PhotoMath: Solve Math Problems for Money (plus Payment Proof)

Ever thought about making money while solving problems? It would be fun, right? 

Well, considering the fact that millions of students from schools and universities often struggle to solve math problems gives rise to a new form of business: solving math problems for money. Photomath capitalizes on this.

What is Photomath and how does it work?

solve math problems and earn more than 300$ per week

Photomath is a platform which connects students with teachers and math experts worldwide, so that students can post math problems or questions which would then be answered/solved by the experts in an easy-to-understand way.

How do I apply for Photomath (and start working)

Here is the step-by-step process you need to follow to start working at Photomath:

  1. Go to the Photomath hiring page
  2. You start off by creating a Photomath account. You can either sign up with your Google account or your Facebook account.
  1. You need to accept the terms and conditions before continuing. 
  2. Then, you need to take a test for your math proficiency
  3. It will be followed by a training session for helping you understand how to post the solutions and the important rules you need to keep in your mind. 
  4. This will be followed by another training session for teaching you how to use the tools. Then comes the final 120-minute test for your mathematical proficiency. 

If you think it is too much, then consider the fact that unlike other platforms, PhotoMath almost guarantees a full-time income (in a lot of countries). 

So I suggest you should treat it as a full-time job as well, and consider these tests and trainings as the interview.

different tests and trainings you need to clear before you start working at photomath

How to Pass the PhotoMath Proficiency tests and trainings (A complete guide)

People might find Photomath’s application process a bit daunting and complicated. But fear not, I have a guide on how you can clear their entrance exams (of sorts). 

1. Attempting the Math proficiency test

how to clear the math proficiency tests in photomath/photostudy

If you pass in at least three fields in the test, you can head over to the next section. However, each field from the “bundles” category contains 12 questions and the “individual fields” category has 6 questions for each field. 

Keep in mind though, you can only attempt a bundle for a maximum of 6 times, and attempt individual fields 3 times at most. Be prepared for the test. 

Make sure you don’t open any other Browser window or a new tab, or else your test would get immediately submitted and you’d be marked as “0”. 

On completing the test, you get $10 for each field you pass in, as compensation for training time. That’s quite generous of them!

2. Solving Tasks Course (Initial Training and Guidelines)

In this section, you’d be taught about the correct and recommended ways to write your solutions for problems posted on Photomath. There are embedded video lectures for convenience. There are quizzes too, which would help you know how much you’ve understood.

There’s a lot of emphasis put on the 4Cs, namely: Correct, Clear, Complete and Copyright. Here are the rules in a simpler and concise manner:

  1. Your answers need to be elaborate and easily understandable
  2. Your answers are, of course, not expected to be wrong. So double-check your answers before submitting them. 
  3. And lastly, make sure you don’t copy answers from anywhere else that may harm intellectual property or copyright. 

So when we say you get paid for solving math problems, you are actually paid for SOLVING them. 

3. Tools & Interface Training Course

In this section, you’ll learn how to use the tools provided in Photomath to solve questions. Again there are embedded video lectures and quizzes for better understanding. 

You’d be taught about the solving interface, hints and their usage, how to work with tables, creating 2D and 3D objects for GeoGebra, etc. 

Make sure you become confident and well-acquainted with the tools and the interface before you proceed to the next section. 

4. Final Test (Ultimate 120 minute math proficiency test)

final exam/test in photomath. last step.

This is the last step in the training program, and you need to pass in only one field out off all fields that you passed in the initial proficiency test. 

For example, if you passed the proficiency test for Calculus, Statistics and Geometry, you can select any one of these fields for your final test: for example, Calculus. 

In this case, if you pass the Calculus final test, you’ll be an Expert in all three fields: Calculus, Statistics, and Geometry.

The test will consist of 8 math tasks, out of which you’d need to get at least 6 correct in order to pass. You can pause the test and resume at any time, but you need to complete it within 14 days. You can attempt the final test 6 times at most. So they give you a lot of time to retry in case you mess up.  Prepare well.

After you pass this stage, you’d be able to solve questions for money. The money would be added to your Photomath wallet.

How much can I earn from PhotoMath and How does it pay?

You can easily earn $300-400 per week working on photomath. The pay is usually around $0.55 to $0.65 per task. The more problems you solve/review, the more you get paid. 

Earn more with PhotoMath’s referral program.

You can also earn through referrals. You get paid $20 for each referral who completes 100 tasks

Overall, you get paid quite decently. Payments are made via Payoneer and are processed every Thursday. However, your balance must be higher than $50 for payout

Make sure both Photomath and Payoneer accounts are under the exact same name, or else you might get flagged as suspicious and be banned from the platform. 

Your payment data can be seen from the dashboard, accessible by clicking on the “Payments” section in the menu on the top.

PhotoMath Payment Proof

Here is a Payoneer Payment Proof of Photomath. It’s worth 102$.

photomath payment proof payoneer

Well, Photomath definitely can be a great income source for you if you are good at math. I, personally, suck at it. So my time is better spent somewhere else. 

But if you would like to check out other sites where you can solve school problems (and homework) to earn money, then read my Homework Help Sites Megalist.

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