Maximize your Oneforma Earnings (Get Access to More Jobs with these Tricks)

Last Updated on December 22, 2021

Oneforma is a relatively new crowdsourcing website and is full of potential. It is continuously evolving and they are adding new features and opportunities every month. You can get an idea about their upcoming features if you read their monthly newsletter.

They send you an email monthly regarding the jobs currently available (location-wise) and upcoming changes on the website. It’s a great way to quickly check out any available opportunities for you if you don’t log into their website very often.

Update: They have been very consistent with their newsletters so far. And they also host raffles and competitions from time to time. Do check out their emails from time to time.

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Can I get more jobs by clearing certifications?

No (and Yes). Clearing Certifications does not directly give you access to more jobs. It is clearly stated that you only need to clear the respective certificates WHEN you are applying for a job.

So clearing certificates beforehand won’t give you an advantage in the job departments (though it will fast-track the process when you apply for a job).

But there’s another catch. Their newsletter states that Project Managers will sometimes contact people with the relevant certifications before the job is made available to others.

So, if you have cleared the certification there’s a slight upper hand in scoring projects.

Check out the highlighted text in Oneforma Newsletter
An excerpt from the Oneforma Newsletter

Another thing is that you get Membership points upon clearing certifications. This is a gamification strategy that Oneforma is using (more on that below).

You get rewarded with points when you clear 5 certificates (150 points), 10 certificates (250 points), and 3 language certificates (250 points).

These points can help you become a Bronze member (which gets highlighted to their project teams).

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What are memberships and how do I become a Bronze Member (or above)?

Oneforma recently introduced a Memberships system to reward their old and loyal users. It’s a classic gamification strategy, where you earn points for doing various tasks. These points can help you become a podium member (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum) which comes with its own perks.

Update: Since the introduction of Memberships, I haven’t noticed any difference in the amount of jobs available to you on the basis of your membership.

It was probably a strategy that didn’t work. Their newsletters and updates do not talk anything about memberships as well. So, you can skip that for now.

According to their newsletter, Bronze (and above) members will be considered first when inviting someone for a new project. Also, they might get more professional rates for tasks, additional bonuses, raffles, etc.

Oneforma Membership and Rewards System
Oneforma Trophy Room

To know about your points and membership status, go to “My Profile” and click on “Trophy Room” from the left sidebar.

How can I earn these points?

Almost everything you do on Oneforma will reward you with these points. Some of such activities are:

  • Adding your payment information
  • Getting approved for a project and/or completing it
  • Clearing Certifications
  • Inviting members to Oneforma
  • Registering on their Forum
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Fill out Surveys for more opportunities

This is the best way to get early access to projects. You will even receive a mail from time to time inviting you to fill surveys for various upcoming jobs. There are limited slots so remember to fill them ASAP.

You might notice a section called “Survey” on the dashboard. These are not your penny-paying surveys like on other sites. It’s internal surveys that Oneforma collects to segregate members for their upcoming jobs.

For example, they might want to know how many of their members have an iPhone, if they get an iOS-specific project coming. By filling the survey, you can make sure that you will be invited first whenever the respective opportunity comes.

I suggest you check out this section and fill any relevant surveys from time to time to get access to more projects in Oneforma.

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Some more tips for Oneforma

Does your profile languages affect your job availability?

As of now, your added languages does not dramatically affect your job availability. It is more dependent on your location.

This is because Oneforma will ask you to clear a language certification whenever you apply for such a job. You can also clear those certifications beforehand, and earn some points doing that.

But it is best practice to add all the languages that you are comfortable with in your profile. You can add 2 fluent languages (Hindi, English) and several Spoken Languages in your Oneforma Profile.

Where do I upload files for Oneforma Data Collection Projects?

If you get approved for a data collection project, but don’t know where to upload the photos/videos, go to “Desk” section on the upper right corner

How to upload in Oneforma
How to upload files in Oneforma

For doubts regarding Payments or Projects (Help/Support)

For any doubts in payments or project-related questions, you can directly mail the Project Manager. You receive a mail from the Project Manager whenever you are approved for a task.

I have also written an article with a list of all support contacts of popular money-making sites.

Oneforma is an up-and-coming platform, so you need to be a little patient with it. Do check their monthly newsletter, it’s kind of interesting.

Hope this helps you get more jobs and opportunities at Oneforma. Check out more part-time online gigs.

28 thoughts on “Maximize your Oneforma Earnings (Get Access to More Jobs with these Tricks)”

  1. Javier

    I have read that several people have been having issues getting paid. What do you think about it?

    1. They have acknowledged that some people were having issues with Paypal payments (as you need a business account to receive International payments sometimes). This is why they introduced Payoneer as a payment method. I suggest you connect your Payoneer account as the default payment method.

  2. Macos

    I’m from Spain and i have linked my Payoneer account. Do i need to submit any document like Form 9 before OneForma pays me?

    1. Hi Macos,
      You need to fill a W-9 form on Payoneer before you can get paid. You will be asked to do so when linking your Payoneer account with Oneforma.

      1. Samiullah

        How to get more certificates, any hints?

        1. Just go to certifications and clear the ones you’re confident about.

  3. Ganiyu

    I am not based in america, do i need to fill the w-9 form also?

  4. Hello, pls what going on with oneforma. They dropped search relevance work and I’m not authorized to do it. What is the problem? Anyone

    1. Contact your Project Manager regarding this. The mails you received regarding that particular project are from the PM, reply to any one of them regarding your query.

  5. Ahamed Thousif

    I have completed 4 certificates. and also before 3 days I will apply for a five jobs..but still have processing moment for applied jobs..when the date approval for my projects?please informe

    1. The date of approval depends from job to job. For new/data collection jobs, you will be approved within a day or two. For other jobs, it might take time as there might not be open positions at the moment, so you will be put in a waitlist.

  6. Rahul

    Hi sir ,
    Can you please help me to get certificate in German language, Spainish language , Italian language.
    French language.

  7. rachida

    What does it mean pending certificate, it is been more than a week and the certificate (3) are still pending?

    1. You need to clear some particular certiication tests for this job. Go to the certificates tab, find the certiications that are required, and pass them.

  8. rachida

    that what I did , I did some translation certificate, at the end it did not give any scores, it said scores are not available,

  9. rachida

    that what I did , I did some translation certificate, at the end it did not give any scores, it said scores are not I need to redo them, or do I have to wait until they are scored?


    I got approved in foreign languages jobs in oneforma. But UHRS didnot show that jobs

    1. They are not always available. And only certain languages are available on UHRS for additional jobs, like German, I guess.

  11. Ify

    I got approved for a translation project two weeks ago. But there is no job uploaded on my desk. Please what should I do?

    1. Translation projects are not uploaded on the desk. It is only for data collection projects. Check for an email from your PM regarding instructions on the same.

      1. victor david

        Please, how can I fill the form that says I’ve to pass curriculum test and skill before I can apply, which I have done, but it still showing the same response

        1. It gets bugged sometimes. If you’re sure you have cleared that certification, log out and log back in. That should fix the problem.
          Otherwise, you have probably cleared the wrong test.

  12. victor david

    Trying to link my oneforma account to uhrs but it keeps popping up *account unauthorised”

    1. You cannot link your oneforma account to UHRS. You need to get selected into a UHRS project first.
      Make sure you update your Live email in your Oneforma profile before applying.

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