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A Guide To Payments in Appen (Complete Payments Procedure)

A lot of people have questions regarding the payments system. Let me tell you that your compensation for all the work that you do will be deposited directly into your bank account (via Payoneer). Appen follows a very systematic method of payments, as it needs to pay thousands of people each month.

How Do I get paid for Working in Appen (Connect)?

Appen will guide you into creating a Payoneer account during the final steps of its application process.

Payoneer acts as a mediator of payments (as Appen has to pay people from all over the world). Your Appen payment will reach to you via Payoneer and they will take a minimal 3$ fee from it. So if you earn 100$, you will receive 97$ in your bank account (After conversion). 

appen payments procedure
Procedure for Appen Payments

You need to create an Invoice for the work you have done, and submit it at the beginning of every month

What are invoices and how do I create them?

You need to bill Appen for your work through invoices. To access invoices, simply click the “My Invoices” tab in the Appen dashboard. There you will be able to see all your Invoices with Appen so far. 

Now you can create a new invoice (by clicking the respective button), or you can edit this month’s invoice. This will take you to the invoice page. Here you can manually add hours you’ve worked on projects.

Some projects are auto-reported. This means that you don’t need to manually add their invoice, they will just magically appear in your invoice according to the work that you have done. Moreover, you cannot edit them. If there is any discrepancy with your invoice, you can contact support and they will help you regarding that issue.

Once you have checked your invoice, you can save it as a Draft. At the beginning of the next month, you have the option to Submit your Invoice for Approval

You will then receive a sequence of emails. The first saying that your invoice has been submitted and is under review. Appen staff will check your invoice for any errors or billing problems. If there are any issues, they will inform you and a message from their auditor can be seen in the Invoice page. It will tell you the reason for your invoice’s rejection, and how to correct it. However, this is very rare occurrence.

Schedule for appen payments
Appen payments schedule

 If it is approved, you will receive another mail from Appen saying that your invoice has been approved and is in the payment queue. Once cleared, you will receive an email from Payoneer saying that you have received a payment, which will automatically be transferred to your bank account within a day or two.

Appen will pay off your invoices at the beginning of every month. You need to submit your invoices at the beginning of each month, and if you have accumulated more than 5$, you will get paid by the 15th of the same month

For international money transfers, they use Payoneer. You are asked to create a Payoneer account upon the final steps of your application. Once you have linked your Payoneer account to your country’s bank account, it is an automatic process. Appen will pay your Payoneer account, and it will automatically process the payment to your Indian bank account. It works on auto-pilot.

Check out some of my payment proofs here. I have over 20 payment proofs from Appen, though I don’t think uploading so many proofs are necessary. You are pretty convinced already if you came this far.

Appen Payment Proof
Appen Payment Proof
Another Appen Payment Proof
Another Appen Payment Proof

32 replies on “A Guide To Payments in Appen (Complete Payments Procedure)”

Pls when do I add my payoneer account to my appen connect? Is it after qualifying for a project or after being offered the job?
What happens next after I’m offered a job?

Appen will automatically ask you to create a payment account with them by sending you a link. Most likely it will be after you create the account, or after you qualify for a project.
After you are offered a job, you can access its guidelines and begin working on it.

Thank you so much for the info.
I would like to ask a question about invoicing. I received an auto-generated invoice today however the number of tasked that are stated is incorrect. I tried to modify/edit or add row but didn’t work. I tried to contact them but still no response. Is there any solution to my problem.
I would really appreciate your help. Thank a lot!

The only solution is to contact their support, which you already did. They are the only people who can rectify this problem.

Can I leave my money to accumulate for months without creating an invoice, so I can invoice it for collection all at once?

I don’t think that is possible. You are supposed to submit your invoice every month. The only reason for which it can be carried over is if it’s total is below 5$.

Hi dear
Last month they said me that I overbilled my invoice they told me to correct my invoice how can correct it if it is already submitted.

In such cases, your invoice will be rejected and you can edit it in the “My Invoices” section. Correct it, and then re-submit the invoice.

I would like to know how do i declare this money. Do I need to open my own taxes, like a self-employed or is not necessary?

The tax situation is different from country to country. The job you are doing is contract-based work (and you won’t be treated as an employee in legal terms). My country’s laws does require me to declare this income, so I file them as the same.


I earned less than $5 for the month of June so my invoice was rejected. Do you know how I can add that to the invoice I will be creating for July? I emailed support but has not received a reply yet.


They will automatically add this invoice to your July payment, don’t worry. Happened once with me also.

Hey Dr Saab
thank you for your clarification,
I have a question, if I didn’t submit my invoice before the deadline, is it gone forever? or am i allowed to submit it in the next month with the other invoices i get

I have never experienced this personally. But I guess you will be paid next month in case you forget to submit it.

I can not find the “my invoices” tab on my connect Appen dashboard. Please help!

have you recently joined appen? It is not visible till you have been selected for a project.

Hello, I already finished the tasked but my didn’t receive any auto-generated invoices, why is that like that?

There is a particular day when the invoices are generated. Check the Invoices tab in your Project information guide. It will have that answer. Or shoot a mail to support.

Janine Roxassays:

hello, I forgot my username and password of my payooner account registered in appen. What should I do? thank you.

A note to people saying they didn’t get paid correctly or their work isn’t showing on the auto-generated invoice, from my experience. If you’re doing multiple tasks or projects, you may get payments through in stages and not just in one pay month. Probably due to their quality checks needed to sign-off our work, which takes time.

It pays to remember things happen with Appen in STAGES. They have possibly 100,000’s of contractors and 1,000’s of projects, covering so many countries and languages. It seems larger projects are broken down into segments. Each segment may include several tasks in it, to be completed by multiple people, then be checked by more people. Some get readvertised when not enough work got completed, eg. for poor quality. Once it’s all done, that whole overall larger project is submitted to whatever company hired Appen. It likely takes months to set it all up and complete some big projects.

Eg. I had a project with 4 audio tasks. Each task required quality checks and the 1st recording took about 1-2 weeks before I was told it was approved, then got the automated invoice notification. Because I had the 3 other tasks waiting for approval, I added a Note to the Invoice, listing that other work for the project done and even though unsure, submitted it. The following month an email said the other 3 tasks were approved, I got the invoice and pay. So it took over a month but it was completed.

I’ve learnt to be patient because though a bit slow, so far, the systems have worked, I got paid and they got projects done; they will reply to Queries eventually. Remember they have multiple projects, deadlines and people to juggle and keep motivated, it’s not just about the worker. BUT do let the Project Support know your questions; but be patient they generally take a few days to answer, because they’re BUSY! They do need more support staff, but have upgraded their Support system recently (Aug 2021). Often it gets sorted while you wait.

A really insightful comment Brenz.
Appen has never cheated me of any kind of money. So I can second that.

Hello I just got invited to a Project as I qualify and I also passed the exam. I have not setup any Payoneer yet since I wasn’t prompted to or no link was provided when I first created my Appen account, my Project also falls on China Opt In Platform, and I don’t see any info on how to setup my payment info. Will I be able to receive my payment in the future?

I think the China platform has a different way to setup payments. Contact their support to help you out.

Hi sir I have a dout for payneer account . First I can create one appen account and select one project and also creat payneer acccout .next my sister created. One appen account this account also linked same my payneer account .so both two appen accounts linked one payneer account. That is my problem I can use one payneer account if any problem to payneer account to is acceptable to appen .both appen accounts are generated invoice if any problem with transaction .

I don’t think Appen allows this, and if they find out they might disable both the accounts.
It’s better to contact the payment team and change the Payoneer account associated with one of the account.

Ezekiel Attahsays:

I thought PayPal was an alternative payment option?

Paypal is supported in some countries by Appen, but not all. Most of the countries are better off with Payoneer as it imposes less fees.

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