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Last Updated on October 24, 2021

I realized that it has been a long time since I posted any payment proofs on this site. So I decided to post some recent payment proofs as a motivation for all you guys hustling out there.

My earnings have dropped to an all time low in the past month, from averaging 300-400$ monthly to just over 50$ now. Some of it is due to much less work available on my regular platforms (as they have experienced a high influx of workers in the pandemic). Some of it is to be blamed on my dwindling motivation and energy.

I find that my energy to work online comes in waves, and the past month has been somewhat of a trough. But I did receive several payments, even after working for the least amount possible. I would not have worked for more than 15-30 minutes a day. The fact that I was able to earn even with such minimal effort, might be an eye-opener for anyone who is considering trying out new sites.

Here are some of my latest payment proofs:

Appen Payment Proof

Payment from Appen is laughable (When you factor in the 3$ fees by Payoneer). I did not work at all here, and the payment was for a data collection task I did back in May.

Appen Payment Proof

Clickworker Payment Proof

Clickworker UHRS earnings have dropped considerably in recent times. They say that they have received over half a million new registrations since the pandemic started, and it definitely shows. The pay rate for Hitapps has decreased considerably, and the hits disappear much faster now.

Clickworker Payment Proof

Robson (GlobalMe) Payment Proof

This one was a surprise. I did this one-time voice recording task on this app, even though I had no expectation of a payment from them. They asked me to re-record my phrases over 3 times, but ended up paying in the end. It was the easiest 12$ I ever made (apart from Usertesting).

A fun fact is that you can do it multiple times using different devices in your household (wink, wink). For Indians, there is only one task available that pays 12$, but there is more work for people from other countries.

Update: Robson app has been dry for quite a months now. Let’s see if they pick up some work in the future.

Robson Payment Proof

Testable Minds Payment Proof

This is one of my new favorite beer money sites. The tests are much more interesting than the penny-paying surveys that you do otherwise, and pay a lot better as well.

The only limiting thing is their 50$ monthly withdrawal limit, but even with that, it’s a great way to earn some beer money.

Testable Minds Payment Proof

Usertesting Payment Proof

Obviously, there are much more 10$ payment proofs from usertesting that I have, but there’s no point in uploading duplicate images. I still managed to earn around 50$ from Usertesting this month. It has been a very stable and easy earning method for me so far.

Usertesting Payment Proofs

So this was all the sites that paid me this month. The main focus is that I hardly worked online at all. My energy and motivation seem to be riding in waves through this pandemic, and the past month was kind of a trough.

I was one of those foolish people that believed that the virus would go away by June-July and life would be back to normal. And when things don’t happen according to my plan, I happen to get really lethargic and gloomy with my outlook.

But now I am back up, with a new plan, and have signed up on lots of new websites. There is going to be a lot more variety in the kind of work I would be doing online in the upcoming months (which is something that keeps it interesting). Hopefully, you will be seeing much bigger payment proofs in the near future.

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