Sites that paid me in March (with payment proofs)

Last Updated on January 10, 2022

Sorry, I am late. The past few weeks have been really busy for me. So before I begin with this month’s content, let’s look back at the sites that paid me in March.

There have been a couple of new and very different sources of income for me, so I guess this will be a long post.

Let me know in the comments if you would me to do this monthly. Maybe sharing my journey might inspire someone to go down my path.

So here are the sites that paid me in March:

Testlio has been a success story so far. Maybe I got lucky, but I was selected for my first project within a week of signing up.

And it is a long-term project that happens every week. It pays 10$ an hour and they pay every week.

testlio payment proof for march 2021
Testlio Payment Proof
another testlio payment proof
Testlio Payment Proof
testlio payment proof for april 2021
Testlio Payment Proof

Usertesting has been one of the easiest and most consistent sources of income for me.

It’s like, whenever I log in after a long period of time, I am accepted for one or two tests. I even got a 60$ interview this month, which was a cherry on top.

Usertesting has introduced new 4$ small tests, that hardly take even 2 minutes to complete.

I got selected for one of those and here’s payment proof for that. Apart from that, it was business as usual. I made around 150$ in March 2021.

usertesting payment proof for march 2021
Usertesting Interview payment proof
usertesting new 4$ test payment proof
Usertesting new short test payment proof

There are multiple 10$ payments as well, but I figured it’s no use posting them since they all look the same.

If you really want proof for that, check out the Usertesting Payment Wall.

Another good ol’ income source. Appen was the very first site that introduced me to online earning, and continues to give me a long-term project every now and then. I made 123$ from Appen this month.

appen payment proof for march 2021

Freelance Writing

This wasn’t in the plan but happened by chance. I randomly applied for a Writing opportunity I saw on Reddit (r/WritingJobBoard) and was surprisingly selected.

It is usually not that easy, and since this opportunity literally fell on my lap, I decided to give it a try.

I was looking to write in a different genre than Digital Bazaari, and the topic really excited me.

So I wrote a total of 4 articles (all 1000+ words) and got around 214$ for it all (after Paypal chopping up the taxes).

Not bad, given that it took me around 5 days to write all 4 of them (in my laziest period).

There are a lot of writing opportunities out there if you are looking for them. I will compile a list of them soon for this website.

I will be writing about various ways to earn a full-time income by becoming a freelance writer online (in the future). Stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, you can check out these Proofreading and Editing Jobs (that pay 20$/hour).

freelance writing another payment proof
freelance writing earning for 3 articles

University Paid Study/Psychology Study (also from Reddit)

So there’s this Job Board on Reddit that posts paid studies happening around the world (but usually for US people).

So there was this University conducting a study on the negative psychological effects of lockdown.

It was a simple survey that I filled daily for 7 days, and I was paid around 20$ for that.

Easiest 20$ I ever made. But not all studies on that subreddit accept global submissions.

Also, you can try signing up for Chicago CDR, a new site like Testable Minds that pays via Amazon Gift Cards. Or check out SONA systems if you are interested in more University Studies.

RAD Labs study payment proof for march 2021
Paid Research Study Payment Proof

It’s really hard to get into a Testable Minds study these days (since they have fixed their notification system). This renders the autorefresher trick useless for this site.

I still get into a study every now and then (but it’s all about luck now). I thankfully reached my payout threshold again this month.

So another lucky beer money payment for me:

testable minds payment proof for april 2021
Testable Minds Latest Payment Proof

Robson finally had new jobs this month, after a long dry period. The same job was available on other platforms like Appen, AudioBee, and Clickworker as well. But Robson paid the best money for it (1$ per minute of audio recording).

They did not reject any submission and a lot of people were paid. Robson has started to feel like a trustworthy company again.

robson payment proof for march 2021
GlobalMe Robson Payment Proof for 2021

This Data Collection project from Transperfect finally paid. I was skeptical regarding this since the whole process is very broken (into forms), and it was taking very long. But they finally paid in March after a long wait.

It was a really simple data collection project that took me 5 minutes. Easy Money. Check out my list of data collection sites here.

transperfect dataforce payment proof for march 2021
Transperfect Dataforce Payment Proof

Lionbridge also had a very simple data collection project available. It was a video project due to which it paid significantly more. Took me 15-30 minutes in total and paid 18$.

The wait was long, but Lionbridge is a trustworthy company and paid-up within a month.

lionbridge ai data collection payment proof

So this was it guys, I made around 690$ in March. I have finally reached the goal of making 10,000$ online and I am very proud of that. I have some very exciting new content planned for this site.

I will now be trying out many better-paying jobs (at least 1000$/month) in the future. Will write about them in upcoming months, so stay tuned.

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7 thoughts on “Sites that paid me in March (with payment proofs)”

  1. M.A.

    Great list and article! I’m surprised to find that Clickworker/UHRS isn’t in there. I’d totally love to see a breakdown like this every month! I started registering my own detailed breakdowns of my earnings in last month as well, so I find the comparison quite useful.

    Congratulations on reaching your goal, by the way! How long did it took you to get there? I started around last year, but lasted about two months and I’ve only recently (February 2021) decided to try again. So far I earned around $150 USD this month, which is around $3000 MXN, a $1000 increase from last month. My goal is similar to yours (get to $10,000 MXN monthly), so I’d love to find out how long it took you!

    So far I get money reliably from Clickworker/UHRS and uTest, but I’m getting my first payment next month (leaving it idle for a year worked out well!), and I’m in the process of getting into Streetbees, Scribie, Usertesting and Microsoft Limitless. I’m also registered in Testlio and Appen, but I’ve never gotten a job from them despite waiting from months.

    Greetings from Mexico! Your articles have been very useful!

    1. Hi M.A.,
      Thanks for your appreciation. I stopped working on UHRS a long while back, as it got repetitive and boring for me. It is a great way to earn when you are just starting out, but along the journey, I discovered much more interesting (and better-paying work), due to which I left UHRS for good. People are still earning 100$ – 900$ per month from UHRS, so you can definitely reach your goal through UHRS alone.

      As of me, I started this from March 2020 (was working on Appen a little before that), and within 3-4 months I was able to identify the sites that work best for me. I do keep experimenting with new sites every now and then. Also, can you elaborate a little about Microsoft Limitless? I have never heard of it.
      Thanks again and keep visiting.

      1. M.A.

        I can definitely agree on UHRS being way too repetitive to do continuosly. It took me a while to be able to earn over $3 USD per day since I got tired of it quite quickly. The first three weeks of this month I managed to find a comfortable workflow within UHRS that will allow me to receive a good amount from them next month, but as soon as uTest gave me work again I immediately shifted my focus on that, and have had much better luck there since, and I’ve barely touched UHRS since (surprisingly, I still find myself going back to Clickworker, since there’s been some well-paying audio evaluation jobs there outside of UHRS lately).

        About Microsoft Limitless, the idea is that you help Microsoft customers with their Accounts, Billing & Subscription queries, and you earn $1 USD for every question you successfully resolve.
        I’m not sure if they’re hiring right now, since I think they only take a limited amount of applications. I found an ad from them on Facebook of all things! Aside from that, I haven’t seen them mentioned in other online earning sites. I sent them my email through that ad and they responded. Once you’re done with the onboarding process and successfully resolve 10 customer questions in their app, they give you a pretty generous bonus of around $10-$20 USD. I’m barely getting started, but I hope it delivers.

        1. Hi M.A. and thanks for your informative reply.
          uTest is a great way and much more interesting than UHRS in every sense of the word.
          I had never heard of Microsoft Limitless before your comment. I did signup for their waitlist on (I hope it’s the correct site), and they said they will contact me if there are any openings. Do correct me if I have the wrong site.

    2. I’m also working teemwork and I will like to discuss some things with you about teemwork,maybe we could share ideas,my email is [email protected],I do hope to hear from you

  2. Shani


    I have been lurking around your blog posts and find them really informative.
    Really appreciate your effort!
    One quick question regarding LionBridge:
    Are you still working for them? I have been trying to apply for Search Engine Evaluator / Ad Rater but I cannot find the position on their website.
    Is it possible that the position is closed?

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Shani.
      I am not actively working for Lionbridge, just take part in their Mystery Shopping and Data Collection Projects from time to time.
      Those positions are kind of old, and they offer different projects now. They are pretty similar jobs, just under a different title.

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