Grapedata: Earn for sharing your industry insights (Surveys & Conversations)

More and more companies are turning to user research to improve their products, and all this gives you– the consumer, a great way to get paid for your opinion.

I have written extensively about sites like Usertesting which pay you for voicing your thoughts. But Grapedata is a bit different, it wants people in specific industries for market research and scouting. 

What is Grapedata and what work do I do there?

Grapedata is a platform that offers “unique insights” from people all around the world to businesses and organisations. Now this does sound very technical and sophisticated, but think of it like a niche market research.

Grapedata gathers data from individuals working in various industries, very similar to what Respondent does. But unlike Respondent, which only offers live conversations, Grapedata has other forms of contribution such as surveys and voice calls as well.

types of projects you can do at grapedata

Infact, different projects on Grapedata have different types of requirements and tasks, so it is quite difficult to generalise what you will be doing over there.

But it helps if you have worked as an employee in any type of industry, as most of the projects are for professionals (of various industries).

How do I sign up on Grapedata?

Signing up on Grapedata is quick and easy. They are currently available in 87 countries; and you won’t be able to sign up if you are not from one of those supported countries.

how to signup on grapedata (and what countries are available)

You need to verify your local mobile number to sign up at Grapedata, which is how they verify which country you belong to.

  1. To register on Grapedata, simply go to their signup page.
  2. Fill in your phone number, name and password. Then click on “Sign up”.
  3. You will be asked to verify your number, after which you will be taken to your dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can further fill in your profile or complete the profiling survey. The survey asks you questions regarding your industry and the company that you work in. This helps them understand what projects would be ideal for you.

Grapedata profiling survey (onboarding survey)

I suggest you fill in your profile details and the initial survey first. You will be compensated 1$ for taking the survey.

Pro Tip: You can also use Grapedata as an Android or iOS app. The platform works pretty much the same on all 3 mediums (Web, Android and iOS).

How do I start working on Grapedata?

After you have finished your onboarding survey. Check your dashboard regularly for any opportunity available to you. 

You are usually required to fill in another survey (which you are again compensated for) to participate further.

If you are selected for a live interview, then you get a good payout depending on the length of the interview.

Another way to find opportunities is through their email. They will mail you several upcoming opportunities, and make sure you go through them and see if they can be done by you.

I have found projects that pay upto 500$ for simply cold calling people and asking them some questions. It feels like doing remote marketing/sales work.

Interestingly, such cold-calling gigs are also a great way to make money from Fiverr (among several others mentioned in this article).

How much can I earn from Grapedata and how do I get paid from them?

While the projects at Grapedata pay a good amount of money, their frequency makes it more of a beer money site.

Projects pay depending on their complexity and mode (survey, phone call or video call). You can earn anywhere from a couple of dollars to a couple hundred dollars. 

Project Availability and Frequency at Grapedata

For the 3 months that I have tried it, I was only able to see one project available for me. It paid 30$ and I never got any project after that

I did get invited for 2 more projects, but they involved calling specific people from different countries.

This might be limited to my country or industry, but I generally feel it does not have a lot of work available at any point of time.

Since the work is not very frequent, you should not depend on this at all. Think of it as a beer money opportunity, at best.

The Points System at Grapedata

Grapedata operates on a “point-based” system; which basically means that you are awarded points for your participation in the projects. This seems very pointless as 1 point = 1$

The minimum requirement to cash out is 30 points, or 30$. 

This does seem pretty high, but they mention in their FAQs that you can mail [email protected] and ask them to cash out a lower amount.

Grapedata v/s Respondent (a similar site)

The work you do at Grapedata is pretty similar to what Respondent offers. Both want employed professionals giving insights and opinions about their industry.

But while Respondent mostly offers these opportunities to people working in the IT/Software industry, Grapedata has a much wider range of projects. 

While projects in Respondent were usually regarding software developers and marketers, I have seen Grapedata offer projects for Real Estate Brokers, Car Salesmen and even Farmers. 

So Grapedata is much more suitable to a wide range of industry professionals, which makes it worth a shot.

Grapedata Payment Proof

Here is the payment I got from Grapedata for completing a very simple survey and a quick 5-minute chat. Unfortunately, I haven’t got any project from them since then. 

Grapedata payment proof paypal

I hope Grapedata takes its time but becomes a Dscout like platform for me. Less frequent, but well-paying projects.

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