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Are you a fast typer? Try Transcription jobs (Transcribe audio files to text)

Last Updated on September 16, 2020

If typing speed is your key skill (more than 250 CPM) then I would suggest looking for transcription jobs.

The famous sites like, Transcriber, etc are very hard to get in for Indian locale people (mostly due to bad reviews).

So try some smaller known companies that offer such jobs on job boards. You need to contact them directly through the mail, so have a basic resume and cover letter ready. (If you don’t have that ready, skip to the end for a tip).

I worked with ASC Morningside for a brief period. You can easily pass the initial test and their work is usually corporate stuff. So it is pretty easy. (Just a bunch of uncomfortable people trying to “communicate effectively”. )

Their onboarding process took about 3 months (but that is mostly because it’s almost single-handedly being run by a very experienced woman. ) But after that, it’s pretty smooth.

You get a mail daily, download a file from their portal, and transcribe it (they will provide you a guideline according to which you will work on it. Try shooting them a mail at [email protected] and ask if they have any open positions.

Other options (Appen China Platform: new platform offering rates up to 15.75$/hour for English-Hindi Transcription)

ProZ Language Job Board (One of my contact earns 18k INR monthly working on a transcription job on this site. She’s a housewife, I guess.)

Lionbridge Transcriber Opportunity (Might not last long)

Oneforma (has a translation and transcription section: though work available depends on different locations…assuming you are an Indian living somewhere else 😉

Some similar jobs are also available on (Data Entry | Writing)

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Enough with the process, How much do they pay?

The pay for transcription jobs vary, but expect a rate of 12$ / 30-minute of audio transcription. I should emphasize the rate*, 12$ for 30 minutes of audio transcription).*

I consider myself a fast typer (hitting speeds up to 350 CPM). And it took me 2-3 hours of concentrated deep work to properly edit it with their format and acceptable standards.

So don’t expect to earn more than 20-30$ per day. With discipline, you might be able to make a good income monthly (enough that you can take care of yourself, at least). But it is best done when you actually have free time and no immediate goal to work towards. It is literally trading your brainpower for money. And this job *might* become obsolete in the future (so the demand is only going down).

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Some transcription hacks to speed you up

Use Transcribing tool. Your VLC or Windows Media Player cannot handle the audio scrubbing required for transcription. Use a free web-app known as oTranscribe. You can upload the audio file there and properly listen to the conversation (with shortcuts to seek forward, back, speed audio back up and down.) It is a must-have in my opinion.

Some professional transcribers (people who have gamified it), have set up shortcuts for even the most common words (that their specified format expects them to use) and have increased their pay-rate further.

Another option is to use an online AI transcription service (free, paid, or Pixel 4) to get a brief transcript (English transcriptions are almost flawless), and change it to the required format. It might require a completely different approach, but can further decrease your delivery time (if done properly).

Making a killer resume

It’s not very tough to make. Think of a cover letter like your Insta Bio, in a more legible and stretched fashion.

And for resume, try Canva’s Graphic Resumes, they have several presets. They are free to make (without any watermark), and are super-easy to make. Just upload your photo, add basic details like your school and college experience (and overall percentage), add some buzz keywords that you can claim as having knowledge about (no matter theory or practical).

You can then save it as a pdf and use it as your resume. I personally have a color print-out of my resume as well, it’s just that much better than your half-assed, black and white resume.

A graphic resume stands out in the stack of resumes at a corporate office (whether in hardcopy or softcopy). And the benefits of having your photo adds a touch of genuine-ness to your resume as well.

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