Now Access UHRS Tasks in Yandex Toloka (New UHRS Contractor + Toloka Updates)

I have written earlier about Yandex– how it has a similar workflow to UHRS. But it paid a lot less than UHRS, which was the main pain point.

But I was surprised to see UHRS Tasks (Search Relevance Query) on Yandex. 

Also, with the current situation in Russia (at the time of writing), with countries stopping sanctions from Russia, make sure to withdraw earnings as soon as you can.

Maybe once the situation stabilises, it could be work as usual again.

How do I access UHRS tasks in Yandex Toloka?

access uhrs tasks in yandex toloka

You access UHRS tasks just like any other. It is an integration, where some particular tasks (usually with “Search” in their name) will automatically open that task in UHRS.

Another give-away is that the tasks show $0.00 as the pay rate. Click on the “Start” or “Training” button on that task.

It opens within the Yandex frame, and you are not even required to create a live ID for it.

On the frame, there is a small explanation of UHRS tasks, and a link that says “Open task in UHRS in a new tab”.

This is a confusing part, though. Most contractors require you to create a live ID to access UHRS. Yandex, on the other hand, allows you to work on it without one.

Maybe Toloka has created some other authentication system, or maybe it is not exactly a contractor.

How much do UHRS tasks pay on Yandex Toloka?

UHRS tasks pay much better than similar tasks on Toloka. So this is a win-win for both. Yandex gets more work and workers get better pay.

UHRS pays a minimum of 3-4$/hour on the work done, whereas Toloka was in the 1-2$/hour range (without bonuses and boosts).

Note: UHRS earnings vary from country to country.

According to Toloka, your earnings are transferred to your Toloka account “every few hours” and will be paid according to their cycle.

New Data Collection tasks in Toloka

While going through the list of tasks in Yandex, I came across some data collection tasks. 

Data Collection is usually a fun task that pays well; but unfortunately on Yandex, it does not.

The task was to collect pictures of a car and it paid just 4 cents for an image. 

That looks like a classic Yandex rate. The bottom-line rates.

But anyways, Data Collection tasks also open new opportunities for it’s users, though there aren’t a lot of them available for now.

Can I work with other UHRS Contractors alongside Toloka?

No, I guess. Even though this is a different kind of UHRS integration where you are not required to create a live ID, you are still working on the UHRS Platform.

And since UHRS recently updated their terms for their platform as a whole, then you should not work with any other contractor alongside Toloka.

Read this article to know more about the recently updated UHRS Guidelines.

This applies for all UHRS Contractors, and you are only supposed to actively work with one contractor. Though I must also state that I haven’t seen UHRS ban anyone for this reason so far.

New Awards Section in Toloka

Toloka has updated their platform and also introduced a new Awards section in it. Though it does not really make much difference for you as a worker.

It’s just a gamification strategy that is implemented half-heartedly. Maybe it might get better in the future. Rewards would have been a better section than Awards, in my opinion.

So for people looking to find a new UHRS contractor to work can also consider Yandex Toloka.

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2 thoughts on “Now Access UHRS Tasks in Yandex Toloka (New UHRS Contractor + Toloka Updates)”

  1. vinod

    Hello , currently im working with toloka and i want leave them and join cw or appen beacuse they give less jobs, how can i join other vender i can delete toloka ?

    1. You can leave your Toloka account as is and join another vendor. Apparently Toloka’s UHRS does not interfere with other vendors.

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