Label Docs – Earn easy beer money to train handwriting AI

Last Updated on October 25, 2021

Note: LabelDocs has defaulted on several payments since this article was written. They do not seem to be a legit platform anymore. Moreover, they have paused their data collection as well. Click here to see more opportunities.

UPDATE: Some people have reported that their submissions were rejected for silly reasons. Try submitting 2-3 tasks. If they get rejected, do not waste your time with this.

Label docs is a company that is on a mission to collect handwritten documents. Now, why would they want handwritten documents? They use them to train their AI and use your handwriting for machine learning. It is a legit way to earn some cash on the side, but don’t expect to make a full-time income from Label docs alone.

How do I signup for LabelDocs?

Signing up for Label docs is no hassle at all. They accept anyone from any country as long as you have a Paypal account to collect your payments. They have a clean, easy to understand website with a sign-up button on the top left corner. You are then redirected to the sign-up page:

signing up for labeldocs is simple
LabelDocs Signup page

All you have to do here is enter your details, the email address you enter here doesn’t have to be the one connected to your Paypal, you can enter that email once the profile has already been set up and it can be changed anytime.

They also have a brief video intro explaining their format to all new sign-ups which can be useful when you are just getting started into it.

Label docs intro video
Intro Video

How much can I earn and How do I get paid?

The payment for the document you upload isn’t huge, generally $1 per task although some people claim the price can go up to $5 a page. However, when you consider the amount of work for the pay you get, it only seems fair.

Each task takes about 5- 10 min and you don’t even have to give out any personal information. Seems like the perfect deal. It pays much better and other micro-tasking websites like Clickworker or Picoworkers although they have less consistent work. The only payment method they currently offer is a verified Paypal account but they have no minimum payout and the payments get transferred automatically in 2-3 days.

One catch is that they only pay for the approved documents you submit, so if the document you upload is rejected for some reason, you won’t get paid for it.

LabelDocs payment proofs:

Here are some payment proofs from Labeldocs, for that skeptical audience out there:

labeldocs payment proofs
2 payments from Labeldocs
Labeldocs Payment Proof Paypal
Labeldocs Payment Proof Paypal

What type of work do I need to do?

There are 3 different ways you can make money on label docs:

  • Transcription:

Transcription is fairly typical and easy to understand. Label docs provide you with an image with some text written on it. Your job would be to copy that text onto a page and write the word in your own handwriting. 

  • Template 

The word template already answers the question at hand. Here you are given a format, usually a form needing to be filled out. You are supposed to print out that form in color, fill it out with the information required, and voila you are done.

Note: The information you fill out the form can be fake, but it should be plausible. Since they are only using the form for your handwriting recognition, they don’t require your personal details. 

  • Original

This is the easiest way to go about working for label docs. In this category you simply have to find the documents you already have, some examples include essays, invoices, tests, letters, etc. all you have to do is take a clear picture of the document and upload it to the site.

Opportunities with Labeldocs

While the pay is substantial for the amount of effort required, one downside of the website is the lack of projects available. There are barely any tasks available in the transcription and original documents category and even when they are, they expire pretty quickly, so you have to keep an eye out to catch the tasks quickly.

There is work available pretty regularly in the templates category, so if you have a colored printer at your disposal, it could be a great opportunity to make some extra cash. There are always about 5 or 6 tasks available in this category on average and the forms only require about 50 to 100 words each. Thus, they can be completed within minutes.

The Labeldocs Dashboard
Example of Available tasks on Labeldocs

The country you choose when creating your profile can also have an effect on the tasks available to you, but the good news is that you can change the location any time you want from your profile settings.

In conclusion, Label Docs are most definitely a legit way to earn some cash, although your writing should be legible enough for them to accept your document and you to get paid. Even then you definitely won’t be making hundreds of dollars by submitting documents,but you are sure to make some spare cash pretty quickly.

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