the 20th.

The process is very similar to Appen. Some contractors like Clickworker pay you automatically without having to raise a payout.

If you miss raising a payout, and raise it on the 6th of the month, your payment will be made in the next cycle. So 30 days, added to the 20 days it takes to reach you, and add 5 days for the payment to show up in your bank.

Hence, 55 days is the maximum amount of time you should wait after you raise a payout request in Datamime.

A lot of people get paranoid that they won’t get paid after waiting a month or so, and start complaining.

If you haven’t received your payment even after waiting for 55 days, then you should contact Datamime Support ([email protected]).

Datamime Payment Proof

Datamime is a fairly new site on the horizon. So you might not find any payment proofs of Datamime floating around the web.

Datamime has proven to be a very genuine and good site. They are never late with their payments (unlike Quadrant Resource). I have been paid by them thrice.

They pay via Bank account transfers for some countries and Paypal for others. You can find their bank transfer and Paypal payment proofs below:

Datamime (Zen3) Payment Proof Latest
Datamime (Zen3) Payment Proof Latest
datamime payment proof bank transfer
Payment Proof from Datamime (Bank Transfer)
Datamime Payment Proof (Paypal)

You can check out some payment proofs from UHRS jobs on the Clickworker Payment Wall. more than 90% of my Clickworker earnings were from doing UHRS jobs.

How to maximize your earnings in Datamime (Earn More Money)

Datamime currently offers only UHRS jobs. I have written several tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of UHRS, and help you earn more. Remember that you can also join UHRS through other platforms (using different Live IDs) to access more work.

I suggest you read the tips article to gain a better understanding of UHRS and its nuances.

This way, you can always have some Hitapps to work on even if they dry out on one or two sites.

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75 thoughts on “DataMime: Get Instant UHRS Access with this Contractor (Payment Proof Inside)”

  1. Ini

    Is this platform just available on several country? I just sign up but I got 0 apps assigned, what should I do?

    1. The availability of Hitapps varies from country to country. But remember to keep checking every few hours for some days. Hitapps come and disappear quickly sometimes. Work is not always available, but there’s enough work for you to make at least 100$ monthly with the least effort.

      1. Viz

        Paypal or direct bank which is good to put and and difference in fees?

        1. Direct Bank Transfer is better, but it is not supported in every country.

  2. sulabh jain

    Hi did you hear about the ban from working on different platforms on UHRS

    1. I have heard about Clickworker updating their FAQs to prevent people from working on multiple platforms.
      But there is no way the different platforms are going to be sharing their data with each other. Nobody has been banned as of now, and people continue to use multiple platforms using different browsers.

      I don’t think there is going to be any problem regarding it, for now.

  3. Rini

    Can i using one paypal account for 2 websites? Like a datamime and quadrant resource

  4. Rie

    Is the percentage of spam accuracy that determines whether we are blocked or not? If so, what is the minimum percentage of Spam Accuracy not to be blocked

    1. Yes, you need to maintain a spam accuracy above 70% to avoid getting kicked.

  5. Rei

    i started working on datamime on 24 april and earn $30. can i expect to get paid this may?
    and may i know what is the sign when the payment will be transferred to my paypal?

    Thank you

    1. Yes, according to their payment cycle you will get paid in May. Paypal will email you when it receives your payment from Datamime, and a subsequent email when it transfers your earnings into your bank account.

  6. Gabriel

    Greetings I just registered but when trying to enter the project in my apps I get “not found request id”, do you know what is this?

    1. I never saw this error in my profile. Shoot their support an email if it persists.

  7. Atchu

    Received first month payment but delayed second month payment upto 21st of the month. Is this usual.? And it needs to update payment details often .? Already received payment by updating payment details. Again shows fresh update payment details page without any details updated before ? .

    1. Datamime is a new platform and they are struggling with payments. Sometimes they require additional payment information from you (such as tax details) and that must be why they are asking you to update the details. You can contact their support if the message persists.

  8. Jacqueline Lee

    Hello sir, do you know the reason why I keep getting the invalid code during 2FA?

    1. That seems to be a technical glitch. Make sure you are using the correct device you registered initially for 2FA.

  9. Can I start working on uhrs since it’s showing? Because I’m scared that my earnings might not reflect on my pay day . I just registered today though.

    1. Yes you can start working as soon as you get access. Your earnings will be transferred weekly.

  10. Sridevi

    Hi My UHRS weekly earnings not update in datamime. what is the solution

  11. Shekhar Kumar Singh

    I’m not able to see uhrs access on my section, what’s the reason for this

    1. Have you provided your Live ID to them and verified your details?
      If yes, then wait for a day or two, and if it doesn’t show up, then contact their support.

    2. gopindar

      uhrs did not access many times updates what reason support section mail but still not open the uhrs.

  12. Mansi Devrani

    can i use other person account for receving payement from data mime.

    1. I don’t think you can, as they pay you directly to your bank account.

  13. Con Cặc

    This vendor will never pay you. Don’t waste time for it.

  14. Thanks for the information. Do they make direct payments to Nigerian Bank accounts? Maybe a dollar account in a Nigerian commercial bank and not through Paypal.

    1. I don’t think they will make direct payments to Nigerian bank accounts. It is an Indian Company and that’s why they can process payments to Indian Bank accounts. For International transfers, they use Paypal.

      1. Edafekrire Usivwo

        What do you mean by they don’t make payment direct to Nigerian bank account
        They approved it as my payment method

        1. Sorry, my bad.
          I guess they provide bank payments to several countries. I knew they do bank transfers for Brazil as well, but wasn’t sure about Africe.
          Thanks for sharing this information, Edafekrire.

  15. fernanda

    Do they make a direct transfer to Brazil? Because do not appear option to Paypal me, I sent some messages to support and so far I have not had a return.

    1. Maybe they do. I don’t remember exactly. But one contractor definitely allowed bank transfers to a few other countries like Brazil.
      But only they can confirm this.

  16. Dian

    Hello i have started work uhrs from datamime, and get the option direct transfer for my country however the data ask for “recipient void cheque” and i dont have that. I email the datamime support to ask and didnt get the replay. Can you help me what should i do for the solution?

    1. They cannot transfer it to your bank without a void cheque. Just ask your bank for a cheque book, void it and send a pic to datamime. Or use Paypal.

    2. Hello,
      you don’t have a recipient void cheque, you can upload a copy of any bank document with the following information:
      – Bank name
      – Bank branch number
      – Current account number

      Sergio Mehr (Brazil)

      1. I think such issues can be better addressed by their support staff. But DM and QR are going through some platform changes and QR had already informed that there might be some issues with their payments due to this.

        1. Hello,
          Thanks for you return.
          I understand that improvements should be made on platforms from time to time to increase efficiency and security.
          My indignation is not receiving any responses to several tickets already sent and not knowing how or if I will receive my money earned in February.
          If they don’t have the time to respond to tickets, let them post a general notice of what’s going on.
          A company that acts this way is certainly not to be trusted.
          I’m already out !!!

          Kind regards,
          Sergio Mehr

          1. Datamime and Quadrant Resource have a bad reputation regarding their payments. It’s best to work with other contractors initially. Keep them as a back up only.

  17. Hello,
    I reside in Brazil.
    For this country, only direct bank transfer (via Swift) is available.
    I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for two weeks to upload my bank data.
    Upon completion, a message appears stating: “server error”.
    I’ve posted several tickets asking for information, including asking to receive my money earned in February (UHRS) by another way.
    I didn’t get any response.
    What’s going on ???

  18. Atamba evans

    When will January payment appear on our banks
    Am a Ugandan PayPal doesn’t work in our country
    So will they use direct deposit

    1. I am not sure how bank deposits work for other countries. Maybe their support or the people over at can help.


    is Datamime really going to pay this year because my january ,february and now we are in the third month nothing has been paid

    1. Well, some people are getting paid from time to time. Make sure you profile is properly verified and mail their support as well.

      1. Hello,
        After having sent at least a dozen emails, below is the response received by datamine:
        Hello Datamime,
        Hope you are doing well.
        Thank you for responding with your payment confirmation.
        We will initiate the payouts to your preferred payment method as soon as possible.
        We appreciate your cooperation and patience.
        So, what do you think of such an enlightening answer?
        Have patience???
        Regrettable situation !!!

        1. Bad. Datamime really needs to work on their customer support.

          1. Well, like everything in this world of ours, there will always be a good side and a bad side of things.
            I’m leaving this forum.
            I hope I have contributed positively.
            Good luck to everyone.

  20. Jesse

    How did you get to withdraw your money successfully?
    I tried to connect my bank and they wouldn’t approve, I connected PayPal and I have been waiting.
    Their site even say I can withdraw at my convenience.

    1. Bank account transfers are only supported in 2 countries, AFAIK. I suggest waiting atleast 45-60 days between working on a task and getting it’s payment.
      Do raise a ticket regarding payments if you think your payments are delayed.

  21. Sibonginkosi Sibanda


    I’m having a problem updating the phone number in Datamime, it’s saying “invalid phone number” but I enter the correct phone number. Do you know the solution?

  22. Francis Bielsa

    Today is the 5th of June, and it’s already getting late. We were told to initiate a payout before the 5th pf every month so that we can be able to get paid. Why is Datamime behaving this way? their users are just getting frustrated, and I think UHRS should revoke their partnership if this goes on, because they are messing up the platform. Are they doing all this on purpose so as to divert funds?

    1. UHRS transfers your payment to the contractor once a week. It is then upto the contractor when they allow your earnings to get paid. Clickworker takes 4 weeks from the date of transfer to make the earnings “payable”. And another 1 week after that to process your payment.
      Datamime also has some terms set when they allow your earnings to become withdrawable. You just have to respect that and be patient. If you keep working consistently, it will all become one regular monthly payment system.

  23. Kushkush

    I made a payout 6th this month to paypal. When will the funds came to my paypal?

      1. Kushkush

        Why not at 20th this month? Any reason? Thank you for your answer

        1. This is because you raised the payout after 5th of this month. Had you raised it by 5th June, you would have got it by 20th June.
          See the payment section of the article, you will understand.

  24. Nana

    Please i can’t get a void cheque from my bank because my account is a savings account. Is there any other acceptable document I can tender to data mime?

    1. Your bank will provide you a chequebook even if it’s a savings account. You just need to mark “Cancelled” on it. They just want to see your name on the chequebook.
      Otherwise, they might accept your passbook’s front page or maybe even an e-statement.

  25. emerson

    Hola me inscribi datamime hace un par de dias llene mi perfir cree mi live id active la verificacion de dos factores escanee el codigo QR con la aplicacion google autenticator y copie el codigo que me dio, hasta ahi todo bien pero tengo problemas cuando trato de llenar el apartado con la informacion de pago,seleccione mi pais(Venezuela) coloque mi correo de paypal , mi nombre y apellido mi numero telefonico subi una foto de mi identificacion personal proporcionada por el gobierno de mi pais cuando le doy actualizar me da este mensaje
    server error, please try again in after sometime
    timeout of 35000ms exceeded
    Que puedo hacer ya le escribi al soporte incluso les subi una captura con el mensaje que me da al intertar axctualizar los datos de pago, te agradezco tu respuesta.
    Tampoco me aparece nada en mis aplicaciones no veo el enlace de acceso a UHRS

    1. Hello,
      I think this is an internal problem and can only be solved by messaging support. Just ask them to update your payment info on your behalf.
      Just check that you are not using any VPN or proxy on your computer.

      And what do you mean by you do not see the link to access UHRS?

  26. hema

    Respected sir/Madam,
    UHRS apps still is not assign, why delay more days wait and updates before 1month wait what reason all details confirmed but app not assigned daily profile updates but no open the app.Please any updates inform.


    1. Create another account and see if the UHRS app gets assigned. This is kind of a common problem.

  27. I don’t know if іt’s juѕt me oг if perhaps everyⲟne else experiencing problems with your site.

    It appears as though some of the text within your content аre running off
    the screen. Can somebody else please proѵide feedback ɑnd let me know if
    this is happening to them as well? This may be a issue with my internet browser becaᥙse I’ve had this happen before.

    1. Hey, thanks for pointing that out.
      I was tweaking the theme of the website and that’s why you would have experienced that. It should be fine now.

  28. Maritah

    If i requested my payment for September on 3rd October when am i likely to receive my datamime payment

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