Remote Jobs (Full-time)

Full-time Remote Jobs – One step closer to the Digital Nomad dream

So far every site I posted here is good enough to get you started with earning money online. But they can only provide a part-time income in a reliable manner (400-500$ per month).

Sure, some people have been able to earn a hefty amount from them monthly (1000$+), but that requires an extreme amount of grit and determination. The idea behind a full-time remote job is something that can provide you a guaranteed full-time income.

What are the benefits of working remotely?

How cool would it be if you can work on a full-time remote job. All your work is done online, and more and more companies are hiring remote workers (on a contract basis, and sometimes as an employee) to get work done in a more flexible (and way more economical) fashion. 

By hiring remote workers, companies save a tonne of money in office, equipment and maintainence costs. Most workers who work online have their own equipment. If the company hires you on a contract basis, then it even saves the employee perks and securities it provides you (in the form of health insurance, bonuses, paid leaves, etc).

benefits of remote working

But even with all those price cuts, you can still make a much more handsome account by working online, then you would probably make by working full-time in your country (Especially if you belong to anyplace other than the US or the UK). 

I personally belong to India, and the average income of a fresher graduate here is 3 lakh rupees per annum. That’s around 4000$ in a full year. By working remotely for companies you can make 4000$ in just a month (if you get a full-time position as an employee). Even as a freelancer you can churn out 1000-2000$ a month depending on your skill and portfolio.

Remote working not only increases your earnings but can also cut down your living costs. You can live at a much cheaper price in a 2nd tier or 3rd tier city. Your daily travel costs reduce. Infact, you can actually upgrade your lifestyle and travel more by working out such an arrangement.

There is a whole community out there that pick out cheap places to live and work at the lowest costs around the world. They identify themselves as Digital Nomads. It’s a whole different lifestyle that I believe is the go-to choice for the future generation. Or you can go the traditional way. Live at your home and save on rent costs, grocery costs, and save money. It’s your moolah, do whatever the hell you want!

But why don’t you see ideas to work remotely plastered all over the internet. If it’s such a good thing, then why isn’t everyone doing it? 

Simple. Because it is not easy. There is a lot of effort you need to do initially and there is no step-by-step guide you can follow to start working remotely.

starting with remote job search

This is because the work opportunities are scattered and need some polishing of your portfolio, resume, cover letter, etc. I admit, it’s kind of a daunting task to apply for different sites, create a killer resume, and develop a handsome portfolio. But once you figure that out, you can start identifying your skills and begin applying to the different opportunities available in that.

A great free site that contains an index of remote working sites is It has a list of remote sites listed segregated by categories. Start there. See if there’s some site that can utilize your skills.

Meanwhile, also check out our initial list of the different remote working sites. Let me know of any new and interesting sites you come across that can help people switch to the remote working lifestyle.

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