UberTesters: QA/Functional testing for professional and freelance testers (Accepts Worldwide)

Add UberTesters to the list of global crowd-testing platforms. This list just keeps growing by the day as more new companies keep popping up. Freelance Testing is becoming a legit, consistent and (fairly) easy source to make a part-time income online.

If you are decently computer-literate, and can tinker around with your devices a little, you can get into freelance testing.

What is Ubertesters and how does it work?

It’s a crowdtesting site that does all the crowdtesting site stuff. I won’t go in much detail but they offer QA testing, functional testing, localization testing, and all that usual pazazz that is thrown around in freelance testing platforms.

join ubertesters. all the benefits you get for joining ubertesters

It focuses mostly on functional testing, which seems to be in demand. Working at Ubertesters is pretty much like any other testing website. Find bugs, report them, get paid-kind of model.

But it has a very bad user interface. Where it shines is that they don’t ask you to manually list your device.

Instead they ask you to install the app on your device (Android or iOS) and add it through that. This helps them make sure they get the correct device and OS version; they also update your OS version automatically on their platform.

This is all good, but how much work do they have?

According to my knowledge, they get about one odd project every month. So it can be a source to boost your earnings, but you can’t depend on it.

It’s similar to Testbirds and Testerwork, where you do get work, but it’s not as frequent as uTest or Test IO.

Plus, the project manager will directly invite you to a project. There’s no dashboard to check or forms to fill. This is both good and bad in a way.

They also hint at giving full-time positions to dedicated testers. And I’ve seen it happening at almost all crowdtesting websites, so there’s no surprise here. But it feels good knowing that you can get into testing as a full-time job through these online platforms.

How to Sign Up and Start working at UberTesters?

They follow a 3-step signup process. You begin by going to their Become a Tester page, and clicking on Join Now.

the 3-step signup process of ubertester
  1. You begin by entering your email and password, the important stuff.
  2. Then you give out your personal info, such as your name, any experience you have, your location and the OS version of your PC/Mac. Apparently your location and OS version plays a huge role in the projects you get, according to them.
  3. Finally, you need to download the app onto your mobile device and connect it. They give out detailed instructions regarding it.
installing the ubertesters app
device connected successfully

Finally, you are taken to the dashboard, and you can also connect the browser you are using to Ubertesters. This way, they automatically update the latest OS version to your profile.

There’s not much to explore after that. Their website interface is kinda confusing, and you cannot do much anyways.

You will be contacted by your Project manager (within 5 days) with further instructions regarding a test or something.

How much can I earn and How do they pay?

Frankly speaking, not much. Ubertesters hardly get one project in a month. It might work great in some countries, which usually is the case with such websites. Testing websites based in the UK work better for people living there.

So you can give it a try and see if it works for you, but keep your hopes low.

They pay ‘competitively’ according to their FAQ, but looking at the trend in the industry, expect at least 10$/hour as a general pay rate (More in costlier countries like US, UK, Canada, etc.)

They also mention that you will get paid for your time, so they might have a payment model similar to Testlio. I am still waiting on my first project, so I will update this section after that.

But they pay monthly, via Amazon (GiftCards), Upwork and Paypal. Very interesting choice of payment methods, but all of them are great for a worldwide audience.

Ubertesters Payment Proof

I couldn’t find any payment proof from Ubertesters on the WWWeb. But my gut feeling says that it is legit. Will update this section if and when I get paid.

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