List of Remote Working Sites in 2024 (arranged by job types)

Last Updated on September 12, 2023

Here are some of the different types of jobs that I discovered can be done online. They are fully remote jobs, and people can earn a decent monthly income if they can get in.

I am myself experimenting with some of these sites, and will soon share some tips that can help you crack them.

It’s hard, but the rewards are a banger.

Remote content writing jobs 📝

Are you a writing aficionado? Did you know that you can make money by writing from the comfort of your home?

As easy as this sounds, you can pick up writing jobs of your choice; whether that is freelance or full-time, and work from your home, a cafe nearby, or anywhere you like.

If you would rather edit and proofread articles for money, check out my list of the best proofreading jobs/platforms.

What is the compensation for online writing jobs?

When we speak of remote content writing jobs, you can split the pay scale into two:

  1. Freelance content writers – according to several online sources, as a freelance writer you can expect a median pay of 2-10 cents per word. That means a 1000 word article will get you an average of 50$.
  2. Full-time content writers, on the other hand, have a decent pay of 1000-3000$/month and grow as you accumulate experience under your resume.

Where are the high paying remote writing positions?

  1. ProBlogger
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Be A Freelance Blogger – You can find remote writing gigs from business owners and entrepreneurs searching for writers like you.
  4. People Per Hour – build a writer’s profile, mention your rate and reach out to clients looking to build their business. 

Remote Teaching jobs 👩‍🏫

You were helping your friend out the night before the exams. Now with today’s technological advancements, take your teaching online. With very few requirements, become a remote tutor and teach the subjects you have mastery over.

What you need

A video streaming device like a laptop or mobile device is necessary (you would want to have one-on-one interaction, don’t you?). 

Building your e-learning website is another option. From creating courses to assignments to quizzes, you can do everything that you would do in a real classroom. Moodle is a good option to start with.

How much can you earn as a remote teacher?

There is no fixed package for a remote teacher as it highly depends on what you teach. For instance, thermodynamics and molecular biology teachers are hard to find and get better pay whereas a fitness instructor or an English teacher is not that hard to find online.

Usually, clients expect an hourly rate just like for freelance gigs. Entry-level teachers can expect anywhere 8-30$/hour.

If you have a solid background, an outstanding portfolio of reviews and accolades, 20$-30$/hour is guaranteed.

When you speak of remote tutor jobs, the chances of getting legitimate and authentic clients depend on how you sell yourself.

When you create your profile on any platform or make a cold pitch, show what value you provide to them and how you can help them out.

Where can you find a remote tutor job?


Superprof is simple. By reducing all the guesswork in between, you only have to create an attractive ad about your teaching skills. When viewers find it appealing, they will contact you and now you have a student.

  1. r/tutor is a subreddit for online tutors like you. 

Remote marketing/product Jobs 💹

The craze over digital marketing keeps spiking up and now is the time to put your foot on the pedal to start a new career.

Marketing products or services from your home has never been easier, more comfortable, and rewarding all at the same time.

From highly flexible work hours to a balance between work and life, you don’t want to turn down a remote marketing opportunity and lose these amazing benefits, do you?

How much can a remote marketer earn?

Definitely better than you think. To back up my claim, I brought Payscale and they state that Digital marketing specialists earn a median pay of 48000$/year. Once you get experienced, you can switch to the role of a marketing manager where you can expect a much higher salary.

The salary and career hierarchy depend on the tools you master in your marketing career. The following tools are highly sought after by recruiters and you should get your hands on them.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. MailChimp
  3. HubSpot
  4. BuzzSumo

Best spots to find remote marketing jobs

Even though there isn’t a top-notch marketing-specific website online, most of the popular job portals have numerous job opportunities.

Here are some resources and job sites where you should be actively applying for remote marketing roles:

  1. We Work Remotely
  2. Jobspresso
  3. Jimmy Daily – this is an online community of content marketers and a highly beneficial resource for every entry-level marketing aspirant.

You can also search for various marketing related gigs on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and many similar sites.

Search for terms like “SEO Specialist”, “Growth Marketer”, “Social Media Marketer” and “Digital Marketing”.

Remote Sales/Biz Dev Jobs 💼

Sales can be tough especially when you work in a company that pushes to show results every time. We have an alternative to this; skip this hasty lifestyle and go remote.

Some people call this “inside sales” where you contact people by calling them or sending an email in the hopes of converting them into customers. Inside sales, on a positive note, is growing 15 times faster than conventional selling.

Working from home in a sales job is highly beneficial. You get to interact with your clients through social media, arrange meetings through calls instantly, and build comradery with your sales team.

How much do you get as a remote sales representative?

Payscale puts the price for an entry-level sales representative at 24,000$ per annum. You have the option to become the marketing manager or a sales executive depending on the experience you get in the industry.

The higher the position, the better the package. This is absolutely true in the sales department and your targets are small startups that strive to show output to their investors. Senior management positions with experience level at over 10 years can expect over 60,000$ per annum.

Where can you find sales job posts?

  1. NoDesk

Remote sales are one section under many remote job roles that this website offers. When you sign up and set your preferences, you get remote jobs mailed straight to you.

  1. RemoteOk
  2. r/RemoteWork is a subreddit you should join to get remote sales job opportunities.

Remote Customer Service Jobs 🙉

Everyone loves a person who is there to help customers out with their queries and build good relationships.

Companies now hire customer service personnel to work from home. You can be that person too and all you need is a laptop or a mobile device to help customers out.

What is the pay scale for a customer service assistant?

Customer service can be split into two sections:

  1. Technical support, where you offer support to customers that deals with technical aspects of a product. This requires you to have impeccable technical knowledge. Tech support is not cheap and you can earn anywhere between $35 to $70 per hour on freelancing platforms.
  2. Non-technical customer service is more common and has a widespread demographic. You can expect to catch clients anywhere from the world as long as you have flawless communication skills. The pay scale lies at 10-30$/hour when you work full time.

Where can I find these remote jobs?

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Amazon – Amazon has its own remote customer service team operating from all over the country.
  4. Waw Asia – a job portal specifically designed for Asian candidates, providing jobs within the Asian time zone.

Niche Remote Jobs 🤩

Apart from all the other categories, you can find other remote roles to play as well. Are you a website tester, a photographer, or a transcriptionist who loves to work from home? We have got great remote gigs for you as well.

Transcription job portals

  2. CastingWords
  3. Transcription Hub

Transcription jobs are the easiest, with very little to worry about. You can sign up and become a member of any of these three job platforms. You will find flexible transcription gigs and work at your own pace.

Signing up to these websites is free and you get paid for the work through PayPal, Payoneer, or bank transfer.

Pay scale

Your compensation depends highly on the projects you finish and the platforms decide the charge for every project.

In Rev, the pay is between $0.30 to $1.10 per minute of the clip. If you are involved in translation, you can expect a little more close to $3 per minute. 

Website Testing job portals

  1. UTest
  2. TestIO
  3. Testlio
  4. Tester Work
  5. UserTesting – You will have to download their testing software to your PC to take tests. A good quality microphone is also necessary. Check out our Usertesting Guide to get started.

If you are a tech geek, you will love this as a side hustle. All three of these sites have the following in common:

  1. You will sign up using your email ID and will go through a preliminary assessment. 
  2. Once you clear the assessment, you will get a verification mail and can get started to test websites and their bugs.
  3. You get paid through PayPal on a weekly or monthly basis.

Pay scale

The tests you take can be simple and pay as little as $5 per test. Some tests on the other hand might take almost an hour to complete but can pay you at least $80. UserTesting pays $10 per test consistently but in order to get a shot at bigger money, you have to qualify for their 30$ or 60$ Conversations (30-min and 60-min long respectively).

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