What is Lionbridge and how to find work on it? (Now known as TELUS International)

Last Updated on October 22, 2021

UPDATE: Lionbridge has been acquired by TELUS International. There are several new job portal links you can apply to (that I have updated in this article as well).

This does not change the information provided in this article, as the workflow of Payments and Projects remain the same. You can read my TELUS International Guide for more information on this acquisition (and changes)

Lionbridge is a global crowdsourcing community that offers remote-jobs worldwide. It rolls out the red carpet for people from all backgrounds providing a wide range of opportunities with fair pay for all projects across all locations.

Lionbridge volunteers workers to work from home and is a completely remote job that you will be doing here. Their pay is fair work schedule can be as flexible as you like. The work is extremely simple tasks that you will complete using your laptop or smartphone (more about that later).

Lionbridge also provides free training for most of its projects, so you have all the material you need to learn about the tasks you are required to do. They run time to time bonus opportunities and also present hikes in pay rates.

What do I need to join Lionbridge/TELUS?

Since Lionbridge was acquired by TELUS, all theses requirements listed below apply to TELUS International as well.

Joining Lionbridge is pretty simple and you don’t require anything other than a laptop and an Internet connection, in layman’s terms. But let’s just go through what is required a little formally:

  • Working Desktop/Laptop
  • Smartphone (Android V4.2 or higher or iPhone running iOS version 10.0 or higher)
  • Active Internet connection
  • Fluency in written and verbal English
  • Must be living in the opted country for the last 5 consecutive years
  • Active Gmail account
  • Active daily user of Gmail and other forms of social media.
  • Experience in use of web browsers to navigate and interact with a variety of content
  • Familiarity with current and historical business, media, sport, news, social media and cultural affairs

How much money can I earn through LionBridge (TELUS International)?

Since this article was published, I have earned a lot more with Lionbridge. Some of the payments were through Workmarket (Mystery Shopping, Transcription) and some through Paypal (Data Collection, Gaming Tests).

I have earned over 1500$ from Lionbridge/Telus International alone.

I have earned over 600$ in the course of 3 payments through Lionbridge.

I have earned over 1500$ from Lionbridge so far. It is a very legit opportunity, especially because it pays much better than Appen. This is the norm with any type of such “Human intelligence” company. If the pay rates are good, the vacancies are less. 

This is the reason there are much fewer chances of getting work in Lionbridge than it is on Appen. Appen hires extensively and has a higher pool of workers, but has much poor pay rates: which is still good if you have time to pass. 

It is an amazing opportunity for someone who would like to chill at home and earn the same income that mid-level executives are paid in several countries.

Pay rates depend on the functional market and also the projects. Some projects paid hourly while others are paid depending on the tasks. The average pay rate varies from 10-15 USD per hour, depending on the project and market. 

In my country, the pay rate for a Rater is 6 USD per hour, whereas, for a Map Analyst (based on tasks), the pay is around 7 USD per hour. The pay rate varies with country and the job complexity.

The pay is cyclical and usually gets paid on 15th of each month. The money is directly transferred to your Bank Account. You can also opt to get paid via Paypal.

Working at Lionbridge/TELUS (Procedure and Signup Links)

Confused? Well, Lionbridge has such a distributed set of projects that it is best if you signup for as many portals as possible. Try using the same email address for all of them.

The process described below is for the older LB website, but it’s information is relevant to the newer portals as well.

Lionbridge website is very user friendly and the whole process is very streamlined. Follow the below steps to proceed with the application process:

Step 1: Searching for Jobs available in your country in Lionbridge/TELUS

  1.  Click here to open the official website

 2. Click on ‘Join Our Team’ As shown below

join lionbridge working team

3. Scroll down and click on ‘Learn More’ As shown below

work as a translator, rater, annotator with lionbridge

4. Click on ‘View All Jobs’ To see the current Job Openings

view all lionbridge jobs

5. Choose the apt jobs based on the country you reside and skills you possess

search for lionbridge jobs in your country

6. Click on ‘Apply Now!’ To proceed with the next step.

how to apply for lionbridge work

Step 2: Registering yourself on Lionbridge.

  1. Create a User Account. After creating your account, you will receive an email with further information and process steps.
  2. You are expected to provide all the information which includes Personal Information, Education, Working Experience, Overview, etc.
  3. Submit your application.

Some Tips for your Application at Lionbridge/TELUS

  1. Please provide your information accurately; it plays a significant role in the recruitment process.
  2. Even though filling Work Experience is optional, don’t leave it blank. If you don’t have any working experiences, then create one. Lionbridge never conducts background verification for this.
  3. Design your resume effectively. Add your skills, capabilities to your resume.
  4. Upload Documents/Certificates, don’t leave this empty. You can also submit online certificates.
  5. Before submitting, do overview the information that you provided.

The Lionbridge/TELUS Recruitment Process: Explained

Once the application is submitted successfully, Lionbridge (or TELUS International) usually takes 5-7 business days (sometimes it may take up to 2 weeks) to process the application. If you are a suitable candidate, they will send you the consulting agreement. Once you accept their Terms and Conditions, they will take you further into the recruitment process. 

Within the next 2-3 business days, you will receive another email providing the test information (usually you receive this email on Thursday). Lionbridge provides all the reading materials(Guidelines) and also conducts webinars to clarify the doubts. 

They offer five days for the exam preparation and a week to complete the exam. Lionbridge conducts an open book exam, which means one can refer to guidelines during the exam. The test need not be completed in a single sitting one can sign out of the exam and continue it later but must be completed in a week. 

Once the test is submitted successfully, the result will be sent immediately to the registered email address. If you pass the exam successfully after the exam period, you will be on board. Lionbridge takes 3-4 business days to assign you the real tasks. 

During the period, you will receive Steps regarding their working portals. So basically, the whole recruitment process takes up to 20-25 days. I would suggest you to be patient. It is definitely worth the time (if you get selected that is).

Lionbridge payment proofs

Here are some payment proofs from Lionbridge, just in case you are still skeptical about this opportunity. And attaching a new payment proof from Workmarket as well:

Lionbridge payment proof from workmarket

What kind of Jobs am I expected to do on Lionbridge?

The most common Lionbridge jobs are Personalized Internet Assessor, Lionbridge Map Analyst, Internet Safety Evaluator, Social Media Evaluator, and Personalized Ads Evaluator. Recently, they started recruiting Language Consultants for different locales, including North Eastern states like Manipur.

It is an amazing opportunity for people around the world to get a decent (almost full-time in some third world countries)…basically anyone. Extra money has never hurt anyone, right? 

Lionbridge has even added a Game Testing department, that offers gigs and full-time jobs via Discord. Click here to signup for it.

Why is working with Lionbridge legitimate? What if it is a scam?

No, Lionbridge is not a scam. Lionbridge is unlike thode stupid survey sites that you use (that pay like 0.5$ per hour). 

Infact, Lionbridge has one of the best pay rates in this “human intelligence” industry.

Update: They revised their payrates after the TELUS acquisition. Now I won’t call it the best, but it’s still better than the competition.

Lionbridge volunteers work from home opportunities with fair pay and a bending schedule. Lionbridge provides free training depending upon the projects. They run time to time bonus opportunities and also present hikes in pay rates. Professional cloud workers earn upto 20 USD per hour. Besides, Lionbridge also renders opportunities in native languages across the country. 

They have recently introduced Translation opportunities as well. So if that’s something you would like to try, you can join them as well. Just in case you are skeptical about payment proofs, then scroll to the end below for payment proofs.

All thanks to the powerful invention called the Internet. You can contribute, what these companies essentially call “human intelligence” to train AI algorithms. They collect complex data to train machine learning algorithms which might one day, in turn be used on a product you actually buy. It is kind of complex when thinking about it, but it is somewhat true. 

Recently I did a project that would be helpful in the training of the Virtual Reality System. VR has been slow to catch on in the real world, but for someone looking for entertainment, it can be the pinnacle. I was just required to submit some videos that they would ultimately trash in the millions of other piles of data that they are using to train AI, the next god.

These types of jobs are much better, simpler and legitimate ways of earning money other than Tik Tok or maybe trying to become the next Instagram influencer. Infact, you can do them even as a supplement whatever your creative hobby is, without sacrificing much of your time and energy in useless corporate ventures.

7 thoughts on “What is Lionbridge and how to find work on it? (Now known as TELUS International)”

  1. Vishal

    Dr. Saab I wonder how you worked in lionbridge/Appen/Teamwork.ai/Clickworker with same account. I am quite sure some of them have common clients like Google for search engine Evaluator and Facebook for social media Evaluator which will result in conflict of interest. I heard they are even sensitive with IP’s and mac addresses.

    1. Hi Vishal,
      It’s not exactly the same account. I cannot work multiple crowdsourcing sites without blowing my brains out. I have enrolled some of my family members in the other sites, with their own bank details and a completely different account.
      I just use their payment proofs sometimes on this site.

      You ultimately have to figure out how much time you can work on, and which site gives you the best rate per hour (for Indians it varies from 3$-15$/hour as of October 2020), with Usertesting being an exception. You can also refer your family members to these sites, no one minds a little extra money.

  2. Adarsh

    will they provide certificate for our work?

    1. This is a contractor job so you won’t get any kind of certificate.

  3. aad

    Hi can I work with telus while working simultaneously on Clickworker UHRS. The reason I ask is I have been selected for telus(non-UHRS) project and i am already working on Clickworker since last 7 months.

    1. Since you are not working on UHRS jobs with TELUS, I don’t see any problem here. You can work with both these companies. Just make sure not to work on UHRS jobs with TELUS, as Clickworker advises against it in their FAQ.

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