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Feedbackity: Earn beer money by watching short films and giving your feedback.

Updated On August 19th, 2020

Earning Potential

Feedbackity (previously known as “The Feedbackers”) is an interesting beer money concept. The work is severely limited as the platform is new, but it never hurts to get paid for doing something you enjoy. 4-8$ per feedback.

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Payment Methods

Who would have thought that a day might come when you would be paid to watch movies. Feedbackity is a unique opportunity for that exact reason. It is a platform for movie creators to get thoughtful and constructive feedback for their work

Feedbackity solves that very specific problem. To date, movie makers only had their close friends and relatives to get some insights and feedback on their work. Even they would watch their movie half-heartedly, and then say something like “Yeah, I liked it.” 

Feedbackity flips the equation by connecting movie directors with independent feedbackers. Since the feedbacker is paid for reviewing the movie, it ensures that there is an element of willingness to the process. Infact, it does give the feedback a sense of genuineness.

How does it work and how do I become a Feedbacker?

The process is dead simple. You go to their become a feedbacker page, you sign up with your information, and then wait for their feedback request. 

Their are not a lot of films waiting to be reviewed, so only expect about one feedback request from them in a month (as of now). They are a new and upcoming idea, but the very first in their field.

Now you should keep a tab on your email from time to time. This is because their emails will usually end up in the “Promotions” tab of your Gmail for no specific reason. Also, they will have a deadline by which you need to accept the feedback request. Therefore, as soon as you receive your first request, accept it right away. Then wait for them to mail you the link to watch the movie.

At the end of the movie, you will be asked several questions (dictated by the movie-maker), and you need to answer them honestly and in good faith. I would recommend keeping notes as you watch the movie, so that you can efficiently give your feedback. The whole process of giving the feedback might just take 10-15 minutes if you were taking notes while watching the movie.

Also note that your first feedback will be unpaid. It is kind of a qualification test to ensure whether you are capable of giving useful feedback. So try to be elaborate, instead of the usual “Yeah, I liked it”.  Once they have verified your ability, you will start receiving paid feedback requests. And hence you will start making money by just watching movies and giving your thoughts on them.

How much can I earn from Feedbackers / Feedbackity?

As I mentioned before, it is a fairly new company. They do not have a lot of movie makers lined up for their service. But yes, their clientele is growing slowly, and most of them have benefited from their service.

But as of now, don’t expect more than 1 feedback request in a given month, if any. It is a random opportunity that might pop up in your email from time to time. Will be enough to buy you a beer or two (depending on your country). 

The pay for giving feedback varies on the length of the movie that you watch. Movie length might vary from a 15 minutes short film to a 90 minute feature film, and the pay varies from 4$ to 8$ respectively. They pay via Paypal.

Long story short, don’t expect to make a considerable amount of money by just watching movies. Rather think of it as a gig work that comes from time to time. A little pocket money on the side.

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