How to find Remote Work (of any kind) on Reddit (Guide with subreddit links)

Last Updated on June 5, 2022

Getting a job of your choice without much hassle has to be incredibly difficult, right? For most people, getting a remote job which pays well and also provides flexibility is a dream more unrealistic than a fairy tale. Don’t lose hope, though. Reddit got your back!

The standard way to get a job is very formal and cumbersome. By applying for jobs on Reddit, you get to tap into the network of thousands of small business owners and startups looking to get their work done quickly and easily.

What kind of jobs can I find on Reddit?

Reddit is a vast platform with many recruiters in different fields looking for people who’d do their work at a reasonable price. People are looking for workers of all kinds. 

You can even find someone willing to pay you to become their referral or simply search a song for them (Yes, there are tasks like that on r/Slavelabour).

However, being a content writer, social media manager or a game developer will help you the most.

Megalist of subreddits to find Jobs/Freelance Work on Reddit

Here’s a list of subreddit we’d recommend for landing a job on Reddit:

1. r/Jobs4Bitcoins

This subreddit focuses on jobs for which the workers are paid primarily in Bitcoins instead of fiat currency.

To prevent scammers from hijacking the subreddit, there are strict rules which you need to follow in order to post or comment. Your Reddit account must be at least 30 days old and have an undisclosed amount of karma.

jobs4bitcoins subreddit

To make the sub more organized and accessible, all posts must have [For Hire] or [Hiring] in their title along with a flair for the same. This helps to distinguish between recruiters and job seekers. 

Recruiters post [Hiring] posts stating who they need, what work needs to be done, and what qualifications are needed. 

Job seekers post [For Hire] posts clearly stating what kind of work they can do, what they have to offer, their past work experiences, etc.

For any user, only 1 post is allowed every 48 hours.

You can go to the “About” section of the sub to get support.

2. r/HireaWriter

If you have interest in content writing, this subreddit is extremely helpful. You need to be fluent in English, however, employers aren’t allowed to ask for “native” English speakers because it’s exclusive. 

Moreover, whether the employer can refuse your work is also stated in the post. Employers can’t refuse your work if they don’t explicitly state so in their hiring post.

Jobs posted by employers are divided into three tiers:

(i) Entry level work: If you’re a fresh writer with no significant portfolio or work 

experience to show, this tier is for you. Employers aren’t allowed to ask for a portfolio for Entry level work, and the pay rate is $0.05/word or $15/hour.

(ii) General jobs: If you have a portfolio and want a normal content writing job, you take a general job. Most jobs fall in this category. The pay rate is $0.10/word or $20/h.

(iii) Advanced work: White papers fall under this category. The pay rate is $1/word.

We recommend you to read all the Terms and Conditions here.

You can also try r/WritingGigs for more writing jobs. They have a different format, but there are new posts almost daily with people looking for Writers. 

3. r/DesignJobs

This subreddit is for graphic designers. In order to post, your account must be at least 60 days old and have more than 200 comment karma. Recruiters post under the “Hiring” flair and job-seekers post under the “For Hire” flair.

When posting for seeking a job, be sure that you put your entire portfolio in it, while also keeping it relevant. You must mention the rate that you shall charge within the post itself. 

However, you don’t need to be exact about it; providing a reasonable range would be fine. Extremely low budgets, usually those below $20/hour aren’t allowed.

4. r/gameDevClassifieds

This subreddit is for game developers, however, not explicitly for hiring purposes. There are five types of posts: “Paid”, “Discussion | Question”,”Game Jam”,”Portfolio” and “For Hire”.

If you’re posting “For Hire,” you need to mention your experience, link your previous work, provide samples and give an idea about the charges.

There are no minimum requirements to join, comment or post in the sub, at least not explicitly stated so by the subreddit in the pinned posts or the about section.

If you’re looking for recruiters, look for “Paid.”

If you are not a game developer, but work in the IT industry, then you can also check out /r/Javascript_Jobs and /r/SysAdminJobs. They can get you more relevant work if you are a developer or System Admin

5. r/forhire

This is a general subreddit for people seeking jobs and recruiters. Like the other subreddits here, the posts are classified as “Hiring” and “For Hire.”

 Low budgets below $15/hour are not allowed. In order to post, your account must be at least one month old, have an undisclosed amount of Karma and have recent regular reddit activity on it.

You can only post once every 7 days. 

When trying to make a [For Hire] post, make sure you write about your experience, your strengths, previous work, links, etc. Low quality posts are routinely removed from the subreddit.

You get all different kinds of job posts here, ranging from Virtual Assistants, Voice Actors and even Digital Portrait Sketcher/Creator. I’m sure there’s some talent that can earn you money from general hiring subreddits.

Also try searching in /r/Jobbit and /r/Hiring if you want to look for similar job postings.

6. r/HungryArtists

This subreddit is for artists. The [Hiring] posts are bound to be extremely specific about the work the recruiters need, so you don’t need to be confused as an artist and know exactly what to do. All [Hiring] posts must also be clear about their budget, so the artists don’t have to be frustrated about the pay. There’s a lot of transparency and accountability in the sub.

PayPal is a commonly used method of payment. Any budget below $15 is not allowed.

If you’re looking forward to making a [For Hire] post, you need to remember that you’re allowed to post only once a week. We recommend you to attach a portfolio, and if you plan to do so, you need to make sure your portfolio is easily accessible and any links sent must not require any form of account creation.

7. Simple Job Subreddits (No Skills Required)

Maybe you are not skilled enough to get paid, or you are looking to complete simple tasks and get paid easily.

There are several subreddits that can help you achieve exactly that.


This is a subreddit where people post the most quirky tasks and pay you for doing it. Tasks can range from following someone on social media to finding a song for them. The payments are low, as you might guess by the name of the subreddit. But it is definitely worth a visit for the amazing tasks you can find.


People on this subreddit ask you to sign up for a website (usually GPT sites) under them as an affiliate, and give you some money to do that. Nice way to earn money easily, by just signing up for random websites. Make sure to create a throwaway email address if you decide to work on them.


This one is even weirder. So basically, people sign up for various websites (using VPN) for whatever offers that want to complete on survey websites. But they still need to verify their phone number. People here pay you to verify a phone number from your country. Crazy, isn’t it?

How much can I earn through Reddit jobs? 

There’s no fixed amount I can quote for this. The variability is just too high, depending on the job industry and your experience level. But what’s interesting is that people from all over the world get paid the same rates– which is something I respect a lot.

Most jobs here will easily make you $100 per week. Some jobs like Game development and Advanced content writing work can earn you as much as $1000-$2000 per month. Happy job searching!

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