UHRS Update (No more multiple accounts, Bonus Hitapps & Tips to earn more)

Last Updated on April 2, 2022

Recently, when I logged in to my UHRS account, a message appeared, saying that UHRS has updated their guidelines. They have introduced several new rules for working on their platform.

These are pretty interesting updates. They are now adding bonuses for people with high accuracy, filtering out the people with high error rates and have explicitly stated that multiple accounts are no longer allowed.

UHRS Guidelines Update for 2022

We can see that UHRS stated some points that every Judge working on this platform should follow their terms and conditions.

new uhrs terms and conditions 2022

There are several important rules that UHRS has stated. Finally, UHRS seems to be streamlining it’s process and explaining some of the inner workings of how the HitApps actually work.

First of all, People with higher accuracy will get more hits, and more HitApps as well. Plus, some Hitapps also pay bonuses to workers with higher accuracy. More about bonuses below.

Secondly, workers with higher error rates will not only be banned from Hitapps, but they might get booted from the UHRS platform altogether.

They have also advised the workers to not work on broken Hitapps (which happens a lot), and instead leave feedback for the Hitapp owner. This also means that they do not have much control over how a Hitapp behaves or judges internally.

But most important of all, they have cleared that they do not allow you to work with multiple accounts. More on that below.

What is UHRS and How Much Can I Earn from it (an update)

UHRS ( Universal Human Relevance System) is a website that uses crowdsourcing to perform different tasks, including Data Labelling, Image Annotating, Data Collection, Search Relevance, and Speech Transcription; these tasks are called HIT (Human Intelligence tasks). 

Here on this platform, you are working as a Search Engine Evaluator whose job is to evaluate Video, Images and give them a good direction to Search Engines.

UHRS pays on every single task you perform ( which is called HIT) for each HIT you get paid between $0.02 – $0.60. Hourly you can easily make between $10 – $20 and $2 also.

Note: Every marketplace (every country, region) has different pay rates.

With regards to my earnings, I earned $26 per hour which was my highest earning for all time at UHRS while living in a third world country. 

I’m making more than $150 per month which isn’t bad at all for a student. 

With UHRS you can’t predict your income because many times there is no work and you will barely earn $1 a day. I also made $20 a month, as I said earlier, you can’t predict UHRS.

I have provided some tips in this article to help you boost your earnings. Here are some more tips that work with the new guidelines in place.

Tips to Boost your UHRS Earnings (in accordance with the new UHRS guidelines)

maximize your uhrs earnings with these tips

Qualify for More HitApps (and ASAP)

The best way to maximize your earnings on UHRS is to use this trick.

You should be trying to qualify for more hit apps even if there is no work available.

Once the owner publishes the work you can grab it and start working rather than wasting an hour for qualifying.

So qualify for Hitapps in advance and always be ready to work.

how to qualify for more hitapps

Avoid getting Disqualified or Disabled because UHRS stated there are high chances of accessing more HIT Apps if your work has low error rates.

 On the contrary, if you have high error rates, you may see a permanent ban from UHRS or less access to HIT Apps.

Consider qualifying for more HIT apps to increase your earning potential.

2.  Look out for HitApps with Bonus Payouts

UHRS has many HIT apps that pay you additional bonuses based on the requirements they set up.

By focusing on these HIT apps, you will be able to boost your earnings considerably.

what are bonus hitapps and how to earn more with them

Some Hit Apps will pay you a bonus of $0.50 for each good hit. So if you do 50-60 hits a day and get a bonus for 25 hits, then you will easily get an additional bonus of ($25 x 0.50) = $12.5. 

Isn’t it interesting that you will be earning per HIT bonus at the same time as earning for all the HITS you have done?

This can basically double the amount of money you earn from a Hitapp.

earn more with bonus in hit apps

Some HITAPPS pay bonuses based on their requirements. 

For instance, one of the HITAPPs pays $4 per 150 spam hits

For this, you have to maintain your spam rate at or above 80%. You will get paid next week or in a few days if you manage to do 150.

3. Watch Your Spam Accuracy (It’s a double edged sword!)

As stated in a recent message from UHRS, more work is being given to one whose work is with low error rates.

If you are a newbie, you may be wondering what Spam Accuracy is?

Spam accuracy is determined by Spam HITs you get during the tasks. Spam HITs are the Hits whose answers are already known to the Owner. 

This helps them find out how accurate your work is. The Correct/Incorrect judgment determines your spam accuracy. This HIT is used for training, qualification, and production.

NOTE: Every HIT is not a spam HIT only a few out of them are Spam HITs.

To illustrate, let’s say UHRS publishes a task with 50k HITs for that hit app. They already know some answers to some amount of HITS which they use during Training, Qualification & In production.

In production means when you get paid for your work after qualifying for a HIT app. During this time you will get Spam HITs to check your work quality

how spam accuracy affects uhrs earnings

For example, if you qualified for a hit app and you began working on it, the HITS you were getting initially are actually spam hits.

Based on these HITS your Spam Accuracy is calculated. These types of HITs will be encountered every time you work on any HIT app.

The easiest way to boost your spam accuracy is to concentrate on your work and ensure you have followed the HitApp guidelines

Don’t simply click submit on the HITApp without providing the correct judgment. You will get banned from the Hitapp, and can even get booted out of the UHRS platform if it continues.

It is therefore important to maintain a high level of spam accuracy on your marketplace if you want more work.

4. Do NOT work with multiple vendors simultaneously

uhrs new rule do not allow multiple contractors

I know, I have advocated working with multiple vendors on this site multiple times. But at that time, there was no clear guidelines or information given by UHRS.

With the new guidelines by UHRS, it is best that you only access UHRS through a single contractor (at a time). Only if you get banned or don’t want to work with that contractor anymore, should you switch to a different contractor for UHRS jobs.

Do not work with multiple contractors simultaneously.

In addition, UHRS warned that if you use multiple vendors, you may be permanently banned from using UHRS and you will not be able to use it again.

So guys please avoid using multiple vendors. Previously, we could access UHRS with multiple accounts since it was not restricted. 

don't work with multiple contractors in uhrs

Different vendors had different terms. While some vendors like Oneforma allowed you to work with multiple contractors outright, others like Clickworker and Teemwork stated that they don’t allow you to work with other contractors.

It was confusing, and the fact that no one actually got banned made it even less serious.

Nevertheless, the UHRS has stated that there is no point in using multiple IDs for UHRS since this could lead to a permanent ban.

5.  Get Access to Different Languages (Access more Hitapps)

Honestly, I encourage you to access the UHRS platform in more languages, since you have done tasks in English, but with UHRS, we can work in other languages.

earn more money by accessing more languages in uhrs

Providing some official certificates or providing tests on your vendor website (Such as Oneforma) may allow you to access more languages on your UHRS marketplace. 

This will boost your earnings, as some hit apps remain relevant for a long time without being available in English. Thus, you can earn more money by working on both languages for HIT apps.

Some local HIT apps are only published in a specific language, so you can earn more money by working on this type of HIT app.

Compared to working on a specific language, working in more languages requires a bit more work.

6. Managing Time and Activity on UHRS 

Managing time is crucial when working on UHRS because the work gets updated every 15-20 minutes. So maintain a good schedule and hold on to it. Schedule your time so you can be as active on the platform as possible.

Be very quick when you see a Hit App appear, so you do not have to wait to do the work later. If you are thinking of doing this work after some time then you are wrong. Work gets leased out in just minutes here. 

If for instance, the Hit App says there are 15k HITs, you may think that this is a lot of work, but the fact is there are thousands or perhaps even more Judges who are online seeking work. In this case, all the judges rush on the Hit App and the HITs are leased out.

  • You need to maintain  good time management,
  • When you see Work is Available don’t think of anything. Just start the work.
  • Being logged in is also another tip, for earning more.
  • Try to  group with some of your friends and ping each other when you see new hits. This way you can cover much more hours.

As a result, you ought to manage your time so that you can do more work when it’s available

Let’s see the direction UHRS takes after these updates. They had decreased their Hitapp rates earlier when a lot of people joined them. Let’s see if this balances out their workloads and they can provide us with higher paying Hitapps in the future.

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14 thoughts on “UHRS Update (No more multiple accounts, Bonus Hitapps & Tips to earn more)”

  1. eddie


    I have two accounts on UHRS and got a message from CW about multiple accounts. Should I leave one of them and not work anymore? Or can I work on both, but never at the same time (always logging out one of them)?

    1. You completely missed the point, bro. You need to delete one of that account and only work with the other one exclusively.
      You risk losing your earnings otherwise.

    1. Contact Datamime support or simply delete your Microsoft Live account.

    1. Contact Datamime support or simply delete your Microsoft Live account.

  2. Majesty

    Thank you for the amazing blog, I really learned a lot through you articles.
    I would like to see an article about avaible jobs for French speakers out there, remotly ofc!

    1. Hi Majesty, and thanks for your lovely comment.
      There are lots of websites giving jobs for French speakers. I see several projects for French locale (translation and annotation jobs) on Oneforma, TELUS International, Robson, Lionbridge Gaming and even UHRS. Plus, sites like Testlio has localization tests and Usertesting has some tests specific to French people as well.
      Languages like French & German are in high demand for localization projects, so you can find several projects requiring them in crowd websites. Make sure to add it in your profile in all of the websites.

  3. Sage of the 6th

    Thank you for always giving out relevant info.
    I believe you stressed “simultaneously”. Does that mean I can do different “tasks” on each but at different time?

    1. Sorry if it came out like that, but you should not try it.
      Maybe you won’t get banned if you play it super safe, but you will constantly live under the anxiety of losing all your earnings at any time. Is it worth it?

  4. Charles

    What if I work on uhrs with different phones different numbers different emails

    1. You can still get caught if your payment information (Paypal/Payoneer email/Bank account name) is the same across multiple vendors. I would strongly suggest you don’t try to cheat the system.

  5. Haneef S

    Dear, I want to know about Leasing time? and time sec/Hit? what are these two, what we have follow?

    1. Leasing time is simply the time that a set of hits are reserved for you. This is done so that if you become inactive or quit halfway through, then those hits can be leased out for other workers. Lease time is not something you need to bother with.
      sec/hit is the average time it will (and should) take you to perform the hits in that particular Hitapp.

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