Wonderslist: Get paid for writing listicles on any topic (Earn flat 5$ per article)

Last Updated on October 30, 2022

What Is Wonderslist About? 

Wonderslist is a website that allows writers to share thoughts about different topics through writing. The platform offers you to choose between writing either articles or guest posts. You can ideally write about anything that can be posted in wonderslist. 

For instance, an interesting topic like the ‘top 10 gadgets in 2022’ is something they can recommend. Just confirm it has not been written before; otherwise, you might be wasting your time. They reject repeated article ideas. 

Some of the rules that the website implements include:

  • Writing articles 1500 words or longer. 
  • Articles should list ten aspects of your topic. (Example: top ten ways to make money online)
  • You can only send images or videos. However, they are not necessary. 
  • Articles should have interesting headlines and ideas. They should not have been published by the company before. They are also strict on plagiarism and spinning. 
  • Articles should be factual with necessary links and references and genuine.

How to submit your articles to Wonderlist?

Unlike other online platforms, you have to check the Wonderslist website front page to see if they have published your topic idea. If not, write to them and email them through [email protected]. More guidelines about writing for them can be found at this link

How To Research Content That wonderslist Allows

Wonderslist advocates for interesting and extravagant material. As much as you can write about anything for the websites, they disregard articles in the following fields:

  • Gambling and casinos.
  • Adult content
  • Weapons-related content
  • Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol topics
  • E-commerce sites that advertise sexual, drugs, and weapon content. 
  • Copyright material.
  • Content advocating against groups, individuals, or organizations. 

Here are six ways that you can research and write great content for wonderslist. 

  1. Google search. Google is the best tool to use to get topic ideas. Depending on the niche you’re writing about, input keywords and innumerable suggestions will appear. 
  2. Google trends. This is one of the ignored tools yet best at generating article ideas. Google trends help in finding related keywords to your niche. However, you need a combination of searches to get your ideas aligned. 
  3. Title search tools. Using tools can boost searches and help develop new content ideas. The tools make work easier by combining specific data from various sources. As such, you don’t manually key in your variables. 
  4. Respond to the public. This tool is useful for individuals in digital marketing to develop great topic ideas. 
  5. Competitor websites. Visiting other websites should offer you sufficient ideas. Ensure that you don’t spin work since wonderslist is strict concerning this. 
  6. YouTube search. YouTube is one of the most popular search engines. Input your keyword, and you can get enough ideas regarding your article title. 

How Much Does Wonderslist Pay Per Article?

They pay $5 for every published article. By joining the team, you’re given an account with your details. While other websites post their articles without your details, wonderslist allows you to be recognized. This can form a good basis for clients to look for you to write content privately. However, Wonderslist retains the article’s copyright after submission. You also join their amazing team that you can collaborate with to get ideas. 

PayPal is their main method of payment. While submitting your article, ensure that you include your payment details. They review your article within 48 hours before responding. Spinned articles are never reviewed. 

Some Similar Websites to Wonderslist (that pay for writing listicles)

The concept of writing fun and interesting listicles is not new. It all started with Buzzfeed, and I have seen a lot of websites copy this model in their own way.

There are several websites that pay you to write listicles and I have even reviewed some of them on my website. Some of them even pay much more than Wonderslist per article.

Top Tenz (50$/article)

TopTenz is a site where you can publish articles in the form of a list with a heading like “Top 10 (and so on),” stating some interesting but rarely known facts.

TopTenz pays $50 for each accepted article. You can easily make anywhere between $100 to $200 per month, depending on the number of articles you write and how many of them get accepted. 

However, don’t get your hopes too high: writing 10 articles a month won’t get you to $500. TopTenz accepts only 30-40 articles a month, and there are fairly many applicants.

Sporteology (7$/article)

If you have a solid knowledge of any sport; be it cricket, football, basketball, etc. and can write a decent article of 1000+ words on a topic related to it, then this opportunity is for you.

Sports enthusiasts with extensive knowledge of all things related to sports and good writing skills have an opportunity to make money writing articles for Sporteology.

They pay 7$ for each article approved by their team. Your article will be verified by their staff and then they will let you know about your article acceptance

Listverse (100$/article)

Listverse is a website that publishes lists about various topics from various fields of human knowledge. It strives to make information fun to read. It tries to share rarely known facts in the form of lists to educate people about various things.

Listverse pays people who publish lists on the website. However, there are standards which every list must meet before getting submitted on Listverse, the most important of which is the fact that the list must be verified and factual.

$100 for 1 article! Might seem like easy money, right?

Listverse would need to accept your list before you get paid. If your list gets rejected, you won’t be paid. 

Listverse only accepts around 3 articles per day according to this article, and there may be at least a hundred entries per day. The competition is extremely tough.

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