Testlio: A Unique Functional Testing Site (with payment proofs)

Last Updated on January 9, 2022

Functional Crowdtesting is all the rage nowadays. There are lots of projects coming in for these types of sites. It’s a great way to earn if you own or have access to a lot of different devices.

Testlio is another functional testing website, similar to uTest. Infact, uTest and Testlio are the two biggest competitors in this space. But we aren’t competing with anyone, so I say you sign up for both.

One major difference between these two sites is that while uTest pays you for the bugs you find, Testlio pays you by the hour. Their pay rate ranges from 10-20$/hour depending on which country you are from.

Testlio Payment Proof

Testlio pays within 1 week of your test cycle completion. The options for payment are Paypal and Payoneer.

I don’t know why but such a popular and legit site does not have any payment proofs on the Internet (when I searched for them), so here is a recent payment proof from Testlio:

testlio payment proof paypal
Testlio Payment Proof

Update: I have earned a lot more with Testlio since I first wrote this article. I have now tested a total of 40 hours with Testlio and have earned about 400$.

How do I signup for Testlio and start working?

Signing up for Testlio is simple, but to activate your profile to receive tests you need to clear some assessments.

First of all, you need to go to the Testlio website and fill out their “Become a tester” form.

testlio signup form

Once you have signed up, you will be required to fill in your basic profile information and add your devices.

Make sure to fill it properly, as this decides the tests you get in the future.

Once you have done that, you will be required to pass a competency assessment. It is a very simple exam to determine if you understand the basics of functional testing.

You can easily clear it in the first attempt, but you get 2 additional ones in case you don’t.

testlio competency exam

Once you clear the Competency Assessment Test, you will be shown your Testlio dashboard.

Now you will be required to fill in your availability details (when you are available for testing), create a public profile, and give your payment information.

availability in testlio

Now there is one final step before you can start working. It is the Functionality Testing Assessment. It is a 2 part test that you need to clear before you will be able to take exams.

It is a little more complicated than the assessment you gave earlier and takes about 30 minutes to clear. But you get multiple tries to clear it.

Once you clear this, you can begin receiving invitations for test cycles.

The best part about Testlio is how easily you begin to receive test invitations as soon as you are signed up and clear all the assessments. I simply did not have this kind of success with uTest or other similar sites.

How much can I earn and how do they pay?

Your earnings on Testlio, like every other crowd testing website, depends on the devices you have added and your location.

Your testing devices and location are the prime factor for getting testing jobs on any platform. But I found that Testlio works globally.

But people from Testlio report earning 10-20$ per hour by working there, and you can easily make around 100$ a month if you get enough opportunities.

They pay every week, via Paypal and Payoneer. Even though there are lots of positive reviews for Testlio, there aren’t any payment proofs floating around the Internet.

This is why I have posted some payment proofs in this post. There are much more payment proofs for Testlio coming in the future, so check out our Payment Proofs section to stay updated.

What makes Testlio unique? How is it different from other testing sites?

Testlio is one of the most sensible and easy-to-use functional testing sites I came across.

Even though you are still dealing with all the complicated stuff like detecting bugs, creating bug reports, device logs, etc. The way these tasks are streamlined with Testlio is much simpler.

The testing experience with Testlio is much simpler when compared to other big players like Test IO and uTest.

I discuss these observations in detail in my Comparison article between Testlio and uTest.

Update: Testlio has also added options for Automation testing. If you are a professional tester (by any means), you are going to have a lot more opportunities on Testlio.

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18 thoughts on “Testlio: A Unique Functional Testing Site (with payment proofs)”

  1. SirAllen

    Hi, great article as always. I’ve been actively checking out your posts and appreciate what you’re doing here, incredibly helpful!

    I’ve taken an interest in Testlio and have got a few questions regarding events in test cases. If it’s not too much of an issue, I would thoroughly appreciate your input.

    First question, in the event that you find an issue status is closed and the reason is Spec change, Working As Designed (WAD), out of scope, low priority, or invalid, it’s stated that you should leave feedback as the test case needs to be updated. I understand the leaving feedback part but I’m still a little confused on what to do after that…

    1. Hi SirAllen,
      Thanks for your kind words.
      In case there is an issue with the test case, you can leave feedback by tapping the icon on the bottom left of the step. There you can select any problem with the test case and leave some feedback.
      But usually, if your bug is rejected due to such a case, they will automatically update the test case.

      1. SirAllen

        Oh, I see. I understand . Thank you for your response. I’ve gone through a lot of the articles, issue reproduction, duplicate issues, creating new issues, commenting on duplicate issues, how issue reports should look etc… There’s quite a lot of content, I feel ready to take on the functional test, yet I feel like I might be missing something.

        Do you have any tips on things you wish you had covered more before taking the test, perhaps content you would suggest I cover extensively, or maybe details that could look small but are actually a common occurrence during every test.

        Again, thank you for your assistance. Thoroughly appreciate it.

        1. The topics about issue reproduction, commenting on duplicate, etc. you will learn automatically when you begin actual testing.
          As of now, only focus on the test, which mainly deals with identifying duplicate issues and issues that are in-scope. You get 2 re-attempts so try to give it a test run.

          1. SirAllen

            Ok, got it. I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the tips! 🙏 Looking forward to your next post. Good stuff, keep it up. 👌

  2. Kirthana

    When did you take this test because now the format has changed and they expect you to test simika school app. Which I attempted and failed and we have just 1 attempt :(. They said we have just 1 hour to test so clearly I was in a hurry to finish. I want to desperately get into this platform.

    1. I took the test last year, and it was just a Google form with MCQ. Are you sure they want you to actually test an app? Even if they do it won’t be difficult to find a bug or two, cause that’s what you will be doing on the site anyways. Try clearing the uTest academy to get an idea and training.

  3. Hello Dr. Saab,
    Thank you very much for your great articles on crowd testing, bumped unto it as I was researching out on testlio.io feedback from the interwebs.

    I have been on Utest since 2020, completed all the academy courses & I have managed to make some $ there roughly slightly over 100$ & after reading your article I straight went to testlio and applied got accepted and took part in the preliminary FRTC(Functional Regression Test Case) which is basically testing a school app Simka, the exercise was pretty straight forward similar to Utest scripted test caes & I was confident to pass. Still, I got reply that I never passed but no detail.

    Could you know what’s the catch for the testlio FRTC? I have another chance in 2 months or so please share any insights if you got any.

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi Gethsun,
      The time that I joined Testlio, you weren’t required to go through the preliminary FRTC. Hence I won’t be able to help you with that.
      But make sure you report bugs, provide logs and screen recordings and even reproduce bugs by other people. It shouldn’t be that hard. Best of luck.

      1. Lianca

        Hello. When you fail, it means you missed one bug or more. If you miss even one bug, you fail

        1. Earlier you needed to score a certain percentage to pass, which would allow missing one or two bugs depending upon the test. But they have changed their qualification test processes now, will be updating it soon.

  4. Hoepe

    i just tried to sign up and i see that the process has changed. now they let us fill out some form like an application. they said they’ll email me within 3 days after reviewing my application. is it required to have prior experience in these types of jobs to get accepted? i’m asking because by looking at the form they made me fill up, it seems like it. i think i’m probably going to get rejected.

    1. Hi Hoepe,
      They have changed the application process drastically. You are also required to participate in a practice test cycle and create bug reports before you can get the paid test cycle.
      If you don’t have much experience, then I suggest you sign up for uTest.com and go through their academy. They have very nicely designed course that will teach you everything you need to know.
      But overall, it won’t be much difficult, if you have a little bit of technical knowledge. Best of luck for that.

      I will also publish a full guide to these functional testing sites very soon. It will teach you everything you need to know to participate in that cycle.

      1. Hoepe

        My application has been accepted and I’m currently studying some of the articles in the Help section. But I can see that these articles are not meant for beginners like me. Which is why I still haven’t done the FRTC test. I have also signed up for Utest. It seems much more beginner friendly and the courses like you said are very detailed and comprehensive. Thanks for the suggestion. I will certainly check out the guide when you publish it.

        1. Hey Hoepe,
          Testlio has a great interface but does not have a great academy. Just go through uTest academy till you the practise cycles (I think Chapter 15 or so) and you will know everything you need to work at functional testing sites.

  5. Rashid Khan

    Please correct your findings test.io don’t have a payment option in payoneer. They only pay through paypal and wire transfer. I opted for wire transfer cause paypal is not available in Pakistan, but when I try to fill in my bic and Iban they told me that only EU bank accounts are allowed to process the payment. So, it was completely a waste of time for me to sign up and pass the onboarding test. Thank you for the mis information.

    1. Sorry to waste your time Rashid. The payment process of websites keeps changing from time to time. This is the Testlio article, btw, which is a different site.

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