TopTenz: Get paid for writing Listicles (Worldwide Opportunity for Freelance Writers)

With the world getting increasingly fast-paced everyday, our attention spans have gotten increasingly smaller. We don’t want to watch long videos or read long articles, but we would still want to get all that information in a short, concise way that does not take too much of our time. As a result, writing articles with headings like “Top 10 celebrity blunders” have become increasingly common today. 

Here’s where sites like TopTenz come into play. TopTenz is a site where you can publish articles in the form of a list with a  heading like “Top 10 (and so on),” stating some interesting but rarely known facts.

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Before you begin writing…

There are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind before you get started:

  1. Keep your work original. Don’t copy any content from anywhere else and paste it in your article. Modifying copied content doesn’t help either. Write everything on your own, or you may be accused of plagiarism. If you use any information from somewhere else, provide relevant links to the source.
  1. Use clear, coherent and concise language. Don’t mention unnecessary details that the reader already knows or wouldn’t want to know.
  2. Once your article is published on TopTenz, you make TopTenz the sole owner of your article. You cannot reuse that article anywhere else on the Internet. Conversely, if you have published an article somewhere earlier, you cannot submit that article on TopTenz.
  3. You can’t write about generic or common topics. If you write anything about fairly common and trendy topics, it will likely get rejected. Your mind must be full of bizarre and rarely known facts. TopTenz hates generic things that you can find elsewhere. It wants you to give something new and creative.
  4. Don’t write in a very formal way. You are not expected to use slang or WhatsApp language, but you should not be extremely formal either. Your articles should be in a fairly relaxed and laid back tone.
  5. If you’re not sure about whether the topic you’re about to write an article on will get accepted, you can email them the ideas or comment your ideas on one of their videos in their YouTube channel. However, the response may not be fast, and in certain cases, not even guaranteed.

How to Submit my article to TopTenz?

It’s rather simple. Submit your article to [email protected]. The article must be a Word document. 

In the “subject” section of the email, type in the title of the article. After you’ve written the mail and attached the article, mention your PayPal address so that you can be paid if the article is accepted. 

And…Done! You will receive a response from TopTenz within 3 weeks. If you don’t, you can email them about it.

Writing a “Top Ten” Listicle (Guidelines & Rules)

TopTenz has strict guidelines you need to follow to write an article. You must follow those guidelines, or else your submitted article might not get read in the first place, let alone getting accepted. 

  1. Don’t write the article in the form of a paragraph. Write it in the form of numbered lists. 
  1. Don’t start the counting of the lists from 1 to 10. Go in reverse order. The first item in your list must be labeled 10, and the last should be labeled 1.
  1. If you use any references, don’t put those references separately. Instead, create hyperlinks of the text which you have written from a reference.
  1. Refrain from writing articles shorter than 1200 words or longer than 3000 words.
  1. Whenever you write the name of a movie or a book, use italics. Whenever you write the name of a song, put it in quotation marks.
  1. Refrain from using timed references like “today” or “a week ago.” Instead, mention the actual date or time if that’s important. Using timed references makes the relevance of the article time-restricted, which is discouraged. 

Issues in Writing for TopTenz

TopTenz is a great source of income if your articles get accepted, however:

  1. If your articles don’t get accepted, the time you spent on the article basically goes in vain, unless you can submit it somewhere else.
  1. Coming up with rarely known facts is not easy. They are rarely known for a reason, after all.
  1. The amount of research work needed to verify the facts and sources is too demanding. 

How do I get paid by TopTenz?

Payments are made via PayPal. Note that not all articles you send are accepted. You will be paid only for the articles which get accepted. The acceptance rate on TopTenz is fairly higher than other similar platforms, and your submission will likely get accepted if it meets the guidelines. 

TopTenz pays $50 for each accepted article. You can easily make anywhere between $100 to $200 per month, depending on the number of articles you write and how many of them get accepted. 

However, don’t get your hopes too high: writing 10 articles a month won’t get you to $500. TopTenz accepts only 30-40 articles a month, and there are fairly many applicants. Therefore, TopTenz cannot be treated as a replacement for a full time job. However, it is a great source of part-time income/side job.

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