Sites that Pay You for Recording Voice Phrases (Global+Legit)

Last Updated on September 19, 2022

With the advent of voice assistants by all the major tech companies, there’s fierce competition in the voice searching market. Companies want to make their product better and widely available throughout different locales, which requires voice data from all over the world!

This is where these sites come in. They pay you for recording various voice phrases (usually search data for these AI assistants). Since they require all sorts of accents, these projects are available in (almost) all the countries!

Here is a list of sites that have paid me for recording voice phrases within the past year. Payment Proofs can be found in the site guides

Mixer by Gridspace

Mixer is a project to train Voice-based AI Customer Care. It’s a very interesting initiative that can make voice assistants much more useful; check out the concept video on their site/youtube to understand what they are trying to do.

They conduct mixer sessions where you:

  1. Call an International Number (Make sure you have an ISD Plan, Skype Credits or use an app such as Telio which offers the lowest rates of international calling).
  2. Get connected with another user from anywhere around the world.
  3. Both of you roleplay a customer care scenario loosely based on a script.
  4. You can then end the call and connect with another user, for another scenario.

You get paid for the number of minutes/sessions you partake in. I have seen people earn upto 120$ in a single session.

The frequency of these sessions, however, is a problem. Earlier there used to be sessions every week. But nowadays it has become more like a monthly affair.

But you should sign up for it, since it’s the most lucrative way to earn with your voice. Payments are done with Paypal.

Robson by GlobalMe

Robson is an app based platform that has voice phrase recording jobs for people around the world. They want people with different accents and locales…so your country/geographical location plays a huge role in the jobs available to you. 

They pay fairly, and allow you to re-record phrases in case they find them noisy/unclear. This is much better than some platforms which outright reject your submission. Payments are done via Paypal.

Clickworker App

Clickworker has some exclusive voice collection tasks on their app. This is because the app allows them to record voice phrases only when they detect a silent environment.

This way, they get noise-free voice data and your chances of rejection decrease. It is very easy to use, and the jobs keep popping up every now and then. They get filled quickly so it would help you if you check your app regularly. 

They don’t pay a lot, but it is still better than what companies like Appen compensate you with. Plus, it hardly takes 15-20 minutes to do them.

Clickworker has changed their preferred payment provider to Payoneer for new users, but old users can still get paid through Paypal.

They are also the best UHRS Contractor out of all my reviewed UHRS contractors.


Appen has voice recordings projects from time to time, which are done through their mobile application.

They pay less, but the frequency of these projects is much better than other companies. Make sure you have added all your languages and locales to your Appen profile.

And remember to check for new projects regularly. Payments are made via Payoneer.


aTexto looks like a promising site which offers transcription and voice recording jobs. The platform has an easy to use interface and modern design. 

Unfortunately, there were only transcription jobs available while I checked it. But I feel there might be voice recording jobs available soon.


AudioBee is an audio jobs platform that has various audio recording jobs, including call-center roleplay. Their pay was very low, as I mentioned in my guide.

This is the reason I don’t recommend them to anyone. But still, they paid me for the little work I did there, so they are definitely legit.


Transperfect usually has photo and video collection projects. But I have participated in one of their voice collection projects. Payment was meh (5$) and their submission process is very broken.

But Transperfect has some interesting and good-paying projects from time to time, so it won’t hurt to check them out every now and then.

More Sites where you can find voice collection projects

I saw a lot of websites which don’t primarily work on voice phrase collections, but have such projects every now and then.

Most of them are crowd working websites such as Lionbridge/TELUS, Neevo, Oneforma and Wow Crowd.

But I have also encountered these jobs on sites such as uTest and Testlio, so you can basically find them anywhere. 

You can even earn more with your voice, by narrating audiobooks and doing voice-overs for videos.

Some Tips for Doing Voice Recording Jobs

There are some general things you should keep in mind when participating in these tasks. They want high-quality and noise free recordings from you. 

  1. Your voice should be loud and clear. Make sure there is no background noise such as fans or construction sounds around you. 
  2. If you are recording on your mobile, then you are good as smartphones usually have good mics with in-built noise cancellation.
  3. Laptops’ inbuilt-mics are usually of bad quality. Try checking it by opening your voice recorder (on the laptop) and recording something. If it is not clear or cuts in-between, then buy an external mic.
  4. For laptop/desktop, you can also benefit with an AI noise cancellation software. It will automatically block any environmental sound and only record your voice. This can save you a lot of time and effort. Try Nvidia RTX Voice (if you have an Nvidia GPU) or use Krisp.AI (free).
  5. Practise speaking slowly and clearly. It takes a little practise and exercising some breath-control…but is beneficial to you both personally and professionally.

Increasing your voice quality helps you converse with clarity. Try Krisp, an AI-based noise reduction tool that will get you studio-quality voice recording from your regular microphones. It’s free!

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