Legit Earning Sources that paid me last year (Some still do)

Last Updated on October 25, 2021

August was a very smooth month. I finally had a distraction-free environment to work in. And I got a 60$ study from Usertesting which gave an easy boost to my month.

Here’s the Paypal Screenshot, since almost all the payments were from Paypal. I am feeling very lazy, so not attaching my monthly 90$ project from Appen. It pays via Payoneer, and I only decided to upload this one screenshot that covers almost all the sites.

Scroll below the image for website links and guides.

280$ earned in August

The total comes to around 280$ this month. Not bad, since I was traveling for the last week.

Here are the website links to signup, or guides to learning how to earn.

The Rewards Store (ySense)

Usertesting, Inc

Pactera Technologies (Oneforma)

Testable SRL (Testable Minds)

DefinedCrowd Corporation (Neevo)

Clickworker Gmbh (UHRS)

Globalme Localization Inc (Robson)

This was it guys. Trying to keep this earning report simple and sweet. Check out some of my latest payment proofs below:

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  1. Prayag

    Globalme localiztaion Inc.?

    Which company is this, kindly share

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