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ySense – Get paid to complete surveys and tasks

Earning Potential

Ysense is not a new entrant in the world of GPT sites. Infact, it is one of the oldest GPT site, even though you might have not heard of it. Turns out, it was previously known as Clixsense, and was one of the few legit PTC sites of it’s time.

Times changed and it re-branded itself as Ysense. It is no more a PTC site, but has a much better earning potential along with a referral program. Read on to find out why ySense is a very capable site for Indians.

What are the Earning opportunities on ySense?

There are several ways to earn money on ySense. This is why I think that it’s earning potential is much better than other similar survey and offer sites that you might find on the Internet.

The four ways to earn on ySense
The four ways to earn
  1. Surveys: The very first and primary earning method on ySense is by completing surveys. They have partnered with Peanut Labs and Opinion Surveys where you can get a survey to complete daily. It also gives you independent surveys from different platforms from time to time. They range from 0.30$ to 0.80$ (in my time so far) and take 15-20 minutes to complete at max. So far, I have been regularly seeing surveys on the site. All of them are not guaranteed to match, but I usually complete a survey every other day.

    Also, there are partnerships from several other survey sites, that can be found in the “Offers” section. This makes ySense an all-in-one survey site. There are lots of options to complete surveys and this saves you a lot of effort in signing up for other survey sites.
  2. Offers: The “Offers” section provides you with compensation for completing tasks such as downloading an application, signing up for a website, and many more similar offers. The pay depending on the type of task, and whether or not you need to make a payment to complete it. For example, one particular task requires you to buy a domain name from a provider, that is worth 5$. For completing the offer, you get paid 3.5$ in return. So you get the domain name for 1.5$.
  3. Tasks: This is one of the most interesting aspect of ySense. This is another contributor to it’s earning potential. It has partnered with the Figure Eight platform to provide several micro tasks to complete for money. I have explained Figure Eight in detail in a separate article. Though the tasks are not in abundance, this section can help you significantly increase your earnings.
  4. Affiliate Program/Referral Program: This was one of the key features back in the day for Clixsense. It is what made them so popular since the referral program made people promote their website for free. Hence, this was carried over to ySense and you get a commission for every person that joins through your referral link. So if you are feeling generous, please join ySense through my link. This would help a lot.

What is the ySense extension and how can it help?

One great feature of ySense that I absolutely love is their browser add-on. It is an extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. The add-on is a neat little feature that shows you your ySense stats (your earnings), and has notifies you whenever a new survey or Figure Eight task is available.

This is how the extension looks like when opened:

The ySense browser add-on
The ySense browser add-on

I find this feature to be very innovative and useful. It takes off the load of constantly checking websites for available work. I can simply glance at the extension to see if any work is available. You can even set the extension to sound a notification sound if any new survey or task comes up.

I wonder why other sites such as UHRS and Usertesting don’t come up with a similar feature. It would make a huge difference in my usage of these sites, all for the better.

What are the payment methods?

ySense provides a plethora of payment methods available for you, when you want to cash out your income. Here are the payment methods available for ySense users:

Skrill (Starting from 5.05$)

You can cash out using Skrill if you have accumulated a total of 5.05$ in your account. Skrill allows you to send and receive money by email, withdraw funds to your local bank account and make payments online.  Make ATM withdrawals and spend with the Skrill Prepaid card.

Indian users can choose to redeem their earnings through a Reward Link Card. The minimum balance required for this payout is 7$. Reward Link is a facility that can help you redeem your money through any of the hundreds of brands available on their website (in the form of a gift card).

Check out their website to know more.

Paypal (from 10$)

Paypal is one of the most popular method for getting paid online. Paypal users can cash out when they have accumulated a minimum balance of 10$.

Steam (from 50$)

If you are a gamer, then you can opt for a Steam Gift Card if you have a minimum balance of 50$. Steam gift cards allows you to buy games and in-game items from the Steam store.

Payoneer (from 52$)

Payoneer is also a popular payment solution for people in India, especially if you are a member of Appen. Payoneer withdrawals require a minimum balance of 52$.

Payment Proof & Final thoughts

I have been paid once by ySense, and this is why I find it to be a very legit earning method. Their payment comes from “The Rewards Store”, which is probably the name they are registered with. Check out my payment proof here:

ySense payment proof
ySense payment proof

Unlike other survey sites where you struggle to reach the payment threshold, ySense has a lot of surveys available regularly. I usually get 3-4 surveys daily. But note that you might not get qualified for each of them. As for me, I get qualified in one survey every other day (on an average).

I have not had much luck with the “Tasks” section so far, but I know people who are earning a good amount from it. You just need to increase your level so that you can get more tasks.

Overall, I would recommend ySense as a beer money site for now, adding little side money to your earnings. But this site has a lot of potential, so I suggest you sign up for it.

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