10 Super-Easy Fiverr Gigs that require no skills (and the Free Tools you need to do them)

Last Updated on September 19, 2022

When we talk about Freelancing Jobs, the first thing that comes to mind are highly skilled and technical jobs. While that is true, we live in a gig economy where people are paying you to do anything that saves them time or effort.

While browsing through Fiverr, I discovered some ultra-easy gigs that anyone can do; no technical expertise or crazy skill required.

You can work on these gigs even if you don’t have any degree or experience, as these are very simple jobs. Ideal for college students and housewives looking to earn some extra money online.

These gigs are not exclusive to Fiverr, even. You can find similar gigs on almost all freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, etc. 

But you need to create a professional and modern profile to stand out from the crowd. 

And even though you won’t require any tedious technical skill or software, you should be able to use basic online tools and office software.

I will also be listing free tools that can help you perform that gig easily and quickly. Let’s begin with this super-easy list:

Become a Beta Reader

See Example Gigs

Tools Needed: Google Docs (for typing report/highlighting sections/adding comments)

Beta Reading can be your favourite way to earn money if you like reading. Various authors around the world want people to give them honest feedback on their work, and maybe suggest changes or improvements.

As a Beta Reader, you will be reading and reviewing their written work…be it an essay or a book and suggesting improvements. Don’t confuse it with an editor, it’s just your opinion that the authors want.

To niche down and decrease your competition, you can become a “speciality beta reader”, by specialising in a theme such as Sci-fi, horror, fantasy, etc. Or become a “sensitivity reader”, a term I came across while writing this piece. They check your text for internalised racism, fatphobia, etc. 

They can help you keep your writing “woke” and make sure you don’t offend anyone, which is a big problem nowadays. 

The key here is…the more attractive/specialised your offering looks, the better your chances.

Beta readers charge anywhere from 10$ for short stories to 300$ for full-size novels. This is just a general average, and obviously this will vary with your credentials and experience.

Convert File Formats or Edit Ebooks

See Example Gigs

Tools Needed: Online File Format Converter (All-in-one)

This one is a no-brainer, and I am surprised that people pay for getting these menial tasks done. The thing we should understand is that there are a lot of professionals who weren’t born with computers like us, and they have a hard-time converting files, scanning documents to PDF, importing data into excel, etc.

So there are a lot of gigs where people offer to convert their files (mostly PDF & MS Office Files). You can also specialise in this by learning how to import CAD drawings/sketches or handling different multimedia formats (vectors, audio-video, etc.).

People are charging 5$-20$ for converting upto 20 files. Super easy earning for doing basically nothing.

Create Youtube Intro/Outro

See Example Gigs

Tools Needed: Watermark-free Youtube Intro Maker

Creating Youtube Intros can be daunting for a lot of people. And with more and more people trying out Content Creation, there’s a huge demand for this. 

Creating an Intro/Outer is not a difficult task, especially with the free tool I linked above. It has a lot of templates and you just need to add the relevant text/images to it.

To separate yourself from the crowd, you can provide Intros through After Effects Templates, which add a high level of professionalism to your video. You should also offer the videos in 4k to charge higher.

Most Gigs on Fiverr charge 25-50$ for creating a youtube intro. It would hardly take you 5-10 minutes to create one, as the templates do all the hard work.

Youtube Channel Review/Consultation

See Example Gigs

Tools Needed: BandiCam (To record your screen if needed)

This is another new opportunity thanks to the rise in content creators. Think of it as Beta Reading for Youtube Channel. 

You need to go through their content, suggest improvements to their channel and videos, do some keyword research for them and things like that. It helps if you know Youtube SEO a bit. 

Go through the gigs to understand what is on offer. 

Most of the consultants charge 50$ per consultation, but you can charge more if you have the credentials for it. Like if you have a successful Youtube Channel or something.

International Shipping or Travel Consultation

See Example Gigs

Tools Needed: Google Maps

There are two types of gigs at work here. Both benefit if you live in a famous tourist destination (even mildly famous will do).

International Shipping Gigs are where you offer to ship them anything from your country to them. If people want to order something that is only available in another country,you help mediate the shipment from your end. They charge 5-10$ over the shipment charges and call it a deal.

Travel Consultation is something you can provide to your clients looking to travel in your country. You can plan an itinerary for them, provide guidance and advisory for travel, and even arrange some experiences for them. They are super easy to plan (just a few google searches required) and save your client a lot of time. Charges go from 5-10$ to 50$ for planning a vacation

There is a booming remote travel agent industry if you would like to partake in it full-time.

Social Media Post/Banner Design

See Example Gigs

Tools Needed: Canva (Easily create designs by editing templates)

Social Media Marketing is a quickly growing industry that has no barrier to entry. You just need some basic know-how of social media apps. 

Everybody wants to grow their followers, and for that they need a constant supply of content.

You fill that gap by providing them professional and high-quality designs (obviously by editing templates on Canva).

People charge as much as 10$ for a single post, but the average is around 50$ for 10-15 posts, or 300$ to manage the whole account.

It also takes very less time once you get used to the process.

Canva even allows you to directly post on social media channels as well. It is a must-have if you want to do anything related to social media management.

Photo Retouching/Background Removal or Providing Zoom Backgrounds

See Example Gigs (Photo Retouching)

See Example Gigs (Zoom Backgrounds)

Tools Needed: Makeup.Photo (For photo retouching), Cleanup.pictures (For background removal), Pexels (for Zoom/Teams/Google Meet Backgrounds)

These gigs are hilarious. I wouldn’t ever have guessed that there are people paying to get their photos retouched or backgrounds removed in today’s day and age. There are dozens of free tools you can use to do them

But I guess some people really value their time a lot, or simply think that you need Photoshop skills to pull them off. Charges are 5-10$ per photo, depending on the edits required.

Another great gig is providing backgrounds for zoom calls. With more and more video calling, some people like to switch their background or have a professional looking background on their video call. You can download such backgrounds for free (copyright-free) on pexels and sell them to your clients. Remember, they are paying for the curation.

Usability Testing of Apps/Website/Software 

See Example Gigs

Tools Needed: BandiCam (to record screen and dictate the user experience)

Usability Testing is the process of using a website/app normally and vocally describing your thoughts and doubts. This is immensely helpful to the UX/UI designers of a product. It helps them make the product more user-friendly.

There are several well-known platforms such as Usertesting (and more) that provide such services professionally. But for people with a smaller budget, these freelancing gigs can help.

People offer testing their product out and giving feedback on it. Charges vary from 5$-50$ for simple tests, while professionals charge upwards of 150$ per consultation.

Just record yourself using the product according to the scenario described by the client, and get paid for it.

Create Logos for Businesses/Brands/Websites 

See Example Gigs

Tools Needed: DesignEvo (a free logo maker with lots of templates)

Logo Designing is an insanely simple task, but people might find it to be complicated. They would rather hire someone to create a professional logo for their business, brand or website as it’s very important for the brand image.

So people pay anywhere from 5$-300$ to freelancers for designing a professional logo for their brand.

But how will you do it? Check out DesignEvo, which is a free logo maker with over 10,000+ professionally designed templates. You just edit any template and download the logo file. Simple as that!

It’s super quick and easy. One of the best gigs in terms of the time required to finish the task.

Impersonations and Voice-Over Recordings

See Example Gigs

Tools Needed: Voicemod (to fine-tune your voice-over/impersonation)

A totally fun type of gig. If you are good at doing impersonations of celebrities/famous characters, then this can be a great job for you. 

People want these impersonations and voice-overs for all sorts of things. From something like a personalised birthday wish to using it in an advertisement or video.

You should charge less if you don’t have any professional equipment, and are just recording it out of a webcam or smartphone. Charges range from 10$-50$ for beginners while professionals charge over 300$ for voice-overs.

Calling (Follow-up Calls, Sales and Cold Calling)

See Example Gigs

Tools Needed: Google Sheets (to create a report of the calls made)

This is basically a cold-calling type of gig, where you take the load of people by taking over their follow-up calls, recruitment calls, customer service or telemarketing calls.

Though this is somewhat of a professional gig, you won’t require any technical skills for it.

Charges range from 10$ (1-15 calls) to 60$ (upto 100 calls) on average, but professionals can charge more as usual.

Calling gigs are easier if you have sales or customer service experience. For making international calls, you can use Telio or Skype.

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