Payment Proofs/Earnings Report

Payment Proofs Update February 2021

So a lot of you guys have been requesting me to update payment proofs. Even though sites that pay once are legit throughout, I decided to do a small update on the new payments people of the community received in the last 2 months.

There were a lot of payments from Clickworker, Oneforma, Appen and Usertesting. And there is a payment from Testbirds and Lionbridge (AI Data Collection) as well. Data Collection is becoming a go-to choice for me to make some quick money.

Lionbridge paid me the full amount without rejecting any of my submissions, which is kind of a surprise in data collection projects.

Lionbridge payment proof paypal
Lionbridge AI data collection payment

I am not uploading Usertesting and Appen payment proofs as there are already enough of them. Check out the other screenshots in the gallery below:

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