Quadrant Resource: A New UHRS Contractor (with lots of Hitapps)

Last Updated on September 22, 2022

Update: Before we begin, let me inform you that Quadrant Resource has had several issues with their payments in the past. Even though there is no report of them defaulting on any payment, I would still proceed with caution.

There is no shortage of contractors available for getting UHRS work. But the only problem remains that several of them (like Oneforma, Teemwork) does not have much work available in the form of Hitapps.

So far, the best platform/contractor with the most number of Hitapps at any given time used to be Clickworker. But now, we finally have a proper competitor for it, that goes by the name of Quadrant Resource.

About Quadrant Resource 😕

Quadrant Resource is a technology company, founded in 2004 that works on Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning among many other fields.

It has recently launched a Crowdsourcing Project, through which it is offering UHRS access to people around the world.

You work on various Hitapps on the UHRS platform, and you will be credited for that work in your Quadrant Resource account.

How do I signup and start working at Quadrant Resource? 🏢

Signing up for Quadrant Resource is quick and easy.

  1. Go to their Crowd Website and click on the Signup link at the top right.
    quadrant resource UHRS signup
  2. Fill up the registration form with your details and verify your email address.
    earn with quadrant resource
  3. Now login to their dashboard, and fill in your profile data (such as hobbies, work experience, etc.). You need to fill your profile at least 70% to proceed further.
    uhrs earning crowd.quadrantresource
  4. Now you will unlock the UHRS assessment. It’s a simple assessment consisting of 15 English language questions. Even a 10-year-old can pass it in the first attempt.
  5. Now you need to create an outlook account according to their given credentials. Go to signup.live.com to create one. After creating the account, confirm it with the OTP.
  6. You will receive a mail saying that UHRS access has been granted to you. Now login to UHRS using your newly created Outlook Account and begin working.

    Another great thing about Quadrant Resource is that they instantly grant you access to UHRS (just like Datamime), so you can begin earning right away.

How much can I earn from QR and how will I get paid? 💸

Your earnings on QR depend on the work you do on UHRS. One great thing about Quadrant Resource (as of now) is that it has lots of Hitapps to work on (sometimes even more than Clickworker).

Having a lot of work available means that you can actually earn a full-time income (if you dedicate enough time to it).

You can earn between 5$/hour to 20$/hour from it depending on your country and the Hitapps available to you.

Your earnings of UHRS will be paid by Quadrant Resource to you at the end of the month. There are two payment methods available to you (which depend on your country), ie, Paypal and Bank Transfer (or UPI transfer).

Workers from the US need to opt for Paypal and need to submit a W9 document for tax purposes.

Quadrant Resource Payment Proof

Quadrant Resource has only recently started offering UHRS work and looks like a very similar implementation to Datamime.

There are no Paypal payment proofs by Quadrant Resource available for now, but it is a legit company for sure.

Besides, all the companies that have partnered with UHRS never default on payments. So you can be assured that you will definitely be paid.

Do share your Paypal payment proof with us so that we can upload it on our site.

Here is the Bank Transfer Payment Proof for Quadrant Resource:

quadrant resource payment proof uhrs
Quadrant Resources Payment Proof (Bank Transfer)

I hope that you have resolved any doubts you had regarding the legitimacy of Quadrant Resources.

The Payment Issues Faced by QR (An update)

Over the course of last year, there have been several reports on various forums about Quadrant Resource not paying it’s workers on time. 

Infact, one of their payments was delayed by 60 days.

There haven’t been any such complaints in the recent days, due to which I think they have since figured out their payment process.

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139 thoughts on “Quadrant Resource: A New UHRS Contractor (with lots of Hitapps)”

  1. Is there proof of payment for this platform? What is the minimum to get paid?

    1. There is no payment proof yet, but I will upload as soon as I get one.
      They haven’t mentioned any minimum amount to get paid.

      1. Rashad

        I earned 40 dollars last week (21/3 to 27/3) through uhrs but the amount is still not visible on the quadrant resources dashboard. Is this normal..?

        1. Has the amount disappeared from your “My Reports” section in UHRS?
          If not, then the amount has not been transferred yet.

          1. I am experiencing the same thing, its been 9 days but my earnings won’t show up in quadrant dashboard. How would i know that ill get paid? This is making me anxious, please let me know. Thank you so much!

          2. Quadrant Resource pays according to a monthly cycle, so it will collect all your payments for this month and pay you by the end of next month. You can contact their support for more clarification regarding this.

        2. Tabish

          Amounts you earn dont show in quadrant it only shows in uhrs and gets transferred to bank accounts after 1 month

        3. I haven’t received my October 2021 payment for crowd quadrant resource. I’ve been trying to reach them on their email but they’re not responding.

  2. Theo

    No hitapps on my account. Does it happened to everyone?

    1. Hi Theo,
      It is a very rare occurence but a few people om reddit reported similar issues. I don’t know how to solve this but I suggest you contact their support regarding the same.

  3. George

    The arrival of Quadrant Resources is great news. I’ll love to have a peek, if it’s possible. I understand Lionbridge UHRS is also busy with Hitapps, with good-paying ones in recent days.I guess they’re competing too with Clickworker. Some new Hitapps even appear to show up there sometimes before they do on Clickworker.

    1. Thanks for this update George.
      I have added Lionbridge in the list of UHRS contractors. I have never tried it personally though.

  4. Samrat

    Hello everyone ,
    I have been working on Uhrs via Quadrant Resources past 5 months & can tell you that there is plenty of work and having been earning 10k min every month

    1. Thanks for that. Can you share any of your payment proofs with us so we can post it here?

  5. Prayag Raj Shivhare

    I have also created an account on quadrant resource and also get approved for UHRS but whenever I login on uhrs throught quadrant resource, I always got disappointed with a blank screen saying 0 Hitapps available. I also reported this to Quadrant Resource with a screenshot of my UHRS marketplace screenshot but even after a week I didn’t get a reply from them.

    1. That seems weird. Try creating a new account and see if the problem persists.

      1. Prayag Raj Shivhare

        Problem solved, I wrote my problem to their support and they solved this issue and now I am able to work on UHRS throught Quadrant resource but still it is not like it has ton of hitapps available.

        1. Great. QR has a lot of Hitapps for most people, don’t know why it isn’t the case with you.

    2. Anurag verma

      Change your language setting to English as primary language

  6. camila


    Regarding payment on Quadrant Resource, I’m not in the US, but can I use my american bank account to receive payment? Or should I use the bank account from the country I’m at?

    1. Hi Camila,
      I would advise you to use the bank account of the country you’re at. Not all countries have the bank transfer option.

      If you are getting paid through Paypal then you can send the money to any bank account you wish. Just add that bank as your primary bank in Paypal.

      1. Camila

        Thank you for the reply! They didn’t give me the choice to use Paypal cause I’m not in the US. The only option they gave me was a bank account, but I didn’t know which one I should put it down. I’m having a hard time for them to answer me regarding this subject.

        1. I think you should avoid using the American Bank account, and use the other one instead.
          This is because only the American People have the option for Paypal. So that might be a problem.

  7. Rie

    When does a quadrant usually pay out?

      1. Rie

        So my earning from April will be payout in end of May?

  8. Chidiebere Nnamani

    will they implement payoneer?

  9. It was specially registered at a forum to tell to you thanks for the help in this question.

    1. You are welcome bro. And thanks for the comment, they keep me going.

  10. Eddden Cabanganan

    Hello, do I have to record my report on quadrantresource website, so I can be paid? Or is it automatically be recorded?

  11. can anyone tell me can i use same bank account details for payment in quadrant resource?

        1. why are you creating multiple IDs? This is against their terms and will get you banned. I thought you were referring to multiple contractors.

          1. no actually i got blocked in multiple hitapps. so they why asking to create a id and want to give same bank details

          2. This won’t work. You can get caught anytime and will lose your UHRS earnings, no matter which bank account you use.
            There are new Hitapps every 2-3 weeks, and even the ones you got blocked from can re-instate your access once they change the guidelines.
            Besides, what makes you think you won’t get blocked again from these Hitapps in your new account?

  12. can anyone tell me can i use same bank account details for payment in quadrant resource in multiple IDs?

  13. Rahul

    I Started working from 15 th of this month May 15 2021…. Probably when I may get my payment of UHRS

    1. I would say by 20th June. QR is having some issues with payments and hence take a lot of time to process them.

    2. hohocham

      Did you receive your payments for the month of May?
      With my case, I started working on April 15th, haven’t receive any payments until now. Mail them, nothing new, no updates.

      1. They have been really slow with payments, contact their support ([email protected]) and be in touch with them. You will eventually get paid don’t worry.

  14. Emmy

    “We apologize for the delay in processing your payment. Unfortunately, our integration with PayPal is still pending and taking longer than expected. We are working on PayPal integration, once issue resolved we can finish processing your payments; this will not be an issue in the future once its resolved. We will inform you with updates as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.”

    This is what is displaying on my dashboard. I’m I the only one having this problem or we are many?
    I’m worried that my hard work on crowd source would be in vain!

    1. Don’t worry, Emmy. A lot of people are having the same problem with QR. They are manually sending everyone’s payment one by one. Some of the people have also been asked to update their payment information. Log in and see if you need to do that in the meanwhile.

  15. George

    I’m unable to get a verification mail when i register, have tried with multiple ID’s. nothing in spam either. Any ideas on what might be happening ?

    1. Is this problem happening when you try to verify your Outlook ID with the OTP? I have noticed several people facing the same issue. You can try waiting or creating a new account from another ID.

  16. I still haven’t received payment and I emailed them but they blocked my email

    1. They are having a tonne of problems with their payments, but people are getting paid even if late.
      Wait for a bit. And have you updated your bank details in the payment profile, they have asked for some new details recently.

        1. For Paypal, the fees is like 3%-10% of the transaction depending on country.
          For Payoneer, it is much less.

          1. I see only two payment options which are check and wire transfer

          2. Does your country (Nigeria) have Paypal? If not, then you would need to select wire transfer or check as payment method

  17. Suhas

    Im trying to verify my outlook account but im not getting the OTP mail from Quadrant Resource. Is it normal?

    1. yes, several people have reported this issue. I suggest you wait for a day, and also check your Junk email folder in outlook.

      1. Emmy

        do I have to work for at least $10 so that my payment can be processed of QR pays any amount one has worked for even if its One Dollar?

  18. Emmy

    do I have to work for at least $10 so that my payment can be processed of QR pays any amount one has worked for even if its One Dollar?

  19. Subhajit Paul

    there is always a pop up showing “your account qr_cr_******@outlook.com is expired. Please contact your vendor manager to get it renewed”. How to fixed it?

  20. Stephan

    So far not a good experience at all. Last month I got paid on the 14th for May and this month nothing has hit my PayPal account. The worst thing they did not reply to any of my emails. First was sent on th 29th of June… so this is time wasting!

    1. I agree. They have been really careless with their payments. However, they do end up paying even with a 30-45 day delay.

  21. Divine Divine

    I didnot get any payment month of june . Its almost half of month gone… when will get payment. I did email them several times didnot get any single reply

    1. Wait for a little, and ask the folks at reddit.com/r/beermoneyindia if they got their payments

  22. Divine Divine

    I didnot get any payment month of june . Its almost half of month gone… when will get payment. I did email them several times didnot get any single reply from their end. What to do now

    1. QR is very slow with payments, but I see a pattern where they are regularly late with payments and end up paying 15-30 days after. Contact [email protected] (they changed their email recently). Or you can directly contact Barkha, their payment coordinator (I cannot disclose her email, but you might have gotten an email from her sometime during your tenure).

      1. Divine Divine

        but whole june month payment is due.. and now july is come to end

        1. The situation for March/April/May has been similar. People got their payment way after they were supposed to get it. The only thing you need to make sure is that they have your correct payment details and to make sure they send it correctly. Since they are sending payments manually, I have seen several instances where they sent the payment to the wrong bank account.
          Get in touch with one of their support member, like Barkha.

          1. Pikachu

            Everyone is having their correct bank details.Getting paid with same bank info for 2 months and suddenly we are not getting paid.Is this a joke by not paying the amount?Quadrant resource is making a mockery of themselves ans nothing else.

          2. I understand your frustration. Every month I read the same discussions on Reddit (r/beermoneyindia) regarding QR delaying payments. Let’s see if they are able to fix their payment process.

  23. Gurmeet

    you said they instantly give you access to uhrs to start work. But it’s been two days and my account is not activated yet. Message displaying on dashboard waiting for admin to approve your ticket. I contacted support over email but no reply from them. Please help.

    1. Have you completed your profile and verified your information?

      1. Gurmeet

        Yes, My Profile is Complete, and uploaded PAN as well as Passbook Photo

        1. Then you don’t need to update the payment details. It might just be a bug. Though you should ask their support just to be sure.

          1. Gurmeet

            Already contacted them, no reply from their side.

          2. Contact their employee directly if you have their email address.

  24. I create my account on 27/July/2021. But i am not able to proceed further in UHRS account menu i am not able to select language i didn’t see any option( or option not showing) When i click on submit it shows select atleast one option(which i am not able to select because there is no option). I stuck here

    1. try turning off all extensions in your browser. If the issue persists, use a different browser to signup on Quadrant Resource.

  25. i started working on QR on 26th june 2021 its now a month when will my first payment be sent to my account

    1. Going by the current payment trends in QR, expect your payment by the end of August.

  26. anderson

    What different kinds of languages of hitapp do Quadrant resources provide? Are they the same as Datamine?

    1. I am not sure about that as languages of Hitapps vary from country to country. It only has English Hitapps in my country.

  27. karl

    How can I close my account in Quadrant Resources?

  28. I am new to QR . But the month has ended but my account still says 0 earnings .when domy earnings on the UHRS get reflected on my QR account i thought at the end of the month but this is not happening as of now .

    1. The earnings refresh on UHRS at the end of every week. You will get the invoice in QR after a month I guess. I am not completely sure regarding this.

  29. Kalyan

    When will i get payment of june? How many times i need to send mail those quadrent idiots?

      1. Kalyan

        Still didnot get payment of june and july?

        1. The July payments have started coming in according to posts from reddit.com/r/beermoneyindia

  30. i have received an email from QR saying my payment has been submitted by paypal on 10th for july but i checked my paypal and nothing is there . am inquiring how long does this money take to come on my paypal account

    1. Not sure about that, but the July payments have started coming in. I suggest you wait for a week.

  31. ntth250699

    I have been contacting QR by email: [email protected] about my payment issue since May, but they have not replied to me

    1. I know bro, QR hardly replies to anyone. They have accumulated a lot of bad rep in the past few months. But they do end up paying you after some time, so just make sure all your payment info is correct and up to date.

    2. I haven’t received my October 2021 payment for crowd quadrant resource. I’ve been trying to reach them on their email but they’re not responding.

      1. Quadrant Resource are usually late with their payments. But they haven’t defaulted so far. Don’t worry, and wait for 30-45 days. I will be updating the articles with this information as there have been too many reports of the same.

  32. I passed the assessment test and I created a outlook Gmail account which was provided by them and I submitted the outlook Gmail account and I am not getting OTP from the site.
    What should I do ?
    Not getting OTP.

    1. There is no such thing as an Outlook Gmail account. It is either an outlook account or a gmail account.
      Try checking the spam folder of your Outlook account. If you do not find it there as well, then try creating a new account.

  33. Huzaifa nabeel

    I want to update my Ifsc code but Quadrant is not updating it whenever i try to update my Ifsc code i get message pan card already exist.
    I have written mail to them but no reply

    1. Are you sure you haven’t used that pan number on any other account on QR, which is against the terms, btw.

  34. Huzaiba nabeel I also have same this issue..says pan card already exists. But my profile shown 100% completed..anyone tell us this issue..

    1. This issue has also been confirmed by several people I know personally. This is probably an error on QR’s part, and only they can solve it. Only if their support was good enough to reply.

  35. Sayani Banerjee

    Hi, how much time it takes to approve Quadrant resource account. As I have created my account one n half months ago still it’s pending from the Admin.

    1. If you are talking about approval of your documents, don’t worry. You won’t face any payment issues due to this. They are updating their platform and verification might be required in the future.

  36. Ajibare

    I registered my account some days ago and I followed the necessary procedures. Under the UHRS section, an Outlook username was generated for me which I eventually used create the live id. Since then, I have been trying to validate my account but all to no avail. I haven’t seen any OTP yet and I have clicked on resend verification code several times

    1. This happens quite a lot in QR. And unfortunately there’s no solution to this. I believe you have already checked your spam folder.
      Only thing you can do is contact their support, or create a new account if possible.

  37. akimu

    does quadrant resource pay in PayPal for people not in USA and Europe

    1. Yes, for every country except India and Brazil, it pays via Paypal.

  38. akimu

    does PayPal payments and bank wire payments of quadrant resource processed on the same day

  39. bristol

    what happens if you don’t reach the minimum payout in QR? Are your payments carried on to the next month?

    1. Yup. They will be cleared next month if you reach the minimum payout.

  40. Omid

    Qr not paid paypal for august month yet

    1. It will pay, don’t worry. Payments come around by the 20th of the next month.

      1. atim joseph

        payments were delivered on 15th sept for august 2022

  41. atim joseph

    i have been receiving payments from quadrant but for last month my payment details had not been updated so i didnot receive the payment . so can the payment be cared forward to the next payment cycle or be added to the payment of next month?

    1. Yes, it will be carried forward, don’t worry. But I guess you already got paid, judging by your other comment.

      1. atim joseph

        not yet but my friend was paid

  42. Kavi

    Can people above the age of 40 work on this platform? I am 42 years old and my account hasn’t been approved since long time now.

    1. Sure Kavi, anyone above 18 can work on this platform. There is no upper limit.

  43. Nikhil

    I’ve created a Quadrant account and followed all the steps (including the outlook account creation). The account was successfully created but the dashboard says ‘All done… Please wait Admin to Approve your request’. When I try to sign into the UHRS account with the provided credentials it says the Judge does not exist. This has been happening for hours. Can someone please suggest a solution?

    1. I think they have changed the process from auto approval to Admin-assisted approval. Try waiting for a few days, or contact their support.

  44. pratik

    You say that qudrant resourse gives us Instant access but now it’s 1 day left my ID doesn’t aproved by ADMIN
    for UHRS.

    1. This happens with some people as they are unable to receive the confirmation email.
      Wait for a day or two, and if you don’t get access, then apply again.

  45. Mohammad Hamza

    plz tell me.. My bank account details has been changed, would i be able to update it easily or is it something to worry about..?

    1. You can update them easily through the payment details section in QR. Make sure you send an email to their support notifying them of this change as well.

  46. atim joseph

    as if there are changes in the system of quadrant
    does changing from bank wires to paypal in payment details take long to be approved now days?

    1. There payment system does take a lot to get updated/approved. If it’s not broken, I suggest you don’t try to fix it.

  47. Princess

    It’s almost a week now and my account for access to UHRS is yet to be approved please what is the cause of this

    1. Quadrant Resource is going downhill. I would advise you to skip them and go to clickworker instead. QR is also defaulting on their payments.


    Has QR shut down from UHRS the entire platform is empty since friday eveening

    1. They might as well shut down. They are again defaulting on their payments, and not replying to support enquiries. You should probably switch to other contractors.

  49. Amr

    In the list of languages, can I add another language that is not included in the list, such as Arabic?

    1. Yes, sure you can add another language. I don’t think that would do any harm.

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