Microworkers TTV – A micro-tasking site that pays for completing simple tasks

Last Updated on October 17, 2021

Note: Before you start, let me just mention that you cannot earn much from this site, just like 1-2$ a day. Your time is better invested in many other types of paid tasks you can do online.

Recently, there was no work available on my regular job sites (maybe due to the COVID-19 situation around the world). This led me to explore several new sites in hopes of finding some work and maybe earn a few bucks along the way. The very first site that I came across was Microworkers – TTV (no idea what “TTV” stands for). It had several payment proofs posted by people on Reddit, and definitely looked like a legit site.

What is Microworkers TTV? What are “micro-tasking” jobs?

Microworkers is a “micro-tasking” site. This means that you get paid for doing simple and short tasks posted by clients or regular users. The tasks can be literally anything you can think of. Microworkers differentiate itself from other, more established sites (like Appen, Lionbridge, etc.) by allowing regular users to create tasks for other people.

This means that you can both work on tasks posted by other people, and create campaigns (of tasks) to be completed by other people. They provide a simple way to create such campaigns using templates, which are pre-defined and customizable ways to create tasks. According to their homepage, they provide templates for several types of jobs such as:

Pre-defined templates in microworkers
Pre-defined templates in microworkers

What kind of tasks are available in Microworkers TTV?

Even though the homepage mentions that there are templates for a wide variety of tasks such as research studies, annotations, data mining, etc. The actual reality is very different. Microworkers is mostly filled with tasks such as:

  • Downloading Apps and Website Signups
  • Visit a Website and click on an ad
  • Watch a youtube video and comment on it (to artificially increase engagement)
  • Social media engagement sharing such as Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
microworkers tasks list
Types of tasks available in Microworkers

To be honest, most of the tasks seem downright spammy. People trying to artificially increase their social media stats. Personally, I would refrain from participating in such websites.

As you can see from the screenshot above, most of the tasks involve “Follow + Like + Comment + Share”. It is clear that these are created by regular users of the site to boost their social media profiles, or get some ad clicks on their websites. These pay 5 to 10 cents per tasks and require some sort of proof of completion, usually a screenshot.

How to Increase your Earnings in Microworkers (some tips)

Though there is not much earning potential in this site, you can follow some of these tips to earn via Microworkers.

Tip 1: Have proper task information

Here are some terms related to the jobs available. Knowing them will help you better judge a task and decide whether to do it or not.

Terms in jobs list microworkers ttv
Terms associated with jobs on microworkers
  • Job Name: Much of the task is described in the name itself. So if a task requires you to do a certain action that you are not sure of, you can simply skip it.
  • Payment: The amount of money that will be credited if your task is approved.
  • Success %: The average rate of approval of the tasks. Higher success % tasks have a higher chance of getting approved easily.
  • TTR (Time to rate in days): The time that the owner of the task will take to approve or reject it (in days).
  • TTF (Time to finish in minutes): The average time that it will take to finish the task (in minutes).

Tip 2: Only Choose tasks with a high success rate

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Tasks that have a low success rate means that they are getting rejected more often. Imagine wasting 10-15 minutes on a task, only to get it rejected. What a waste of time it will be. So it is best advised to only choose jobs with a high success rate.

There are enough high-success tasks available for you to earn a few dollars daily.

Tip 3: Install Lightshot extension to save time (quickly screenshot and host it for free)

Most of the tasks require you to submit a screenshot as a proof. Now, Microworkers does not have a screenshot upload facility. Thus, you must manually upload a screenshot to sites such as Imgur and provide the image link to the task owner.

The process of taking a screenshot, uploading it and providing the link can take some time. A way to eliminate some of this is to install the Lightshot extension on Chrome. This extension automatically uploads the screenshot to a server and provides you the link, shaving off precious minutes of additional work time.

Tip 4: Create a new set of Social media profiles (fake)

Since most of the tasks involve sharing and engagement through social media, it is best that you create a new set of social media profiles for the tasks. This is because doing these tasks through your regular social profiles will make you share a lot of useless and “spam” content.

I would strongly suggest you to create a different account on all platforms that you wish to use with Microworkers. This way, you don’t end up spamming your friends for some short change.

How much can I earn through Microworkers? And how do I get paid?

Microworkers has a somewhat different withdrawal process. On you first Withdrawal Request, you will be mailed a PIN to your address. This is used to verify your address and make sure that you don’t create multiple accounts on the site. Once you have verified your PIN, you can make withdrawal requests for any number of times.

You will need to earn atleast 9$ + fees to place a withdrawal request. Withdrawals can be done through Paypal, Skrill, Transpay and Payoneer. Check out this excerpt from their FAQ section regarding payments:

“You need to earn at least $9 + fees (Skrill/ Dwolla – 6.50%, PayPal – 7.50%, Local Funds Transfer via Transpay – 3.00% + $1.00 for Non-USD transfer/$3.00 for USD transfer) to be able to place a withdrawal request. For Payoneer, you need to earn at least $20 + 5.00% fee. Once you reach the minimum amount of withdrawal, click on the Withdraw tab from the top menu, and then click on the ‘Place a New Withdrawal Request’ link. You can choose a withdrawal method: Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers) or Local Funds Transfer via Transpay and Payoneer, as well as the amount you only wish to withdraw. For US citizens, a withdrawal via Dwolla is also possible.”

Source: Microworkers FAQ

So basically there are a lot of payment methods to withdraw your money, once you have verified your address through the PIN. And different withdrawal methods have different fees associated with them. So you can choose a payment method according to what is the most convenient to you.

My thoughts on Microworkers and similar Micro tasking websites

I discovered microworkers in a desperate attempt to find some source of income while all my other websites were out of work. I quickly realized that it is a very unfulfilling way to earn money.

It is insanely boring, unproductive and does not even pay a good amount. You can not earn more than 1 or 2 dollars in an hour. Even UHRS Websites can let me earn 4-30$ per hour (depending on your country).

  1. Most of the tasks available on the site are downright boring and repetitive.
  2. The tasks itself might pay well (compared to similar survey sites and PTC sites), but they take much more time to complete, as you need to submit proofs and take screenshots.
  3. Your per hour income cannot exceed 1-2$ per hour, and that is when you are productively working on the tasks.

This is a “beer money” site in it’s truest sense, since you can only earn enough to buy yourself a beer or two when working on this site. I would personally like to skip this site. But if you are someone who’s looking to earn a few bucks doing some very simple jobs, then this might be the site for you.

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