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Dscout – Get paid to participate in studies from your smartphone

Earning Potential

Dscout is a pretty interesting way to earn money online. Think of it as Usertesting on steroids. But the earning potential is limited by the amount of studies available.

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Payment Methods

Dscout is a great earning platform for mobile users. It’s an app that you can download on iOS or Android or use it through the website on your desktop. It allows you to earn a fairly sustainable amount of money. This app is task-based earning, so each task can be different and have varying pay rates. 

Dscout is a reputable company that has legitimate paying jobs, they have even worked with various big brands such as Nike, Wrigley, etc. so you can be assured that you’ll get your payments on time.

How do I sign up for Dscout?

The sign-up process to make an account is extremely easy, even a child could do it. On the homepage when you sign up you are shown 2 options:

Dscout Signup Guide

You want to click the “become a scout” option to be eligible to partake in the missions.

After that, you enter your basic information such as name, country, etc and you are all set to explore the missions.

Dscout signup form. earn money from dscout
Dscout signup form

That’s pretty much it for the sign-up.

One thing to note however is this sign up simply makes you eligible to apply in the missions, most missions will require a separate aptitude test to deem if you are a good match for their task.

How do I get paid by Dscout?

There is absolutely no fret regarding the payment for Dscout. They only allow for one method of payment, which is Paypal. There is no withdrawal limit on PayPal either. So you could do one study and get paid out instantly.

The pay is one great benefit of this app. Most companies offer ridiculously low amounts for your opinion while the average pay of missions on this app goes from $30 lowest to more than $100 for some. So, although it can start as a way of passive income, it could eventually be a full-time job.

Most people have even made videos showing their payment proof from dscout:

Dscout Payment Proof Video
Dscout Payment Proof Video
Dscout Payment Proof Video
Another Dscout Payment Proof Video

What kind of work will I do on Dscout?

The types of tasks that you get on Dscout vary widely depending on the company you’re applying for, however, they generally fall into 2 categories:

  1. Diary missions
  2. Live missions

Diary missions are as simple as any other microtask, you may be asked to record or capture your daily moments or give your opinion about a certain product. Usually, they can be completed within a few minutes. These tasks are on the low paying end on the spectrum.

To elevate the price a bit, you can opt for continuous missions. This is still a diary mission but it is repeated over a couple of days or is divided into a couple of parts. These are higher paying and can go for upwards of $100 for your time.

A typical Dscout study
A typical Dscout study
Another Dscout Study
Another Dscout Study

Some examples of these surveys are shown above.

The second and most rewarding type of missions is Live missions. These will sometimes have a survey to fill out, but more importantly, it will require a video interview hence the term live. You will give your opinions over a video call or a short video message depending on what the researcher is looking for. These can be extremely profitable for you since it’s not a lot of work and good compensation. The interviews are usually 30 minutes to an hour so it’s not taking up your entire day either.

How many opportunities are available on Dscout?

When it comes to opportunities it can get a little muddy. Although there are tons of researches you can apply for, each of them only has a limited number of participants needed for the actual study. Thus, when thousands of scouts are applying to 20 positions, it can get challenging to get the positions you want. 

The best way to get those coveted spots is to keep an eye on your emails. Often, if you fit their demographic, you will be invited for a study through email. If you act fast you can get a spot in that manner. In the end, it’s the researcher that decides if you get to take part in it or not and there are many options out there so even if you miss out on a couple, it’s not a huge deal.

To summarize, Dscout is a great option to make some extra cash at a much higher rate than other survey websites out there. An important note is that you should be comfortable with making videos and showing your face since most of the projects require photographs and videos. You should also have a verified PayPal account on hand for the payments since there is no other way for payments. So, if you have got those things covered you are well on your way to make some decent cash sharing your opinion.

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