Wow-AI – New CrowdWorking & Data Collection Platform

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

Wow AI is a new crowdsourcing and data collection platform, a foray into the world of BIG data and Crowdworking by WAW Asia, a remote jobs site.

What is WOW-AI and what makes it special?

Technically, Wow AI is nothing new. It’s a same-old formula of a platform/middleman for data collection and crowd working projects. They post various jobs, you submit them, and get paid for it.

But Wow AI is a platform by Waw Asia, a website that helps Asian individuals get remote jobs across the world.

Their soft corner for the Asian continent has carried over to Wow AI as well. So, a lot of their available jobs are relevant to people living in Asia. They do offer jobs for people around the world, but a lot of them are localized to Asian countries.

How do I signup for Wow AI?

Their signup process is very modular as of now. They are using Airtable to manage their open jobs and collections as of now.

signup for wow ai and start earning

You need to go to their website, and upon clicking on “Join the Crowd Pool”, you will be taken to an Airtable page, with all their open positions listed.

You can directly apply to any one of them, and there’s another “Notify me of new jobs” section as well.

Clicking on it will take you to a form that will record your email address and general information. Make sure to fill that form so that you will be notified whenever new opportunities arrive.

Apart from that, there’s not much to do as of now. There are some translation/transcription and a data collection project as well.

How much can I earn and how will I get paid?

Their rates seem above average for now. For the data collection project, they are offering 1.7$ per video. It is not bad, considering it’s a new platform.

They promise to pay you by Paypal within 30-45 days of your submission’s approval.

As of now, it is nothing more than a beer money opportunity, but things might get better in the future, so make sure you sign up for it.

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