Appen: The gift that keeps on giving (another payment proof)

Last Updated on September 13, 2021

Appen (previously known as Leapforce) has been one of my most reliable source of income over the past year, as I have mentioned in my Appen earnings report. I used to get around 100$ every month as I was part of a social media evaluation project, and it was just half an hour of simple work every day.

appen logo
Appen logo

The social media project ended after 1 year, after which there was a dry spell of around 5 months, where I had no project to work on. I was allotted new projects to work in December 2019, after which I got a very small payment in January (around 10$) and then some substantial amount of income in February 2020.

And I can definitely say that my Appen earnings have picked up again now, as I am getting constant work from them, and have been approved into several of their projects. Even though I am not earning my usual 100$ per month like before, I am currently getting around 60$ every month, which I hope will increase substantially in the months to come.

Another Appen Payment Proof

Here is my payment proof for the month of March 2020:

Appen Payment Proof for March 2020
Appen Payment Proof for March 2020

So, as you can see from the screenshot above, my payment for March 2020 was 62$. Appen is again becoming a constant source of income for me, and together with Clickworker, I can easily earn a part-time income from basic online work.

The payments are handled by Payoneer, which charges a small fee for transferring the money to your Indian bank account. If you would like to know more about Appen, then check out my article by clicking here.

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