Sites That Paid Me in April 2021(with Payment Proofs)

Last Updated on January 10, 2022

So I am late as usual for this post. But in my defense, I have been going through huge drops in motivation for the past few weeks.

And such has been the case for a lot of people I interact with online. Seems like the pandemic has finally started to break into people’s psychological barriers.

I did not work much in April, and most of the payments I got were from work I did previously in March.

So I don’t think there would be any sites that paid me in May post for you guys. But anyway, let’s enlist the sites that paid me in April 2021.


Beginning with the biggest payment first. Appen gives a consistent payment every month, thanks to an amazing long-term project that I am a part of.

I have heard that Appen has further reduced rates of their projects, which makes it even more difficult for me to recommend it to people now.

Appen Payment Proof

Quadrant Resource

Even though I don’t work on UHRS myself. I asked one of my friends to try it out and get payment proof from this site. They paid him via Bank Transfer which confirmed the legitimacy of this platform.

People who had Paypal as the payment method were paid way long after that, which created some kind of confusion on the Internet forums.

It would be great if someone who got paid through Paypal can post his payment proof.

quadrant resource payment proof bank


I only do Data Collection jobs in Oneforma, because they offer the best pay rates for these tasks. There was a data collection for curved text images that I completed in March, for which I was paid in this cycle.

oneforma pactera payment proof


Testlio is one of my most successful ventures in the Functional Testing space. The work is consistent, projects are long-term and payments are quick.

Unfortunately, I have lost access to the device I use for testing. My roommate, whose iPhone I used for testing went away due to the pandemic, so I can no longer earn from Testlio till he returns.

testlio payment proof


uTest (by Applause) is the leading site in the functional testing space.

Though I have not earned much from it, there are people I know that have been hired by uTest (full-time job) just for actively working on it.

This payment was for a simple AI testing project I did in March (kind of like a data-collection project).

uTest applause payment proof


Clickworker remains the most lucrative earning site for a lot of people using UHRS.

Even though I quit UHRS long ago, I received this surprise payment from Clickworker.

Turns out the Clickworker referral program actually works, and I received my bonus for the same. I received two such payments in April.

clickworker referral bonus payment proof


This one was another surprise payment. I worked on one of their call-center project (similar to Gridspace) but left it halfway because their pay rate was very low.

I was not supposed to get paid for this, but still, they gave me this teeny tiny payment. Bad pay rates, but definitely a good gesture by the company.

audiobee payment proof

CDR Psychology Study

This was a very similar experience to Testable Minds. I did a psychology study that took around 40 minutes for me to complete.

They paid via an Amazon Gift card (which only works in the US). I later sold it for 5$ on a marketplace.

Update: More Psychology studies can be found in SONA system sites. Make sure to read the article to understand what SONA system is all about.

CDR Labs payment proof

Yandex Toloka

Yandex Toloka is very similar to UHRS in terms of tasks, but vastly different in terms of pay.

It took me almost 3 months to earn this amount from it. So I would only recommend this site to someone who’s really desperate and does not have the other options available in their area.

yandex toloka payment proof

One more thing…

There was another site through which I earned, but haven’t gotten paid yet. That is Ezoic. It is the ad network that serves ads on this website. I earned around 20$ from them last month. This is because I have limited them to only show one ad on the website per page.

I was eligible for payment but I delayed it. Gotta let some money collect in there.

Update: Finally I’ve been paid by Ezoic, twice. Check out its payment proof in this payment report.

Apart from that, I also did a project on Dscout which is supposed to pay 75$. Getting selected in Dscout studies is hit-or-miss, given the few slots that they have available.

I don’t think there would be many sites for the next month, given that I was a couch potato for most of April.

But stay tuned for some new websites that I tested. Also, follow my Facebook and Pinterest Page for some great project opportunities I post there.

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11 thoughts on “Sites That Paid Me in April 2021(with Payment Proofs)”

  1. M.A.

    As someone whose main income comes from uTest, I can confirm it works very well. I recently earned nearly $90 USD last payment, even though I did practically nothing and most of those payments were from accumulated work from the previous two weeks. I also recently got upgraded to Silver, so I hope it improves even more (I usually earn around $150 USD early, but I’m sure I could’ve surpassed that this month if my motivation hadn’t died out the same way yours did).

    1. I guess I need to work more on uTest. I haven’t had much luck with it lately, but personally know a lot of people who thrive on it. Motivation is a really tricky thing. Can’t tell you how different my life would have been if I had consistent motivation 😁

    2. I have an with Utest. Which I opened late last year. Truth be told, I haven’t made a dollar there. I just don’t really understand the site.
      Can you guide me through?

      1. Yes. You won’t be accepted for tests till you upgrade you rating from Unrated to Rated. You need to complete the Academy course for that (especially the practice Academy test cycles). After that you will be able to get projects.

  2. truthfux

    I am really an avid reader of your blog. Since last year your blog is the only saviour, really appreciate how you are managing things, despite a lack of consistent motivation 😆. This monthly post is one thing that many like me eagerly waits for, however, There’s one suggestion and it will help the reader get a better understanding of the power of BM and working online.

    Even though you are mentioning how much time you worked on a few of the above platforms, it would be of great ease if you do this for the remaining ones also. like the one that you work more compared to others. Again this is just a suggestion, I’m still feeling lucky and happy to read whatever you post…

    1. Hi truthfux,
      First of all thanks for your kind words. These kind of comments really make my day.
      The thing is, I am almost done with working on beermoney sites for now. I only work on Usertesting and take some data collection/functional testing projects from time to time.

      I am trying out higher paying jobs (500-1000$/month) atleast for new content on this blog. But you can follow the beermoneyindia or beermoneyglobal community on Reddit. Their monthly earning posts have discussions regarding the time spent on these posts.

      Though I will continue to post about my working time on various sites if I happen to earn from them.
      Once again, thanks for your comments and keep earning.

      1. truthfux

        I am very happy to get such a nice reply from you…

        you are doing great work, and real appreciation needs to be given to people who are doing amazing work for the community and people at large, without any quid pro quo. People like you are real heroes in our society than politicians, movie, cricketers, and other so-called overrated self-ish celebrities…

        1. All the relevant posts (of site reviews/payment proofs) are linked to their titles. Click on them to see the posts.

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